Patchwork: template schemes and patterns

Patchwork: template schemes and patterns

12 October 2017

You can breathe in new life to an old product, decorating it with colorful applique patchworkYou can breathe in new life to an old product, decorating it with colorful applique in the style of patchwork pechvorkStil provides for the creation of interesting compositions with the help of patches. For the manufacture of any parts you can use any fabric with different textures. Also, using patchwork techniques, you can create applications. They help to "revive" any old product. Patchwork is an interesting design solution, which is able to contribute to the interior of the home.

Patchwork Applique patchwork

Flap application is a web, to which is sewn or glued pieces of different fabric textures. Applique patchwork are ideal to decorate pillows and other household items in the nursery. With this technique it is possible to produce applique in the form of log house or animal.

Before you begin, it is necessary to treat the tissue. If you choose to use synthetic materials such as muslin or lace, it is necessary to process the material by means of a gelatin solution. If you are using natural materials, the treated material using starch.

Patchwork appliqués make you feel comfortable in the children's room, make it brighter and more originalPatchwork appliqués make you feel comfortable in the children's room, make it brighter and more original

The process of creating a patchwork applique following:

  1. First, think carefully about the composition. On paper, draw a sketch.
  2. Next, cut the fabric scraps. Attach obtained preform to sketch and modify the size if necessary.
  3. Secure the scraps on the product by means of an adhesive. If you are planning in the future to wash the product, then sew scraps using a thread.
  4. Garnish with the resulting composition by means of beads or the braid.

What are the patchwork patterns

Patterns patchwork play a huge role. With their help, you can decorate the finished product, and hide minor micro-defects. One of the most popular technique is considered to be out of the blocks. It allows you to save a lot of time. This technique involves the manufacture of a large block of nine or more squares that are sewn into a coherent web.

To create the application, you can use ready-made templates or make up your own imageTo create the application, you can use ready-made templates or make up your own image

If you are a fan of unconventional ideas, you can use the asymmetrical patterns. This technique is called "crazy quilt". It provides arbitrary stitching patches.

When working in this technique you need to use a variety of decorations, such as fringe or ribbons.

New Year's schemes and embroidery patchwork

New Year pictures in the style of patchwork to help you decorate your home, and fill it with a holiday atmosphere. For example, using the technique of patchwork can be manufactured christmas boot.

Before you begin Make a boot templates. When you create a sketch you need to take into account the number of cuts of fabric and color. Cut out the stencil from cardboard.

Christmas boot decorated with appliqué patchwork, is a mandatory attribute of the holiday homeChristmas boot decorated with appliqué patchwork, is a mandatory attribute of the holiday home

The procedure for creating a boot following:

  • Focusing on your layout, vykroyte 2 patches. The first will be used for the top layer and one for the back sheet.
  • The obtained patches dig 5 squares golden, red 4, 5 4 of dark blue green.
  • To decorate the workpiece cut 3 golden stars, hearts and 3 red bell 2 of blue fabric.
  • The squares of golden and red colors are located on top of the template and using the pins attach them.
  • Then place the ornaments on the stencil
  • When you are done with application, it is necessary to combine the front and back sheet of the sock, and then sew them with black thread.
  • Top leave open. Then you need to cut the size of the white stripes 25h100 mm, and sew it to the edging of the finished product.

Cross-stitch patchwork is a newfangled trend. Its essence lies in the filling of the stencil colored threads. Sew on patches of need in a chaotic manner. embroidery scheme can be arbitrary, everything is limited only by your imagination.

The most common scheme patchwork

The most unusual technique of patchwork is a Dresden Plate. You can use it to decorate pillow cases or covers. For the manufacture of products in this technology, we need a pattern of different colors.

Dresden Plate - the original equipment patchwork application of all knownDresden Plate - the original equipment patchwork application of all known

The algorithm for creating the Dresden plate is as follows:

  1. First you need to draw a pattern. For this raschertite paper circle to the diameter. The resulting template fold in half twice. Every fourth of the fold once again in four.
  2. Round the upper corner of the workpiece by means of scissors.
  3. Paper pitch attach to the fabric pattern.
  4. Fold the seam allowance and sew the fabric to the paper blank. Repeat this operation with all the petals
  5. Sew pitch between themselves, and then the workpiece proutyuzhte
  6. If desired stitch finished product with the lining and synthetic padding.

More quite popular is the maple leaf circuit (this circuit is also called "star"). With this technique you can make an unusual decorative blanket. Size and color paintings are selected according to your preferences.

The fabrication process following block:

  • Take two fabric patterns. The first will be the basis and the other background.
  • From the base fabric cut squares, and the background of the strip and the squares of the same size.
  • Put all parts in pairs and draw a diagonal.
  • Run the seam on both sides on the diagonal.
  • Progladte iron preform.
  • Putting of colored squares in a large piece of paper.
  • Sew all the blocks together.

Equipment star is often used to make quilts and bedspreadsEquipment star is often used to make quilts and bedspreads

If you wish to make an unusual pillow, you can use the scheme rose. It is quite simple to manufacture, and harmoniously fit into any decor.

When creating a rose patchwork using the following algorithm:

  1. Vykroyte fabric base in the form of a square with sides of 21 centimeters. Pencil mark the center of the product.
  2. Pin the center of the hexagon of colored fabric.
  3. Then sew the hexagon piece of rectangular fabric configuration.
  4. Sew to the resulting product is one more hexagon. Repeat this process as long as the product does not acquire a rose shape.
  5. To sew the corners of the triangles of the web monochromatic fabric.
  6. Stitched to the product with bias tape.
  7. Vykroyte lined cutting calico. Also fabricate filler syntepon.
  8. Fold the front of the cushion, the batting and backing. So kill them with pins.
  9. Stitch edge products.

Pattern in the style of a well made using techniques of patchwork, too, looks great, and is suitable for decoration of bed linen.

Pattern in the style of a well of items on beddingPattern in the style of a well of items on bedding

The process for producing such a well is as follows:

  • Draw a sketch on paper.
  • Break it into blocks.
  • Cut fabric "logs" of suitable size.
  • Attach the first "log" to the center of the stencil. Iron the product.
  • Then attach the second "log" to the stencil so that it was perpendicular to the first.
  • Repeat this procedure until until you fill the whole stencil.
  • Progladte obtained product, and prostrochite its edge.

Driving owl patchwork

Owl made in patchwork style, can be a great decoration for potholders. To make it very simple. You will need a pattern fabric in different colors, thread, sewing machine and scissors.

Before you begin, wash the fabric in the washing machine. It is desirable to produce a wash on delicate cycle without spinning. Thereafter progladte material.

Patchwork pattern can be used for decoration owl tack or baby pillowsPatchwork pattern can be used for decoration owl tack or baby pillows

The process of making tack-owls following:

  1. Draw a sketch of the owl on paper. According to the stencil, cut out the components of the product.
  2. Manufacture of printed cotton lining and a layer of filler syntepon. Their dimensions must correspond to the dimensions of the front side of the product.
  3. Sew the front of the product using the patchwork technique, that is, apply the product components face each other, and lay the seams.
  4. After the front side is ready, walk on her iron.
  5. Fold the lining and padding polyester front of the tack.
  6. Sew lining to the front side of the article. Filler (sintepon) evenly throughout the product.
  7. Stitch edge tack obtained.

Schemes, templates and patterns in the technique of patchwork patterns (video)

There are many schemes for quilting. Each of them has a number of features and drawbacks. Products made using a variety of patchwork schemes are able to brighten up the gray days, and become an unusual design solution. If you're a beginner, try your hand at the most primitive schemes, such as a well or a rose.

Patchwork: schemas, templates and patterns (photo)

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