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The design of the wooden ladder is quite simple, so it is quite possible to make your own handsThe design of the wooden ladder is quite simple, so it is quite possible to make their rukamiPristavnaya ladder in a private house occupies an important place, because it is simply necessary to carry out the required construction, repair and installation work. In most cases, can be seen metal or wood embodiment. Ladder characterized in that it has integral folding design, however for its production does not require any additional fasteners. That is why, to make it a lot easier than folding and collapsible design.

Functional wooden ladder

To produce a solid and safe ladder made of wood yourself quite possibly the most important thing to make quite a bit of effort and choose the correct timber.

It should be noted that the wooden staircase is quite possible to perform independently, most importantly:

  • Pick up the wood;
  • Make calculations;
  • Make a drawing of the project.

Before you start making a ladder, you must first choose the high-quality material and make a drawing of future productsBefore you start making a ladder, you must first choose the high-quality material and make a drawing of future products

Wood is considered to be simple enough material in the processing and assembly design, and does not require a lot of extra materials, just enough paint and varnish. With proper use and care of the product, it can serve for a long time without any problems. The most commonly used for the manufacture of stairs softwood.

However, that lasts for a long time it is best to use for the manufacture of stairs:

  • Oak;
  • Maple;
  • Ash.

Picking up the boards need to take into account that they have to be perfectly smooth on the surface and should not have any irregularities, damage, cracks, and it is necessary to see to it that did not make the glue. In the manufacture of ladder you need to consider what it is to measure. If the staircase height is less than 3 meters, it will approach the boards, the section which is only 40x50 mm. If the ladder height of more than 3 meters, the timber size should be 40x80 mm. The steps can be made of wood completely any breed.

Stair perfect beam with a cross section 35h40 mm. Before starting work on the production of a ladder, you need all the items carefully handle an antiseptic, as it will prevent the process of decay. In addition, it will help increase the life of the stairs.

How to make your own wooden staircase ladders: Design Features

Manufacture of wooden ladder does not take much time, as you can all the work required to carry out at the earliest possible time. In the manufacture of such a structure most importantly correctly perform all required calculations and prepare materials and tools.

Be sure to prepare all the materials and tools to be distracted during workBe sure to prepare all the materials and tools to be distracted during work

In particular, such as:

  • Screws;
  • Saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • antiseptic;
  • Construction glue;
  • Roulette.

An optimal design will 4600h500 mm size, as it will be sufficiently strong, stable, and convenient in operation. Steps must be carefully secured in special grooves of the string. Support legs need to be fixed at the top and bottom, every two meters stairway. In the manufacture of the design must use special nozzles strengthening, especially if the ladder in the works installed in the soft ground. In this case, to wear special pads equipped with pins.

At the top of the stairs, you can install special hooks that provide a much better fastening.

When assembling the ladder, you need to take into account the fact that the bottom should be slightly wider than the top. Optimal would be if the bottom is 40 cm, and the top - 30 cm. Before mounting the steps onto the prepared support, need to do a preliminary layout, and put numbers on the stage themselves. This will allow, if necessary quickly to repair and replace the damaged notch.

Important! Before carrying out all the necessary work required to do the drawing, since it guarantees the reliability and strength of the manufactured structure.

Ladder made of wood yourself: treatment and painting

By making a ladder from natural wood, be sure to carry out thorough cleaning and painting of the finished product.

To ladder last a long time, it should be pre-treatedTo ladder last a long time, it should be pre-treated

stairs processing is mandatory, as it allows you to:

  • Protect wood from rotting;
  • Improve reliability;
  • To increase the period of service.

According to the security rules use oil paints for painting ladders prohibited. The use of oil paint for painting stairs steps makes it quite slippery, it is dangerous, especially when working at height. Instead of oil paint is best to use a drying oil. It must be applied to the entire surface of the timber, preferably in several layers, and then, after complete drying of the product to cover a colorless varnish. The clutch can be significantly increased if applied to the surface of the steps primer, which is of several types.

Pre-treatment and painting of timber to avoid swelling and warping, resulting from precipitation. That in the process of handling the paint does not grind screws slots are best to unscrew, and after the completion of all procedures, screw back. Paint is very easy to apply and you can use a brush or roller for this.

As made wooden ladders: GOST

Ladder is necessary in every private house, as it is very convenient and practical design for the ascent to high altitude during construction, installation and repair work. You can buy ready-made ladder or make it yourself, it is quite simple and does not require much time. In the manufacture of ladder necessarily need to strictly adhere to all the standards GOST, as well as to conduct the required calculations, as this will make the design really reliable and safe in operation.

Making ladder diagram, it should take into account the height and widthMaking ladder diagram, it should take into account the height and width

According to GOST standards in the manufacture of stairs must take into account such factors as:

  • Item tall;
  • The distance between the bindings;
  • The coating composition.

The optimum height of the staircase must not be more than 5 meters, the lead angle should not be more than 60 degrees. After the staircase will be made, it is necessary to carry out all required tests to ensure its reliability and durability of all the individual elements. In addition, all required tests according to the existing regulations should be carried out once a year.

Functional addl wooden stairs with his hands: drawing (video)

Ladders, made of wood, have a special place in the house, as they are indispensable in carrying out the required work at height.

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