Procedure stairs: 3 main points

Procedure stairs: 3 main points

12 October 2017

Determine the quality and other characteristics of the fire escape is possible with special testTo determine the quality and other characteristics of the fire escape is possible by means of special ispytaniyDoma and production sure to periodically inspect fire escapes, emergency structures and fences roof roofing. Firefighters and other staircases, which is in the house be sure to periodic testing for compliance with all technical standards. Even the smallest fault can interfere with the rescue and evacuation of people.

Special instructions for the test ladders

According to the requirements of GOST all structural fire ladders must be firmly attached to one another, and the design is securely attached to the wall and to the roof. Cracks in the wall and the metal breaks are not allowed. All designs should be checked to ensure durability and reliability by applying a test strain. All elements to be painted, should have no sharp corners hazardous, various protrusions, barbs, rust and scale.

Upon delivery of the facility and every few years should be carried out the design test for strength and stability. Also once a year, the structural integrity inspection and the result is drawn.

Before proceeding to the test ladder should first read the instructionsBefore proceeding to the test ladder should first read the instructions

Security of any work at height using stairs or ladders should be provided strictly as any design fault could have serious consequences.

There is a special instruction checks similar structures exactly where indicated:

  • Features of the inspection;
  • deadlines;
  • The order of testing.

Guide helps determine the minimum and maximum time between conducting the test design and test it. The frequency of inspections depends on the scope of use of the design. Instructions for checking the stairs clear the difference between testing and verification. Checking means by a visual inspection and evaluation of the structure. If the tests are conducted, the entire structure is subjected to increasing or constant load.

There are specific regulations, which spelled out all the rules and features of the inspection and testing of ladders and other structures. A sample of the normative document or the instructions can be viewed in the company engaged in carrying out the tests.

Important! If after the next check ladder structure the commission remained some doubt as to its strength and stability, then re more thorough check can be assigned.

What is the procedure for testing ladders

All ladders and stepladders are tested immediately after manufacture and periodically during operation.

For each type of staircase has its own frequency of checksFor each type of staircase has its own frequency of checks

The frequency of inspection for each structure is separate and is:

  • metal stairs - 1 once a year;
  • Wooden stairs - 1 every six months;
  • Rope ladders - one every six months.

Industrial metal or wooden ladder is firmly established and lean against a wall or horizontal surface. Tests mean by a fact that the stairs and the bowstring suspended loads. The duration of each trial is about 2 minutes. After retracts the load on the steps and bowstrings should be no damage. When the test is completed, shall be drawn up of all required inspections, the results of which can be defined as a solid and reliable design.

Rope and hanging metal ladders are inspected and tested in the operating position. The ladder is suspended in a vertical position and secured to two grippers general construction. Then the load is attached to the bottom rungs. If it is impossible to hold the ladder test in a vertical operating position, can be tested in a horizontal position on the tension, all the while monitoring the load.

After you have performed the test, carried out a logbook recording and viewing devices.

The main test method stairs

There is a special method of testing for strength and safety of outdoor fire and construction of stairs, which must be strictly observed. Very often in the media you can find information on what stair design can not withstand the load, so the tests must take into account all the basic requirements, rules and act in accordance with regulations.

In order to check the fire escape properly and correctly, you need to seek professional helpIn order to check the fire escape properly and correctly, you need to seek professional help

Depending on the specific purpose of the building, fire escapes can be:

  • vertical;
  • screw;
  • Marching.

To conduct the test can only be that company, which has a special license for such work. Before checking the order is made, as well as the contracts are signed. After the registration, a company which holds all the required inspection and testing of ladders is to purchase special equipment for measuring the loads. This apparatus can be motorized or pump cylinder.

That the company can freely engage in testing of strength and reliability of the staircase design, it is necessary to conduct periodic certification of specialists professionalism. Tests must be conducted in daylight, in a fairly good visibility and low wind speeds.

How to make the act of stairs test

Under the new rules ladders inspection should be carried out periodically.

The results of the fire escape verification, as a rule, are recorded in a specially prepared ActThe results of the fire escape verification, as a rule, are recorded in a specially prepared Act

In particular:

  • Before commissioning;
  • At intervals every six months or once a year;
  • After a major overhaul.

When the scan is completed, compiled and signed by a special act. You can fill in the finished form of the audit, or prepared a new document. By the form of the act there are no strict requirements, but need to specify the composition of the commission with the position, surname, initials. The act should be a complete description of all of this work, the presence or absence of inventory numbers, these claims to the stability of products, if they are available. If the detected defects and disorders in the course of an inspection, they must be specified.

In addition, the results of the checks are recorded in a special register, which leads and fills in charge of carrying out checks face. Be sure to put a mark on the date of the next test.

There is a special stand, which helps testing of ladders, belts, claws and many other devices and tools. Besides the fact that the test is performed stairs, you must inspect the installation of forests to be able to determine how much they are durable and can withstand whether provided by the design of the load.

How are the electrical testing of ladders

All works are carried out at height, require compliance with safety, which is why you need to conduct periodic testing of ladders, as this will help ensure the reliability of the design. To design was reliable, it is necessary to conduct not only tests its strength, but also further electrical tests.

No less popular today are the stairs and electrical testsNo less popular today are the stairs and electrical tests

The most common types of ladder are:

  • Suspended;
  • podkatnye;
  • ladders;
  • Stationary.

In addition, there are special fire escapes stick. Each type of stairs necessarily require periodic mechanical and insulation test, as this will determine how safe and durable design will be. In carrying out electrical test voltage is applied is the same as general purpose electrical safety devices. A voltage is applied to all the string or only its separate site.

stairs test (video)

After all the required tests are compiled acts inspections carried out in accordance with existing regulations. stairs test is carried out on a mandatory basis, as this will determine how robust and reliable construction is finished.


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