Popular schemes for cross stitch patterns: types and their characteristics

Popular schemes for cross stitch patterns: types and their characteristics

12 October 2017

Today, there are a huge number of drawings and diagrams that can be embroideredToday, there are a huge number of drawings and diagrams that can be vyshitNa today embroidery is gaining popularity. Scheme for embroidery pattern and may be completely different as the one shown in style object or action, or by species. Also, embroidery may vary in terms of complexity of the work.

Cross stitching for beginners on the finished drawing: Tips and Ideas

Cross stitching for beginners should be a welcome hobby, hobbies.

Therefore, to facilitate the first steps a few tips to help:

  • Basic tools for embroidery - a hoop outline (or tetrad sheet into the cell), sewing thread for embroidery diagram needle and scissors;
  • For a bright and beautiful results should not sew in one thread, and in a few, so the crosses obtained volume and leave no white gaps on the canvas;
  • The needle should be with a rounded tip and a large eye that can be inserted into multiple threads at the same time;
  • A well-chosen presets greatly facilitate the search for everything you need, they usually include very graphic, outline light color, yarn, needle, instructions and diagrams;
  • According to embroider finished drawing a lot easier, it is necessary to remember it;
  • Suitable for beginners simple drawings and diagrams that need to embroider, preferably with a minimum of colors (just two and a stark contrast);
  • Originally need to learn to embroider on the notebook sheet in a cage, fit the usual children's notebooks, and then move on to the canvas.

Embroidery - it is not just a hobby, this passion, which eventually turns into a hobbyEmbroidery - it is not just a hobby, this passion, which eventually turns into a hobby

That cell is the basis for this method of sewing, so the notebook and canvas provide a good opportunity to outline drawing and correctly calculate the cells for embroidery.

First, let's learn how to do the right advise stitches and fix the thread with confidence.

So experienced masters are not tied to the end of the filament bundles and that the cross is made correctly, can say double vertical stitches from the inside out. In essence major difficulties in embroidery on finished cells do not have, it is important to understand the technology works with threads and stitches embroidery frame, and then you can choose a more complex drawings.

Figures for cross stitch

Shop Online Matrenin Posad offers a large number of all kinds of materials for handicrafts, including drawings for embroidery cross. Here you can find images to suit every taste - flowers, animals, landscapes, villages and towns, drawings for children.

Each expert will find yourself something interesting, large and small details in the images make it possible to choose them according to their own sewing experience.

Suitable for beginners ready kits, sewing tools, and experienced users should pay attention to exclusive schemes and patterns are larger than 50cm. or drawings on silk embroidery with beads.

Each person selects for themselves drawing, which soon becomes a masterpieceEach person selects for themselves drawing, which soon becomes a masterpiece

The range of a huge number of embroidery patterns, such as a sketch with a bird, unfinished novel, the blooming tropics, Scandinavian motifs, a sailor and a lot of names and variations.

The child will be interesting picture and animated fairy-tale characters, toys or non-existent animals.

circuit patterns for Cross Stitch: what to choose

It should start with a canvas - a specially treated canvas fabric of silk, linen, cotton, or a mixture, sometimes made of plastic. Canvas is marked up in small cells for the application of the cross thread. Canvas may be coated with a pattern (circuit) or background.

Figure (scheme) is printed on the paper in the box is well suited for beginners, in fact it is a simple and inexpensive alternative to canvas.

Today, in an age of technological progress is possible with the help of a special computer program to make a pleasing pattern of the variant of the circuit.

Needlewoman frequently use programs that help to create pictureNeedlewoman frequently use programs that help to create picture

For example:

  1. Cross program creates embroidery scheme even with photos.
  2. The program Pattern Maker for Cross stitch except for a large range of instruments offers the possibility of processing the foreground, such as embroidered flowers in a bouquet can be made bulkier by pre-selecting colors priority.
  3. PCStitch7 - this program is popular among fans of cross stitch for a simple interface, where everything is simple and clear.
  4. CrossStitchPro has a good algorithm for color conversion.
  5. Translation Table sewing thread Crestik.

Most of these software programs can be downloaded to your home computer for free.

monochrome embroidery

Yet another popular type of needlework is considered monochrome embroidery. Its value is sufficiently large, thin lines running countable cross resemble pencil drawing, which makes such products mystery.

Monochrome embroidery is quite simple, but looks very original and easyMonochrome embroidery is quite simple, but looks very original and easy

This embroidery looks great in the interior, for example on the wall as paintings. Such schemes involve the use of the same color and are executed in a single thread, but often add a bright accent, for example, bright blue eyes of the girl for more elegance.

Popular scheme designs for embroidery (video)

Whichever option scheme, the figure would not have been selected, the result will always be interesting, beautiful and will transmit individual taste and experience of the most skilled workers.

Examples of arrangements for the cross stitch graphics (pictures)

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