Production of children's blankets in patchwork technique

Production of children’s blankets in patchwork technique

12 October 2017

Quilt patchwork, made with his own hands, will be a perfect decoration of a child's room, or an original giftQuilt patchwork, made with his own hands, will be a perfect decoration of a child's room or the original podarkomV Nowadays there are so many techniques for needlework. Recently, more and more often used in patchwork technique. Products made by patchwork, look very extraordinary, but at the same time elegant. Patchwork quilt is perfect for decorating a child's room boy or girl. Make this product you can own. You will need only a certain pattern fabric and a little patience.

We do patchwork baby blanket with his hands

Before you begin, you should decide on the choice of fabric. The choice of material will depend on the style of the room. It is desirable that the color pattern and the furniture was the same.

Experts advise to prefer cotton. This material does not shrink after washing and retains its color over a long period of time.

For the manufacture of a quilt with your hands, you will need a ruler, scissors, sewing machine and cutter. It should be noted that it is necessary to take a cloth of different colors. Good combination white and yellow materials.

To create a baby quilt will require a number of simple tools, schemes and fabric is the best of natural ingredientsTo create a baby quilt will require a number of simple tools, schemes and fabric is the best of natural ingredients

When baby blanket manufacturing patchwork adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. First, slice the white and yellow fabric into squares. workpiece side should be 20-25 cm. Do not forget to trim the edge of the fabric and follow the symmetric parts.
  2. After this, take a small square of white and yellow fabric, attach them to each other face. Cleave the preform pins.
  3. Stitch product obtained by using the sewing machine. If you do decide to give preference to cotton, use a thick needle.
  4. Then take the workpiece and cut it diagonally.
  5. As a result, you should get 4 triangles. Each billet iron the iron. This will help avoid shrinkage in the future.
  6. Next you need to loosen the joint and make up for the colored side of the allowances. The "ears", cut with scissors.
  7. 4 Fold the squares and sew them. It is important to monitor the situation over. It is essential that they are perfectly smooth.
  8. Once you have made one block blankets likewise fabricate others.
  9. Sew all the blocks using a sewing machine.
  10. Sew from the wrong side of the blanket insulation with the laying of syntepon. This can be done by using a sewing machine or by hand.
  11. The edges of the blanket obtained prostrochite. This can be done by using a sewing machine. If you do not, do it manually.

Baby blanket patchwork own hands (video)

Quilt for a newborn with his own hands: step by step guide

Sew a quilt for a newborn can be at home. Sewing patchwork you will need to thread №45, square configuration template out of cardboard or plastic, pins, needles, chalk, measuring tape, scissors.

Pay particular attention to the fabric choice. If you sew blankets for newborn babies, use of cotton materials. Suitable cotton, linen, or calico.

Also, before you start sewing, decide on the material for insulation. Experts recommend to prefer batting and the batting. These materials may not be harmful to the child's health.

For the manufacture of blankets in patchwork for a small child fit soft natural fabric: calico, linen or satinFor the manufacture of blankets in patchwork for a small child fit soft natural fabric: calico, linen or satin

Blanket for children need to sew in the following order:

  • First, cutting the fabric into individual flaps by means of a template. All pieces of fabric, it is desirable to enumerate.
  • Sew all billets into strips, and then connect them together. Before you sew patches, progladte them.
  • Cleave the two pieces of fabric by means of pins, and stitched them together.
  • Pour onto the surface of the lining face down. the preform dimensions should be at least 5 cm larger than shreds.
  • Place a layer on the lining or padding polyester batting. Place top face material (scraps).
  • Blanket fasten with pins.
  • Make a blanket stitch using a special foot for darning.
  • The final stage of the manufacture of blankets for children - edging. To carry out this operation, you'll need 4 strips. The length and width of the strips should be a couple of centimeters larger than the size of the blanket.
  • Stitched stripes to the edges of the blankets.
  • Finally, make a manual stitch by strong threads.

Quilt for a newborn (video)

Quilts for Kids: Sewing machinery

The most common scheme sewing quilts - "Honeycomb", "Arable land", "American box" and "Checkerboard". Typically, a baby blanket sewn using the technique of "cell". The product is made with the help of this technology, it looks quite attractive, and blends harmoniously with the interior of a child's room. This technique involves the making of a decorative element of the 7 hexagons that have different colors.

Technique "Arable land" is very simple, and is perfect for beginners. For the manufacture of blankets using this technique you will need pieces of cloth, which will be cut into individual strips.

sewing equipment quiltssewing equipment quilts "checkerboard" It is considered to be the most common among needlewomen

sewing scheme "Arable land" type the following:

  1. Plot quilt divided into 3 identical portion, the boundaries of each should be placed at right angles relative to each other.
  2. Then, each section is divided into parallel strips.
  3. All the bands are numbered.
  4. Strips of the same number should be the same color.

The scheme of "American box" provides sewing technique, according to which all the colored stripes sewn in a spiral around the small square. Normally, this technology is used in the manufacture of contrast products. "Checkerboard" is also a common technique. It provides sewing strips of fabric of different color squares.

Care quilt

In order to maintain a good view of quilt you need to follow some rules. First of all, quilt patchwork should be washed properly. Experts advise not to make washing too often. It is recommended to wash these items by hand in warm soapy water.

In order to avoid damage to the tissue it is important to iron the blanket properly. If you have used as a filler padding polyester, producing the ironing prohibited. Otherwise blanket lose texture.

To quilt for a long time to keep an attractive appearance, it is necessary to care properly for them: iron products with synthetic padding prohibitedTo quilt for a long time to keep an attractive appearance, it is necessary to care properly for them: iron products with synthetic padding prohibited

You also need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If you need to hide a blanket for some time, do not bend it. It is better to turn the product into a roll.
  • If you decide to wash the covers in the machine, put the most gentle treatment. The optimal water temperature for the wash quilt 35-40 degrees. Spin Be sure to turn.
  • Use bleach to wash quilt is strictly prohibited.

Patchwork quilt for kids (video)

To make a quilt for a child is easy. To do this, you do not need to go to some master-class. Just stick to the basic rules of patchwork. It is very important to maintain the symmetry of squares. Otherwise, get a blanket ugly and unlikely to enjoy the baby. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to the fabric. Give preference to natural cotton fabric, because they are non-toxic, and is not able to harm the child's health.

Baby blanket patchwork (photo)

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