Proper design of the hallways in an apartment: Photo & Design

Proper design of the hallways in an apartment: Photo & Design

12 October 2017

Hallway should look perfect, because it is the hallmark of the entire apartmentHallway should look perfect, because it is the hallmark of all kvartiryKoridor, the first thing guests see, his view must be representative and flawless. The task is not easy, besides, not every corridor boasts sufficient space. However, on a few square meters it is possible to organize original premises, which will be distinguished by its beauty, functionality and practicality. For information on how to do a competent arrangement, will be discussed in this article.

Modern design hall: a small and narrow corridors

Spacious hallway there is not every family. Old buildings can not boast of great footage. In the old days this room is not given to such attention.

Footage of a hallway in an old house minimum. But in this space is quite possible to create a creative design.

It is important to learn and apply some rules to make maximum use of the useful area of ​​the hall, put everything you need.


  • Shelves.
  • Hanger.
  • Rack of shoes.
  • Ottoman et al.

Small narrow corridors can be designed in such a way that they are roomy and comfortableSmall narrow corridors can be designed in such a way that they are roomy and comfortable

The problem of long and narrow corridors in how to competently carry furnishings, so it is important not only to arrange a compact interior, but also solve the problem of eliminating the difference in the size of the vertical surfaces.

If the room is too long a project, it can be divided into zones. You can select the area of ​​the hall, clothes placement.

This task excellently cope ceiling structures in several layers combined cover the floor surface and wall. Visually expand the space will be able to mirror the product placed on the long wall. Nice clean interior door. A great solution - to arrange an arched structure.

Make a rectangle can be harmonious with the use of color in the decoration. Using bright colors on the walls of their long razdvinet and dark colors on the narrow walls will contribute to the approximation, making the hall square and pleasant to the eye. Correct size can use lighting, positioning lighting in the central part, leaving the end walls shaded.

Making corner hallway corridor

Dignity corner wardrobe have long appreciated the owners of small apartment buildings with a small corridor. This is an effective solution for the corridor. The corner cabinet-coupe, which is located not only clothing, footwear, umbrellas and hats.


  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Kick scooter.
  • A bike.
  • Stroller.

Corner entrance hall does not take much space in the hallway, but it can accommodate all your stuffCorner entrance hall does not take much space in the hallway, but it can accommodate all your stuff

If the issue front cabinet mirror, the design will almost weightless and invisible even in a very small corridor. There are entrance hall with staircase. Designers, decorators recommend to use the stairs in the hallway as efficiently as possible, because under it as unallocated space that can successfully stand up shelves for shoes, hats and umbrellas, as well as hangers and many other necessary stuff. If the corridor is aligned with the hall, the area under the staircase you can place magazines or technique, and by arranging a chair with a floor lamp, relax in solitude with a book or a favorite piece of music.

How to decorate the entrance hall of the house: photo designs in hruschevke

The interior design of small rooms in Khrushchev complex also incorrect layout. Khrushchev in the corridor, usually a long narrow room with many doors to other rooms. Construction of the hall in the Khrushchev may take place in 2 ways, through the redevelopment or by applying the right color, visually expand the wall, lifting the ceiling and arranging the required number of furniture. If the first way to exercise is not easy, the clearance by finishing and decoration pleasure.

To corridor Khrushchev looked beautiful and different functionality and practicality, it is necessary:

  1. Select the appropriate color. Furniture and wall surfaces should not be dark, but not whites, because they will be visible dirt.
  2. In the interior, it is necessary to use a glossy, mirror-reflecting surface.
  3. Well instead of cabinets use small shelves and coat hooks. If the long corridor, you can arrange a closet.
  4. The perfect solution - make a mezzanine under the ceiling around the perimeter of the hallway. So they did not look heavy, you can embed them in spot light.
  5. As good ideas you can place lights in the walls.

In the hallway is necessary to place at least a clothes hanger, shoe cabinet and mirrorIn the hallway is necessary to place at least a clothes hanger, shoe cabinet and mirror

Corridor requires a detailed arrangement of not less than room or kitchen area. After all, it is necessary to place a lot of things that will look out of place in other rooms in the house.

Ideally, a kit for corridor of furniture looks like this:

  • Hanger and a wardrobe.
  • Shelves and drawers for shoes.
  • Chair, chair or ottoman.
  • Mirror with Stand for details.

Sometimes a small corridor area makes it impossible to install all of these things, then the design project is based on a combination of several functions. Shoe locker used as a chair, a door-compartment cabinet mirror. You can write a good packaging, using a minimal amount of interior.

Modules for a small hallway: competent furnishings

Modular furniture is very popular today. The fact that the customer can be on their own set of furniture, ordering only what is necessary for its entrance hall. Previously, much had no choice and had to acquire the standard furniture, which often do not fit the style, size, shape, or, on the contrary, had no one desired functionality.

Today, thanks to the modular furniture, we can arrange a corridor to the maximum comfortable and beautiful, guided only by their requirements and taste preferences.

Modular furniture is very popular in the hallway todayModular furniture is very popular in the hallway today

In addition, the modular division is advantageous in that it is possible, if necessary, to change or buy additional modules to change or supplement the ensemble when convenient, not months collecting money for a full set, saving everyone.

In addition, modules such furniture:

  • aesthetic;
  • practical;
  • Functionality.

Modules can be moved from place to place, picking up interesting options and creating a completely new interior. Owners of small corridors to save money and buy furniture that does not fit in the room and all her clutter, can acquire it gradually, alternately arranging modules and solving need something else or not.

Stylish design hallway in the apartment (video)

Minimum required for the corridor, was listed in the article. By following tips and tricks can be harmoniously arrange even a very small room. If you make your own design project is difficult, the only right decision - is to seek the support of an experienced designer-decorator. Professional organizes all quality and customer specific.

Design and decoration of the hall in the apartment (photo of the interior)

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