Recommendations made: whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the water-based paints

Recommendations made: whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the water-based paints

12 October 2017

Walls coated with latex can be wallpapered, pre-clearing surfaceThe walls are covered with latex paint, wallpaper paste can be, pre-clearing poverhnostOkrashivanie using water-based paint is a very simple and easy way to decorating any room. But sometimes you want to change the paint surface, fill the room with great comfort and warmth. Up to the challenge to help the wallpaper. But here there is a logical question, and whether you can pokleit wallpaper vodoemulsionku.

Can we pokleit wallpaper in the water-based paint and how it's done

Getting repair work can be encountered with various problems as old coating. Previous wall coating may be a paint. If the new wallpaper glue on an unprepared surface, then in the future they will start to bubble, wallpaper will come unstuck and diverge to form irregularities. As a result, we need to re-start the repair work, starting from the beginning.

To avoid further problems with the new coating on the walls, the master advised to make gluing the walls on the cleaned surface. This requires all of the old coating removed from the wall.

For a good result wallpaper glue only to the cleaned and prepared surfaceFor a good result wallpaper glue only to the cleaned and prepared surface

Even if it is paint, before proceeding with the removal of paint from the walls, you need to decide on its basis. Base paints may be oil or water. Oil paint is characterized by a sharp odor. Remove it from the wall a lot easier than the water-based paint, which can be removed with a thin layer.

After spending the removal of paint without further processing walls with primer and filler, the most super strong adhesive will need to use for gluing wallpaper on a wall.

Preparatory work before mounting your are in the pre-washing the walls. With such training on the wall can be pokleit wallpaper in addition to all kinds of material with a vinyl backing.

How to paint with latex paint wallpaper

If the inspection surface of the walls showed that they are painted in latex paint, it is necessary to proceed to the preliminary preparatory work. The paint must be removed from the wall completely.

How to do it correctly:

  1. To remove the paint from the wall, you need to arm themselves with coarse sandpaper, by means of which the removal will occur without any problems. Once the paint is completely removed and the surface will be completely cleared, you can begin to be applied to the primer the walls and begin to hang wallpaper. It is important to note that all the cracks and other flaws and defects should be smeared with putty. To date, there are many different materials suitable for building and finishing works. For example, in the hardware store, you can buy a special scraper, which is obtained by using twice as fast removed from the wall paint.
  2. Peeled paint the walls are washed with water, and only after they are completely dry start to their priming. The better the soil, the stronger will and more reliable adhesion between the wallpaper and the wall. In addition, the primer protects the wall surface from the formation of mold and mildew.
  3. Appeared chips, cracks and other imperfections on the wall putty compositions are processed. If the walls are in need of major alignment, you will need to stock up with plaster. On these walls is the easiest way to glue the wallpaper on fabric or natural basis. When using textured wallpaper without prior alignment of capital required.

Latex paint paint only the pre-coated wallpaper primerLatex paint paint only the pre-coated wallpaper primer

Avoid phase alignment walls help modern novelty - the liquid wallpaper, with which you can easily hide all the irregularities and defects on the surface of the wall.

Recommendations: how pokleit wallpaper latex paint

If you want to glue wallpapers heavy type, it is necessary to create the special lining paper. When gluing is necessary to try to seams and joints do not coincide with each other. Not so long ago as a lining used newspaper spreads.

A few rules:

  1. If you plan to apply wallpaper on vodoimulsionku, the walls need to be pre-treated with a mixture prepared from the adhesive and primer, mixed in equal proportions.
  2. Wallpaper can be glued to the water-based paint if the walls was applied paint is very high quality, and it eventually begins to crack and crumble under the wallpaper.
  3. Before you begin to wallpapering, it would be better to carry out a test gluing. Reliability clutch can be checked by sticking a newspaper page. When the glue is dry, the paper will have to try to tear off - if the paper is kept, it is possible to hang wallpaper, if not, it is best to remove the paint, using the method of rinsing with hot water.
  4. Once the wallpaper was glued, they should not be unstick and stick again, trying to get rid of air bubbles. Today sell special rollers that can cope with this task.

Before proceeding to wallpapering on water-based paint, it is desirable to produce a test sheet gluing newspaperBefore proceeding to wallpapering on water-based paint, it is desirable to produce a test sheet gluing newspaper

Wallpaper glue on the latex paint is allowed only after the day after the application of primer on the wall.

Can I hang wallpaper on latex paint

Wallpaper can be glued on the latex paint only making sure that it is securely held on the wall. Checking fortress clutch wallpaper and walls, you can begin to perform work.

Do not always want to paint the walls again with the help of paint, and tear off the paint to wallpaper paste is also troublesome. Therefore, many take risks trying to glue wallpaper directly on the paint.

This is incorrect, as to held wallpaper, it is necessary to carry out pre-cleaning of the walls and their processing primer and other materials.

To wallpaper held without slipping and fixed on the wall, it is necessary to adhere exactly bonding process technology wallpaperTo wallpaper held without slipping and fixed on the wall, it is necessary to adhere exactly bonding process technology wallpaper

If you can not carry out the operation of adhering wallpaper correctly, it is better not to lose too much time and simply just paint the walls a different color paint. Painting take less time. If this is not an option, it is necessary to stick to compliance with certain rules and advice when gluing the wallpaper.

Is the wallpaper is glued on with latex paint

In order to produce a successful and long-lasting glue wallpapers on paint, you must adhere to compliance tips:

  • Alignment of wallpaper on the wall cost conduct with a clean cloth;
  • Remove paint from the can wall by means of a spatula or hot water;
  • Shoot paint to gently, trying not to damage the wall;
  • For the walls, covered with latex paint, it is best to use non-woven wallpaper, as they are lightweight and high-quality;
  • Before you glue the wallpaper, you need to mark a place of their application to the wall using a spirit level and a pencil;
  • Non-woven wallpaper gluing, adhesive is applied to the wall and wallpaper;
  • To get rid of the bubbles formed, a special spatula is used;
  • Wallpaper glue indoors is not allowed the presence of drafts;
  • Dry wallpaper should be in the room at a temperature of 18 degrees.

How to remove latex paint from the wall (video)

As they say, nothing is impossible in life. Whatever it was difficult to glue the wallpaper on the painted surface, it can be made with their own hands. Adhering to the advice and strict observance of the rules of the application of wallpaper, you can achieve a very good result.


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