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Embroidered with the image of a wolf, framed, it is a great element of decor for any interiorEmbroidered with the image of a wolf, framed, is a great element of decor for any interior in the 20th century of the wolves was carried out serious monitoring and thus the opinion of the predator is fundamentally changed. It turned out that the animals are wonderful family man, devoted parents. All this does not stop to take the wolf as a noble and beautiful animal. Today, designers create the most incredible stories with the help of embroidery cross with wolves. Stories so much that it is difficult to make a choice. However, breaking them down by category, you can simplify your task. Skeptics say about the signs associated with the placement of the Wolf House, do not be superstitious, beautiful picture with a wonderful story, in which the enclosed honor soul embroiderers can bring into the house only harmony and comfort.

The original cross-stitch Wolves: single, married couple

Wolf - is one of the most dangerous animals in Europe. With this predator associated with many stories and legends.

The most famous:

  • Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf;
  • Little Red Riding Hood;
  • The wolf and the seven Young goats;
  • Three piglets.

Embroidery lone wolf always looks nice and finished. Kits for embroidery with the wolf enjoyed great success. But, once it is necessary to say that the wolf is not easy to embroider, the animal looked realistically need to use as many colors as possible. Very often shades of gray, barely differ, and embroider require small cross. Complex work better to choose experienced handy. The second option is very popular today - is happy embroidery wolf family. A pair of wolves created by the scheme Dyan Allaire, will decorate any room.

Embroidered wolf will be a good gift for the belovedEmbroidered wolf will be a good gift for the beloved

To carry out this work the author recommends:

  1. Use canvas beige or cream 14;
  2. Embroider better cross of two lines;
  3. Used 38 colors;
  4. The size of the finished work will be 40x30 cm;

Another popular option - a couple of wolves, wolf idyll parenthood, caring for the cubs. This embroidery is very complex, it is necessary to embroider it on a tapestry hoop. Embroidered wolves always look lively, expensive and beautiful. True loyalty and strength of sewn soft supple thread, in that there is something mysterious and enigmatic.

White Wolf - cross-stitch

Embroidery White Wolf is one of the most popular. Masters like embroidery, face, predatory, strong animal, the piercing, confident look, symbolizing the power and invincibility. This work will be enjoyed by any man.

It can be placed in the boy's room, or to present to her husband, the other on 23 February.

The scheme embroideryThe scheme embroidery "White Wolf" suitable for beginners, because it contains no complex elements

Another option embroidery cross - wolves cartoons. The most famous character, of course, the cartoon hero "There once was a dog". We should not forget about the legend of the animation, the wolf from "Wait for it!"

It does not matter what the scheme will choose needlewoman, it will:

  • Lone wolf;
  • Married couple;
  • Cartoon wolf.

The most important thing with patience and the desire to concern to their creativity. It is important to correctly calculate the forces, and start with the simple circuits, and already will experience when you can choose whether or monochrome embroidery contour.

Cross Stitch: Kits Wolves

Novice needlewoman today can buy ready-made kits for embroidery. It is very convenient. Choice today is huge, motifs and themes, you can choose to your taste, you can choose the wolves can be flowers or temples. Something other.

Embroidery, which depicts two wolves in a forest, looks completeEmbroidery, which depicts two wolves in a forest, looks complete

On a good, quality set necessarily includes:

  1. Scheme instruction;
  2. Tapestry needle;
  3. Set Mouline thread;
  4. Canvas.

Can not do with cross stitching and without hoop. For large jobs is better to use special large hoop. It is also necessary to observe safety precautions.

Ekaterina Volkova - hyperrealism tic

Original works Ekateriny Volkovoy amaze its realism. fat designer Master contest winner "Golden button" 2015

If needlewoman take the circuit from E. Volkova, it is necessary to prepare for what will be difficult to embroider, as the designer uses in the works:

  1. Fractional cross;
  2. Petit;
  3. half-cross;
  4. Fruzelok.

Embroidery Ekaterina Volkova attract the eye, because they have a deep meaningEmbroidery Ekaterina Volkova attract the eye, because they have a deep meaning

Embroider pictures Volkova is a pleasure, while you can get a true drive from the ideal set up schemes, selected colors and technology. The most popular scheme of eminent designers - it's orange, gooseberry, Still life with peach, Dragon Reading Room, Winter, Grandma's fairy tale, Sleeping Princess and the Frog.

Naturally all the masterpieces are not listed. Start to embroider schemes Volkova difficult, but if it is obtained, then the masters named Alice, Helen, Olga, or bearing a different name must succeed outstanding embroiderer.

Choose cross stitch: scheme Wolves (video)

If you do the work according to the rules and in a good mood, then any woman, and perhaps a young man can create a true masterpiece.

Examples of cross stitch: scheme Wolves (Photo Design)

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