Plaster drywall under the wallpaper: 6 most important things

Plaster drywall under the wallpaper: 6 most important things

12 October 2017

Before papering drywall surface must be preparedBefore papering the surface of the drywall is necessary podgotovitRabota plasterboard - it is a pleasure, if you strictly adhere to all instructions. After all, as a result of this activity you get a perfectly flat surface, which can do almost anything. Tiles, wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster and similar delights will be available for you if you make alignment using the sheets GCR. However, drywall under the wallpaper must be further processed to finally prepare the surface for contact with the wallpaper paste.

Do I need to putty plasterboard before pasting wallpaper, and why

Plastered walls before gluing wallpaper - it is a usual step for anyone who has ever done a home repair their own hands. However, if you installed the drywall, the question arises whether to hold the plaster before gluing drape need.

Drywall front surface papering shpaklyuyutDrywall front surface papering shpaklyuyut

The answer to this question is quite clear: putty GCR must! And there are several reasons:

  1. Places where the screws screwed into the drywall surface, have an unpleasant relief, which need to be aligned.
  2. Designated drywall joint sheets require special processing, which can not be realized without a putty material.
  3. If you decide to pokleit wallpaper on the GL without putty, you encounter a problem in the future, when you want to re-stick wallpaper. After all, to tear off the trim with neoshpaklevannogo sheet of drywall will be excruciatingly difficult.

To process wallpapering was comfortable, and the result - quality, be sure to proshpaklyuyte GCRs before working with wallpaper material. This step is very important and it needs to perform properly.

Is it possible to glue the wallpaper on drywall putty without using water-resistant GFC

If you are faced with a situation where you are using the drywall, which has protection against moisture, then figure out the issue with the need to putty also it makes sense.

Neglect of filler may adversely affect the quality of wallpaperingNeglect of filler may adversely affect the quality of wallpapering

In fact, the moisture-resistant drywall putty need further reasons:

  • Not only irregularities but also inscriptions on the surface of the FCL may be visible through the wallpaper, if pokleit last on drywall, which was not put putty.
  • If the wallpaper is very thin, the surface of the moisture-resistant drywall neoshpaklevannaya having quite a bright greenish tinge may occur, changing the colors themselves ugly wallpaper.
  • Also, the reason is the concern for future repairs when you decide to glue wallpaper. Removing wallpaper from the GCR can result in not only an inexpensive substitute for the lining, but also all false wall.

If for any reason you decided to avoid moisture-resistant drywall putty, it is better to add a light vodoemulsionku in the primer. So you will be able to avoid at least a greenish surface of the walls.

The primed drywall under the wallpaper for best results

Working with drywall and wallpaper can not be successful without surface primer for pasting. Primer prolongs the life of false wall, and protects against many external factors. In addition, the primed surface of the plaster falls significantly better.

Acrylic primer in great demand due to its versatilityAcrylic primer in great demand due to its versatility

What kinds of primers are:

  1. Acrylic. Also, this type of primer is called universal, because it is suitable for all surfaces.
  2. Phenol. This primer is suitable only for metal and wood.
  3. Alkyd. Only wood.
  4. Perhlorvinil. This type of primer is suitable for any material, but distinguishes it is that such a primer suitable only for outdoor work.
  5. Griftalevaya. Very powerful primer for exterior use.
  6. Polystyrene. Toxic and strong material for exterior use.

For GCR perfect acrylic primer.

How putty drywall under the wallpaper: features putty GCR

Plasterboard is so popular also because his coat, in general, does not take much effort either, nor much time. The fact that the FCL - it is lined material. The main reason for filler - is embedding the irregularities that inevitably arise as a consequence of the installation.

Putty plasterboard is quite simple, as this building material is initially flatPutty plasterboard is quite simple, as this building material is initially flat

Features GCR are as follows:

  1. Perfect evenness;
  2. Obligation to work with seams at the junction of plasterboard sheets;
  3. Installation with self-tapping screws.

Features drywall like material, as well as some specifics of working with it creates a need for puttying surfaces prior to further lining the walls or ceiling.

The putty drywall under the wallpaper: the choice of materials and technology

The most important in the preparation of the wallpaper under the GCR is embedding small irregularities on the installation, as well as the study of the joints on the sheet. This work is carried out thoroughly and seriously, because it affects the evenness of future coverage. The rest of the coat is carried out with a thin layer "in haste."

Choosing putty plasterboard technology depends on whether the surface is flatChoosing putty plasterboard technology depends on whether the surface is flat

There are 2 technology, which is held puttying GCR:

  • Surface. This technique involves coating a sheet of drywall with a mixture of dry putty, primer and water. This composition should be liquid, as kefir. With this mixture by roller quickly and accurately applied to the wall. Thus, gypsum board becomes ready for wallpapering.
  • Thorough. Thorough technique is rarely used when working with a sheet of drywall. Spatula is usually used only for repairing irregularities. However, sometimes thorough coat is applied at any Abuse GCR mount technology, resulting in an uneven surface. Also, some people shpaklyuyut GCR thorough method if afraid that the color of drywall be passed wallpaper. However, the first method is usually sufficient to fully protect wallpaper from the rendering in color sheets of drywall.

Thorough luting carried out mainly for the deformed sections of drywall.

How to plaster drywall under the wallpaper and whether it is necessary to do so

If you understand the terms, the plaster - is the process of aligning the wall or ceiling by means of special solutions that remove dents on the surface due to the dense composition. Such work is carried out with basic surfaces. Raised ceilings and walls of the FCL require less labor-intensive work. So the answer to the question of whether the plaster GCR unequivocal need: it is not necessary.

Producing plaster drywall before wallpapering is not requiredProducing plaster drywall before wallpapering is not required

What should be done with plasterboard, the surface is smooth, without plaster:

  1. Primer sheets from fungus and moisture.
  2. Caulking putty mixtures.
  3. Spackling compound places the GCR and the frame, and other irregularities.
  4. Caulking entire surface of the sheet of drywall.
  5. Finishing to wash the walls under the wallpaper.

Working with GCR passes without plaster, because the surface of the gypsum board and so perfectly smooth.

Drywall putty for painting and wallpaper - putty GCR own hands (video)

Fill the sheets GCR is not too difficult. Therefore they are related to this action with great responsibility and seriousness. If you want to work on the installation of sheets GCR it did not go in vain, and surface the room looked really good, so boldly and accurately shpaklyuem walls, carefully observing all the rules of this case.


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