PVC Stretch Ceilings: inexpensive and aesthetic solution

PVC Stretch Ceilings: inexpensive and aesthetic solution

12 October 2017

PVC Stretch ceilings for decades successfully used for interior decorationPVC Stretch ceilings for several decades have been successfully used for the decoration of the premises History of stretch ceilings goes far back into antiquity, they began to organize in ancient Rome. However, PVC stretch ceilings, of course, appeared in Europe in the 60s of the last century. In our country - a little later, however, and during that time this ceiling finish proved itself perfectly as a flawless appearance and durable, relatively inexpensive coating. This coating makes it possible to fully implement the boldest design fantasies, which is used successfully in the design a wide variety of areas.

PVC Film for suspended ceilings: choose your ceiling

The ceiling of the vinyl film can be made not only for different sizes, but also for completely individual configuration.

The film may be of different textures: matte, glossy, satin.

We pointed out the most interesting and popular textures.

Glossy PVC ceiling allows visually enlarge the room and gives a feeling of spaciousnessGlossy PVC ceiling allows visually enlarge the room and gives a feeling of spaciousness


  • Gloss ceilings. It is from this mother's, in terms of design, it is possible to achieve the most interesting effects, taking into account also the color gamut. Almost a mirror image on the surface of the ceiling is of particular interest to the consumer. This, incidentally, contributes to an increase in visual room when used just such a fabric.
  • Ceilings matte. These are classical one. This ceiling fits perfectly in any environment, "without drawing attention to themselves," - that is, the emphasis is not on the ceiling and furniture, various decorative elements. On such a roof can be no glare. The color scheme just wide.
  • Ceilings satin. To a large extent resemble frosted ceiling, but the relief in this case, more smooth, and thanks to light-reflecting properties, the ceiling looks perfectly white. This texture provides a light reflective effect, whereby, the web has a pearly hue.

Given all these characteristics, of course, there are plenty to choose from, given their own individual taste.

Advantages of modern PVC stretch ceiling: they are obvious

Before choosing a material for suspended ceilings, should be a detailed study of their properties.

Of course, absolutely all matter has its advantages and disadvantages. It is only necessary to choose the one that you will hold the majority of parameters.

Advantages of tension ceilings are obvious, if only because that checked in time, and it is rather big. They do not lose their original appearance throughout the service.

Advantages of PVC stretch ceiling are obvious: they look great, are easy to clean and very durableAdvantages of PVC stretch ceiling are obvious: they look great, are easy to clean and very durable


  1. Easy to clean: it does not need any special tools and cleaning supplies;
  2. Very long service life - 10 years;
  3. Successfully used in high humidity areas: in bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools, etc .;.
  4. Losses as low as the height of the room - of 3 cm .;
  5. Rich colors can satisfy any customer demand, choosing fabric for its unique interior;
  6. Low cost of the Mother of the web;
  7. Simple removal and new installation, if necessary. Sometimes there is a need for communication pereprokladke: electrical wiring, ventilation, water pipes, etc.

Considering all the above, we can safely make their choice in terms of material stretched canvas.

PVC stretch ceiling: the optimum temperature for operation

The optimal temperature range for the operation of suspended ceilings varies from +10 to + 40 ° C.

It is in these circumstances, the tension fabric retains its integrity and elasticity.

At lower temperatures the material becomes harder and cracks, losing both aesthetic and performance properties.

PVC stretch ceilings have a fairly wide temperature range of use, however, setting the built-in lights, keep in mind that they can also heat the fabricPVC stretch ceilings have a fairly wide temperature range of use, however, setting the built-in lights, keep in mind that they can also heat the fabric

Maximum claimed zero temperature - 100 ° C, however, in practice, indicators should be much lower for the following reasons:

  • Heat is always striving upwards, which means that the temperature in the upper part of the room is always higher than, say, in a middle portion thereof;
  • Ceiling lamps, depending on their design parameters also may slightly increase the temperature, thus operating temperature - 5-50 ° C, adjusted to 5 degrees in both directions.

Of course, this temperature range is quite suitable for the home, and even with a large margin, allowing a growing number of consumers prefer this type of ceiling decoration in houses and apartments.

Installation of suspended ceilings PVC: Make your choice

There are various ways of mounting tension ceiling.

Having studied the materials on this matter, in the form of articles, photos and video materials, you will get a better idea about the subject.

Installation of a stretch ceiling is quite possible to do with their hands, without hiring professionals.

There are several main types of PVC ceiling mounting, however, are the most popular harpoon and shtapikovyThere are several main types of PVC ceiling mounting, however, are the most popular harpoon and shtapikovy

Mounting methods:

  1. Harpoon. This installation proizvoditsyas using harpoon edging, which is welded to the web. Harpoon several systems, although the use of only one system is found from all available. We must remember that in order to do everything efficiently, we need exact, careful measurements.
  2. "Clothespin". Suitable for the suspended ceilings, where seamless fabric is used. It should be noted that this system is not the cheapest, but this design is rarely used. The current development is done to ensure that installation can run even the layman, but, nevertheless, this method has not gained widespread use.
  3. V. For installation using a wedge that is inserted into the profile and holds the fabric. The method is applicable primarily to high humidity. The system is quite expensive, but also very high quality.
  4. Shtapikovy. The method is based on a simple principle. Glazing bead inserted in a special profile made of metal, and very securely holds the web. This method is a way to budget and, therefore, has been widely used. The only negative is only that frequent disassembly of such a system can not be done, so if your neighbors are on top of you often fill in, you should think about whether or not to use this method.

It should be noted in conclusion that the method of mounting shtapikovy and harpoons are most applicable.

In order to hide the gap between the ceiling and the wall, is used a decorative insert which is inserted into the profile.

Installation of PVC ceiling: everything in order

Installation of suspended ceilings does not tolerate haste and incoherence.

To work must be taken seriously, so you do not alter or spoil stretched canvas.

Proper installation is key to a good quality of work.

As a general rule, the installation of suspended ceilings engaged the firm to install, however, if you wish, you can fix the PVC ceiling and independentlyAs a general rule, the installation of suspended ceilings engaged the firm to install, however, if you wish, you can fix the PVC ceiling and independently

Installation procedure:

  • The web is fixed by angles ranging from the angle of the base, and further, diagonally. Angles are warmed with a heat gun. For a better understanding of the process, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions supplied.
  • Are attached by angles "crocodile" - terminals with a special gasket, which prevents the web tension from damage.
  • Further warming the film from the first (base) angle "crocodile" is removed, and, using the blade, which lead into a groove edging, the web is threaded in a baguette.
  • Just fasten the other corners. The process is, in principle, is simple, but the work is somewhat complicated by the end of the process, and without an assistant have easy - this point should be taken into account in advance.
  • Further mounted using a straight blade.

Step by step instructions better understandable, if still explore the auxiliary picture on the packaging.

In place of any holes in the stretch ceiling mounted a plastic ring, in order to prevent further spread of the ceiling of the film, during the operation, and for decorative purposes.

And it is worth paying attention to one innovation that if you have not become a craze homeowners, it is likely that soon they might become. It - wall decoration PVC film. Patterned film attached to the wall, with success by replacing, thus, the good old Mural.

Producers of films: choose the right

Producers of PVC films very much and understand that abundance, that provides us with the construction market, in the form of a film in rolls - is extremely difficult.

You can certainly save money on the brand, but, often, cheap PVC film is of poor quality, and this is, of course, not without the participation of the Chinese manufacturer. The service life of a stretch ceiling, as a rule - 10-15years. At least it says the majority of manufacturers.

Of course, the Chinese goods is omnipresent, and it is difficult to get around. However, the consumer reviews say about different things. Some say that in general it is not necessary to communicate with Chinese goods, others argue that there is a quality product.

Unfortunately, very often give poor quality goods for a first class European. How could understand all this?

When choosing PVC stretch ceiling is better to pay attention to the well-known brandsWhen choosing PVC stretch ceiling is better to pay attention to the well-known brands

The quality is affected by:

  1. Manufacturer. Of course, it is better to use normal brand, for example, the German company Lackfolie. Of course, such ceilings will cost you much more expensive, but will last longer.
  2. It is very desirable to know the composition of the purchased material.
  3. It is necessary to take account of this parameter, as the film thickness.
  4. Environmental safety. Of course, any certificate can be done, which is indistinguishable from the present. But, above all, some Chinese firms produce fabric with a strong, literally repellent odor. So before you buy the segment or a roll, use at least this advice, though, read the description for this product, you still will not hurt.

Of course, nobody wants to pay extra, as well as to buy cheap goods of poor quality - you need the so-called "golden mean", as, indeed, in any case.

Frequently asked not it be better to mount a ceiling of plastic panels? After all, plastic, probably whiter durable. Of course, plastic is used for a long time, but perhaps it is more appropriate in the bathroom or on the balcony, although the bathroom, this option has long outlived its usefulness as an anachronism. In addition, plastic has a high fire risk - so that the conclusions suggest themselves.

Learning ceilings: all you need to know about them (video)

In conclusion, it is necessary to add the following. PVC Stretch ceilings - is not just a brilliant film in the traditional sense, and the wide range of colors and shades that can be both glossy and matte, as well as with the texture of satin. Satin texture, in particular, serve imitation Bole expensive ceiling and, very importantly, the ceiling will be perfect to keep moisture that will serve you in good stead in case of leakage from the neighbors above. PVC film will allow you to realize all your design plans that you can imagine. As for the durability of PVC stretch ceiling, this item is also not left unattended - such coverage is long. So make your final choice, and conquer the top of your ceiling!

Design of stretch PVC ceilings (photo)

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