process steps: plasterboard with their hands

process steps: plasterboard with their hands

12 October 2017

Plasterboard structures allow disguise shallow cracks on the ceiling and hide utilitiesPlasterboard structures allow disguise shallow cracks on the ceiling and hide kommunikatsiiTraditsionny engineering material for suspended ceiling structures - plasterboard. This ceiling can hide in the ceiling space of all communications. You can make an ordinary, single-level ceiling, or complicate its design, making the ceiling of the room resonator.

Plasterboard ceilings with their hands: the plan

The first step will be a lot of work making a plan, which specifies and supplies required drawing (especially if the ceiling, complex), in the case of the ceiling figure may have to make templates.

Will go directly to work on the following schedule:

  • Preparation;
  • Installation of the metal frame;
  • Fastening drywall sheets;
  • ceiling trim;
  • Caulking ceiling surface;
  • Finishing;
  • Installation of lighting.

Simple methods of attaching drywall sheets are available for each host, but you should always take into account certain nuances that arise during installationSimple methods of attaching drywall sheets are available for each host, but you should always take into account certain nuances that arise during installation

Each of the steps can be done independently. The production of such a ceiling is not an easy undertaking, but he will not only qualitatively level the surface, but also to create a ceiling decor - original and aesthetic.

the frame device for the ceiling

First you have to make a layout of the ceiling horizontally. Usually, when this use of laser or water level. Alone, it is difficult to make, it is best to enlist the help mate.

What should be done:

  • Applying level, put the check marks on the perimeter walls. At least, on which you can lower the ceiling - 3 cm, and if you're going to do recessed lighting fixtures, their size will guide ceiling height lowering.
  • Markers interconnected. Make it easy masking dye yarn. Mark the ceiling surface in order to establish a direct bearing hangers and CD-60 profiles.
  • After marking the completion of the mounting guide profile occurs. It does not need to install the wall around the perimeter of the room with a focus on the layout. Attach profile need dowels spacing - from 300 to 450 mm.
  • On ceiling layout with an interval of 600 mm self-tapping screws and dowels need to attach direct suspensions. 90 degrees lower ends thereof with the letter P. 12-mm-ovymi screws with a drill to U-shaped carrying profiles are fixed suspensions.

Driving frame plasterboard ceilingDriving frame plasterboard ceiling

If necessary, the profiles are joined by direct connector it, by the way, can be produced from the supporting profile. A supporting profile at intervals of 600 mm are mounted crabs. To do this, use the segments Profile UD-27. Put them between the crab and the guide-Vym 12mm screws.

Sheathing gypsum ceiling with his hands: step by step guide

The frame is ready, but it does not mean that you can have to strengthen the GCR.

The work is as follows:

  • Arrange the wiring in corrugated plastic pipe, zarkrepite clamps to plates overlap. By placing fixtures plans to release a wire loop connection points lighting.
  • Then it is already possible to sheathe frame. Attach start with a single sheet. Step screws - 200 mm. Properly Lay the first row, the second is attached to the ceiling with an offset. Required joints of the first row are overlapped second number of the plates is smaller than the cross section (a).
  • Mount GCR so that the walls remained five millimeter gap. It serves as a kind of compensation for humidity and temperature expansion of the material. If you do not do this, the plaster ceiling risks to be covered with cracks.

After the completed gypsum sheathing, the crown and the drill cut holes for fittings. wire loop output through these openings.

Installation of single-level ceiling of plasterboard (video)

The final stage of the ceiling drywall installation

The work is not yet complete, but there is, perhaps, the easiest and most enjoyable stage. You need to putty the ceiling and seal the seams. To do this, the seams properly primed, wait until the primer has dried. Paperboard sheets do not tear off!

Conventional putty for sealing is not used, you need a very strong, in line Knauf there are.

Luting - an effective way to make the surface of the ceiling plasterboard perfectly smooth and flatLuting - an effective way to make the surface of the ceiling plasterboard perfectly smooth and flat

Proceed as follows:

  • Putty dilute according to the instructions in the first place repaint all the seams in the wall, and then hold the joints. Do not forget about the cap screws.
  • To seal the seam factory, first fill composition, a wide spatula and then align the recess on the leaf edge.
  • After drying putty stick to serpyanku seams. In intersections it is necessary to glue the overlapping. Slightly more dilute putty and seal the serpyanku and minor defects that remained. Putty easier angled spatula.
  • Enhances protection effect of cracks fiberglass spider. Even if after the grouting were some projections, further trim them adjust.
  • Thereafter, the treated filler is overwritten seam (used shallow grouting method). Get a smooth, even surface.
  • After grouting give plasterboard dry and then the seams again primed. Then, finishing is applied putty layer with fine-grained structure, taken generally white filler.

Do not forget that work is carried out with the windows closed and the window, there should be no drafts. Otherwise, finish the story and can, and also cracks with this abnormality can not be avoided.

The finish coat is not carried out, if you're going to paste wallpaper ceiling or other decorative options (glossy finish). You just need to putty the joints, and align the seams after the surface.

Caulking seams of drywall (video)

This "sandwich" made of cardboard and gypsum as a GCR in almost any home can be the future of a beautiful and original ceiling. Peeper ideas in the photo gallery, make sketches, outlines the plan and set yourself a ceiling will be your pride.

Successful work!


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