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Decorate the interior of the bathroom using special water-resistant wallpaperDecorate the interior of the bathroom, you can use special water resistant oboevMnogie today believe that the wallpaper is not suitable for the bathroom, the fact that there is wet, there is hot steam and all of this has a negative impact on this type of material. Is it worth it to stick wallpaper in the bathroom? The main drawback, which experts say is the composition of the paper web and the adhesive, which in continuous operation become useless, the wallpaper starting to move away from the wall and, accordingly, completely lost the aesthetic appearance of the room. However, not everyone knows that these troubles can be avoided.

The correct choice of wallpaper

If you choose the right and pokleit wallpaper, it is possible to achieve the following advantages.


  1. Saving money.
  2. Decorative effect, as you can choose the design to your liking.
  3. ease of finishing.
  4. Simple repair if necessary.

Moistureproof wallpapers vannogo room most will appeal to those who like variety. For those who can easily change the interior, to make a quick repair, experiment with materials, colors and style.

Quality wallpaper in the bathroom: Types

If the decision to repair in the bathroom and made the lot fell in favor of a material such as wallpaper, then masters recommend when choosing a right to refuse from the web on a paper basis. Backgrounds must be resistant to moisture, such rolls typically labeled icon - "three waves". It is appropriate to elaborate on the bathroom "Khrushchev" or buildings wallpaper.

The bathroom must be chosen washable wallpaperThe bathroom must be chosen washable wallpaper

Classification of suitable wallpaper

  1. Washable. This type of wallpaper is covered with a special composition which prevents soaking material. They are perfectly in contact with the fluid and the service life of the material is large enough. This type of wallpaper is easy to clean with a damp cloth, so the bathroom is always clean and tidy.
  2. Vinyl. This is the most common type of wallpaper for vannogo premises, unless you know what to choose, it would be preferable "supermoyke" vinyl. This type of wallpaper is made of polymer-based, and therefore the web is not afraid to not only moisture and steam, but also direct contact with the fluid. Thanks to its performance characteristics, these wallpapers are expensive, but the high price is fully justified.
  3. Liquid. Here is another original and suitable option for high-quality, durable repairs in Vannes area. It's not quite the usual wallpaper. In fact - it is a dry mixture of a water-based composition which includes components for pigmenting, coupling elements, additives, silk and c / b fibers are sometimes spangles. These wallpapers initially take the form of powder. During operation, the dry mixture is diluted with water and applied to a wall, previously coated with a primer. Due to the liquid wallpaper can realize the most unusual design solutions, material, though not cheap, but very good in terms of quality and in operational terms.
  4. Fiberglass. This type of wallpaper is made of a fiberglass material. The basis of the modified starch. This is a very expensive wallpaper, since the material is durable, non-flammable, waterproof, eco-friendly. In addition, it differs an abundance of textures, which again is perfect for a bold design for every taste.
  5. Mural. Today you can buy wallpapers with high moisture resistance. The plot of wallpaper may be the most incredible and interesting. You can decorate one wall in the main glue waterproof glue.

So, whatever the finishing material was not for the bathroom would have chosen, it is important to know that for each type of wallpaper is necessary to select a specific glue. There is no universal glue, so before starting repairs read the rules, learn how to apply wallpaper in Vannes room without errors.

Classic wallpaper adhesive for bathroom

This type of wallpaper is popular with consumers, and it is characterized by the presence of the adhesive layer on the inner side of the web. Through this layer actually happens wallpapering on the wall.

As can act as a covering material:

  • Bung;
  • PVC film;
  • Satine.

When choosing a self-adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom it is important to note the presence of the icon "three waves", which tells the user information that the wallpaper can be used in high humidity areas. By combining materials can create unique and original interior, which does not get tired and will promote relaxation, harmonious atmosphere.

Self-adhesive wallpaper - it is a quick and easy way to make the bathroom a stylish and originalSelf-adhesive wallpaper - it is a quick and easy way to make the bathroom a stylish and original

As can be glued wallpaper in the bathroom: "pros" and "cons"

Pasting wallpaper in Vannes room is not difficult, the process looks pretty much the same as when pasting the other rooms. It is important to first prepare the wall and choose the right finishing material. The walls should be leveled, to treat antifungal composition primed.

The next step is the preparation of the adhesive. It must be prepared exactly as described in the attached instructions to wallpaper. Next you need to carve out a cloth on the desired size and height.

If the wallpaper with a pattern, you can not prevent that it does not match. Glue is applied to the surface of the wall, sometimes you may need to the web application itself. It is important with special scrupulousness promazyvat canvas edge. The web is then adhered to the surface of the wall, pressed down and begin to expel excess air and adhesive. All subsequent strips of wallpaper paste necessary to the butt.

Tips masters

  1. No need to stick wallpaper where possible constant direct contact with the liquid.
  2. By combining materials to avoid clutter.
  3. In color is better to choose light colors that are visually expand the space.
  4. Select the wallpaper you need in style towards the bathroom.

The very process of papering the walls in the bathroom easy and takes little timeThe very process of papering the walls in the bathroom easy and takes little time

Most importantly given the choice of wallpaper and wall preparation the proper amount of time. If attention to this process, the sticky will not be time-consuming, but the result will impress with its magnificence.

Waterproof Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom: consumer reviews

Reviews of moisture resistant vinyl wallpaper is mainly positive. This material has superior performance, it is important that a durable and attractive in appearance. As they say consumers wallpaper easily serve more than 15 years, they do not vytsvetut not swell, does not flake off or crack. Consumers noticed that even the tiles over the years fell into disrepair, and the dense water-resistant wallpaper vinyl retain their brightness, durability and aesthetics.

How to glue non-woven wallpaper (video)

Set wallpaper, of course, always remains with the consumer, the taste and color as they say, but when it comes to quality and durability, the vinyl canvas has no equal. The only negative - the high cost of wallpaper, but it is completely justified.

Wallpaper for the bathroom (photo)

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