Proper whitewash the ceiling with his hands

Proper whitewash the ceiling with his hands

12 October 2017

Whitewashing - the most economical and environmentally friendly way to decoration of the ceilingWhitewashing - the most economical and environmentally friendly way to decoration potolkaPobelenny ceiling - not some outdated technology, and is one of the classic ways to design ceiling. At the same time, do everything possible to quickly and fairly. To repair is not dragged on and did not have to be distracted by the correction of defects, it is necessary to prepare the tools and the ceiling in the room itself.

Finishing the ceiling whitewashing yourself

It begins with a preparation tool. Preparation is to select tools that you will whitewash the ceiling.

The works can be produced:

  • brush;
  • roller;
  • spray gun;
  • Vacuum cleaner having the function of blowing air.

It begins with the selection of brushes for whitewashing - what tool you will be working, so will the quality of work. Kinds of brushes are very different, but the best option is a brush made of natural bristles, width -. 15-20 cm before using the brush for a few hours, soak it in water. So swell wooden brush handle, and secure bristles.

To the ceiling are not left traces of lint pobelochnaya brush should only be made of natural fibersTo the ceiling are not left traces of lint pobelochnaya brush should only be made of natural fibers

This is important, because the bristles must not remain on the whitewashed ceiling surface.

Use and rollers, and the quality will be better, and the process will go faster. When using the roller do not forget the special tray.

The whitewash the ceiling in the apartment: composition

Can whiten with lime or chalk - the ways of whitewashing their own hands the most popular.

To dissolve chalk whitewash, you need to:

  • Pour into warm water of 30 g of PVA glue (adhesive agent is required), as an alternative - finely planed conventional soap;
  • Stirring a composition vsypte therein finely sifted chalk;
  • 20 g of methylene blue in the solution is also required - a prophylaxis yellowness composition.

It is not necessary to take PVA glue, right to use and carpenter's glue, and bustilat.

Lime wash is done so - 1.7 pounds of lime dilute with 40 g of methylene blue with water. Finished mixture is obtained, which can be applied to the 10 squares of the ceiling or wall.

The recipe of lime wash (video)

Stages whitewash the ceiling with his hands

If you decide to whitewash brush, the brush strokes are applied perpendicular to the first light source - ie windows. A final coat is applied already in parallel windows. In this case, the surface of the obtained self-colored bleached without strips.

Roller whitewashing the ceiling is even easier. The technology is - solution pour into the ditch, soak in a solution of roller, roll the roller on a slope of the pallet. First strokes go to the windows, and then parallel to the windows. Overlap should be approximately 5 cm. Otherwise will NOT, area, and it would seem that the ceiling or not counterstained or painted different colors.

At the junction of wall and ceiling is wiser to use a brush.

How to whitewash the ceiling of the old whitewash and whether

Update whitewash possible only if the old layer is very thin and durable. But even in this case, the experts advise to still remove the old whitewash. This will provide a good result - no streaks and other defects such as bubbles and stripes.

Old chalk whitewash removed with a sponge soaked with soapy waterOld chalk whitewash removed with a sponge soaked with soapy water

The old cover can be removed with a sponge and soap paste. Cretaceous solution removed very easily because new whitewash applied without washing off old stupid. But with lime composition will have to tinker. Without broad spatula can not do.

And no matter what you decide to do next - to glue the ceiling tile, ceiling whitewash vodoemulsionkoy or re-whitewash, old, always remove a layer. And then there is the primer, putty, sanding and whitewash itself.

Of course, if the ceiling with defects, will have to cement the cracks.

Do shpakril like to whitewash the ceiling

Definitely - yes! Moreover, whitewashing shpakrilom - is painting in the complex. Plastered "Shpakril" - this seal small defects, and sticking the ceiling. Such a structure adjacent functionality you save on materials.

The fine-grained putty The fine-grained putty "Shpakril" is perfect for the leveling of the ceiling in front of whitewash

Simply dilute this putty with water of about half a liter at a kilo of material, and directly Belite ceiling.

methods of application

You can do this:

  • Spray recently popular airless spraying;
  • A common roller (the tool should be either long synthetic fur or fleece);
  • Brush.

Using airless help evenly distribute the solution on the ceiling surfaceUsing airless help evenly distribute the solution on the ceiling surface

By the way, even though the roller is easier to work, but usually colored vodoemulsionkoy ceiling is a merit roll. There are also new methods commonly associated with air-brush and spray.

How to whitewash the ceiling in different colors (video)

Today, whitewashed ceilings in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway and the bathroom, in the business premises. Way to design a ceiling quite fast and cheap, so do not dismiss him out as out-of-date. This is the classic way, because it is still a long time to be in demand.

Success in repair!


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