Plastic panels for the ceiling on a balcony

Plastic panels for the ceiling on a balcony

12 October 2017

Plastic panels are the best material for finishing the ceiling on a balconyPlastic panels are the best material for finishing the ceiling to the balcony nowadays more balconies in multi-storey buildings made closed, but close the balcony from external influences (wind, rain, direct sunlight, street noise, dust, etc.) would be desirable in such a way, to make it look attractive and not disfigure the appearance of the house. It is quite acceptable materials for finishing balconies are plastic panels, including panels for the ceiling on a balcony.

The consequences of the use of unsuitable materials in the decoration of balconies

Not so long ago, only a few decades ago, the balconies, too, was closed, but they often looked like a pendant "chicken coops".

The materials are mainly used:

  • Wood paneling;
  • aluminum sheets;
  • Sheets of corrugated iron.

This way of decoration was forced, due to the lack of light and beautiful materials with good heat and sound insulation, but now scarce aluminum sheet "get" It was incomparably easier.

Previously, for finishing ceilings on the balconies used woodPreviously, for finishing ceilings on the balconies used wood

After a short time, and paint with a lining of aluminum sheets, under the influence of weather conditions, slipped and corrugated iron covered with dark brown rust.

View of the balcony depressing and update it from the outside dared not all, of the fear of heights. That's hung like structure in the form unpresentable. Loggia, in contrast to the balcony, due to the lack of open end side, looks much more advantageous, so they are in the past, and is now easier to finish, even though they are larger in size.

But those days are gone, the open market, if to seek materials for decoration, you can find anything you want, for all tastes and wallets.

The ceiling of the balcony made of PVC panels

Plastic panels are designed for ceiling decoration, different from the wall. The ceiling is a purely decorative element, so the ceiling panels are thinner and, therefore, easier. Plastic panels are available in 3 basic versions, and on which of these options to stop, depending on application and personal preference, but it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of each of these options.

PVC ceiling panels for balcony light, thin and inexpensive, so they are now in voguePVC ceiling panels for balcony light, thin and inexpensive, so they are now in vogue

Thus, the plastic panels are:

  1. Matched, simulating the battens, with the dimensions 300 x 30 cm, the tongue and groove joint, fastening - straps and braces.
  2. tile, of them can be geometric designs. These panels are glued (at bustilat, liquid nails, etc.), but they follow the relief of the ceiling, and therefore require pre-alignment "the underlying" surface.
  3. sheet, best suited for labor costs, they vary on color and type of the front surface - embossed, glossy, etc.

Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid differences in temperature exceeding 20 ° C, e.g. lodge inside air temperature should be not too low.

The ceiling of the loggia of plastic panels: pros and cons

The main advantages of plastic trim ceilings of balconies and loggias include a few facts.

for example:

  • When noticeable longevity (up to ten years), the panel surface remains smooth and the ceiling of purity sufficient to rubbing with a wet sponge mop;
  • Aesthetic look and it does not require any additional finishing the installation;
  • When installing panels on the frame with a clearance, the clearance will be of additional barrier to sound and heat leaks;
  • The moisture resistance of plastic panels, making it impossible to warping and the formation of stains and other defects color decorative surfaces.

Plastic panels look aesthetically pleasing for yearsPlastic panels look aesthetically pleasing for years

The disadvantages of plastic panels, it is necessary to include the fact that people are very distrustful particularly worried about their polymeric origin, despite the fact that the PVC plastic is completely safe. Yet we must bear in mind that the brightly colored plastic loses liveliness color when exposed to direct sunlight.

The ceiling panels in the loggia or a balcony with his hands

The ceiling panels in the loggia should try to make their own hands. To do this, you must make careful measurements to make the first sketch, in which thought out the nuances of the design of future Headliner: its attachment to the upper balcony slab, tracing wires lighting, preventing short circuits and frame cladding joints with vertical panels and other points and then you need to make a drawing, which will be the main document.

This approach eliminates the confusion set at work and save time and money.

Before finishing the ceiling on the balcony of plastic panels, it is necessary to carry out the necessary measurementsBefore finishing the ceiling on the balcony of plastic panels, it is necessary to carry out the necessary measurements

In order to trim the ceiling with plastic panels it was high quality, first made by the alignment of the ceiling surface skin of the future. Plastic should be purchased for about 10-15% more, and you can stock up insulation in rolls, and better thermal insulation panel; but this will need ceiling moldings and other plastic parts for fixing and processing of panels and their connections to one another.

Panels and auxiliary plastic parts must be purchased from good producers, not to get involved, from the imaginary economy, with dubious firms, it has not turned so that within a short time, the plastic began to crack and crumble, then can be a thousand times sorry about his inappropriate "economy".

If the plastic is tight, with no air pockets, then he should not shine through.

The tool must also be taken seriously, it must be absolutely defective.

This requirement primarily relate to power tool:

  • drills;
  • punchers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • Elektroshlifmashinkam etc.

Before working on the balcony with plastic panels need to prepare a tool to check its serviceabilityBefore working on the balcony with plastic panels need to prepare a tool to check its serviceability

Status ladders should be good, because the work on the balcony with bad ladders unacceptable. If there is a risk of falling off the ladder, to be out of the balcony outside, necessarily required to use the mounting belt and fasten carbine at least for the barrier area.

The sequence of the ceiling decoration in the balcony with plastic panels

When you finish you need to follow a certain sequence.

An exemplary sequence of the operations is:

  1. Before you make the frame for fixing the plastic panels to the ceiling, you need to properly cover the ceiling primer for concrete, to avoid fraying.
  2. Next box attached to the ceiling of wooden beams, pre-defined contour, which Gaugeable all corners and are selected the lowest, from 40-50 mm lay it down to fit into the frame built lamp. From this point is marked with a horizontal level, and along this line in the profile drilled holes for dowels, plugs are then inserted and fixed beams around the loop.
  3. Fishing line of the string is determined by the future position of the plastic surface of the ceiling, and when attaching wooden beams under it underlay lining different thickness to the surface coincides with the string.
  4. For a fixed frame attached plastic panels, the cut size of the ceiling, or if pre-cutting work is not applicable, customize panel in place and fastened to the beam with screws (screws).
  5. The ceilings of plastic panels are very well suited for the installation of built-in lighting. After marking the place the lamp position, the opening is performed in accordance with the mounting dimensions of the luminaire.
  6. At the place of location of the luminaire add two additional reinforcing beam.
  7. Electrically protect the corrugated plastic casing.
  8. After the installation of suspended plastic ceiling panels along the contour of the ceiling mounted decorative moldings designed to hide the inevitable flaws of the ceiling perimeter.

Finishing balcony plastic panels (video)

As can be seen from the description, make the ceiling trim on the balcony is not so difficult. But even if there is no experience in such matters, it is worth a try, because the plastic finishing materials are not very expensive, and in case of mistakes and failures can be quickly and easily corrected.

The panels for the ceiling on the balcony (photo)

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