Production of boxes of plasterboard for the bathroom: 7 tools

Production of boxes of plasterboard for the bathroom: 7 tools

12 October 2017

Quickly hide communication in the bathroom to help special plasterboard boxQuickly hide communication in the bathroom to help special plasterboard korobV during the capital repairs in the apartment, almost anything can run into one small, but quite unpleasant problem. Part of the communication pipe and in the bathroom and the kitchen is not possible to move.

The device boxes made of plasterboard: it is necessary to

The real situation, when the background chic decoration materials, will "show off" a depressing situation.

It looks very unpleasant:

  • Ancient tube;
  • The standpipe drain;
  • Another type of communication.

Naturally, this is not to decorate the room, but only spoil the feeling of transformation carried out of the apartment. To prevent this, there is a method available to everyone. It is terrible to hide, inappropriate pipe in a neat box of drywall (GCR), which is quite possible to make their own hands. To make a box out of the GCR, it is necessary to take certain tools.

Using duct plasterboard can hide the water pipesUsing duct plasterboard can hide the water pipes

You will need:

  • Construction roulette;
  • Bubble level;
  • plummet;
  • Drills shock;
  • Corner building;
  • Knife stationery;
  • A hammer.

Naturally, the installation can not take place without the sheets of drywall. It is enough single GCR standard size 2500 x 1200 mm, the thickness of which may be 9 mm or 12.5 mm. It is best to buy water-resistant GFC, as will be lining water pipes or sewer riser, which have stood out in particular condensate. In addition, this argument when the device box of drywall in Vannes room where the already high humidity. The framework for the box can be made as from wood bars 40 to 40 mm, and of metal sheets, specially crafted to work with GCR.

If you choose wood, it must be pre-treated with antiseptic and primed. These compounds will secure wood from rot and mildew.

Metal profiles in this area more suitable, as it does not require mandatory training, and easier to work with him. Properly take guide UD-metal profile and CD-profile

How to Drywall box

Production gypsum board boxes is performed in stages.

Before proceeding to the manufacture of boxes, it is necessary first to apply the correct markup gypsum plasterboardBefore proceeding to the manufacture of boxes, it is necessary first to apply the correct markup gypsum plasterboard


  1. Application Markup. The first step is to make the marks on the floor surface. The line must identify the boundaries for guiding or supporting metal profile bars. It is important to bear in mind that on top of the frame will be superimposed GCR, so the final size, which will have as a result the box will be different in other, even at the thickness used drywall. With the help of a professional bracket, check the squareness markup relative to vertical surfaces and to each other. The thickness and width of the box must be such as to not abut any one location to the pipe, should be a gap of 5 cm on each side. Width also should pick up, given the subsequent finishing. Marking the floor is transferred to the wall by means of a stretched string.
  2. Fastening elements. In the first place, arranged metalloprofili or bars, assembled near a vertical surface. After that the mounting racks 1 or 2, which lag behind the wall and form a front protruding boundary box. If the design width greater than 25 cm height or more than 1.5 m, it is necessary to make a bridge between the strut. Jumpers are arranged at a distance of not more than a meter between them. In operation, if used wood beams, seat cuts need to be further processed. It is best to use special mastic for construction timber. In addition to protection, it will give strength and protection from noise to box not published extraneous sounds at deformation from heat.
  3. Plasterboard. Sheet of construction material preferably cut out so that the duct consisted of a single strip, instead of the pieces. First of all, it is necessary to make the strips for the sides. Their width is equal to the width of the frame and does not extend beyond retaining structures. Only then is it possible to measure the exact size of the face, which remained, and to make the segment corresponding GCR strips so that she had found on the edge side. Collect sheet necessary screws 45 mm, consolidating at every 25 mm to the main struts structure. You can not fix the sheets still and the jumpers between the uprights. On a small width it is absolutely unnecessary.

When the structure is assembled, it is necessary to carry out the finish, plaster and painting or other finishing packing material.

Mounting boxes made of plasterboard: features of construction

The box is made of plasterboard - it is a simple design, and build it will be able to every home craftsman who has construction skills. But the rest of the pipe bends that need to sheathe, have their own characteristics.

When is the installation work, the pipes, it is necessary to consider not only the beauty of the result, but also practical. In a variety of residential premises in the sewage pipes are so-called audit. This connection to the pipe with breeding, which has a cover. Provided they are for cleaning contaminants.

In any case should not completely close the duct such places. It is necessary to provide a place and leave the window in the wall for easy access to the couplings from the outside.

In order to quickly get to the desired tube, you can make a special small door in plasterboard boxIn order to quickly get to the desired tube, you can make a special small door in plasterboard box

Close the window, you can use the special doors made of plastic, which can be bought in stores. Apart from this place, it is important to leave access to places of communications to internal drainage, where the distributor. You may have to replace any parts or elimination of blockage inside.

Necessarily it is necessary to form a door in the holes in the box in the places where pipes have such a sanitary element, such as:

  • Water meters;
  • All kinds of valves;
  • Valves et al.

In order to make them, it is necessary to make holes in the FCL 3 mm larger than the dimensions of the frame door, which therefore will be inserted there. Make it a real advance in the drywall strip before mounting frame. Also, perhaps, only a pre-notice of the door device position and then arrange on the frame of the GCR, cut holes.

The nuances of the modern boxes of plasterboard with their hands

As with any installation, while creating boxes of GCR has its finer points and nuances, not "become acquainted" which is not true.

When installing large plasterboard boxes additionally better to use U-shaped holdersWhen installing large plasterboard boxes additionally better to use U-shaped holders

They are few, but they know it is important to:

  1. Application level. Without the level of quality can not build no master - how to do without testing. Every step, whether marking or mounting separate wood or metal sheets, should be carried out with level control, or, to obtain the curve as a result of the product.
  2. If you installed a box of GCR, ribs whose length is more than 80 cm, it is better to take care of their additional mounting points - it is done by the so-called U-shaped holders.
  3. The performance of the finished box affects the correctness of sheets finishing frame GCR - attention must be given to the presence of wood or metal profile Profile of joints of individual parts of gypsum. His absence will cause the inevitable cracking, even though the quality of finishing compounds. And yet - at the edges of the GCR, which form the connection, you need to use a knife to cut a chamfer.

Observing box device rules of plasterboard can be obtained as a result of durable and aesthetic design. Nuances relate to any installation site, it does not matter in the exhaust duct is arranged in a corner or junction box.

Distribution box plasterboard

Distribution box for wiring outside is used in conjunction with tubes for mounting electrical communications grids.

When installing drywall wires experts recommend using a special junction boxWhen installing drywall wires experts recommend using a special junction box

Sometimes the following types:

  • corrugated;
  • smooth;
  • Reinforced.

How to collect boxes of plasterboard (video)

Raspayachnaya box is made of ABS plastic, has a marking - RAL 7035. It has the following degrees of protection - IP 44 and IP 55. All boxes include glands for connecting the above types of pipes, and to create a protection class in accordance with the standard.


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