Panels of wood for your home: choose the correct option

Panels of wood for your home: choose the correct option

12 October 2017

Wooden panels will be a great highlight in your roomWooden panels will be a great highlight in your pomescheniiVypolnennoe panels made of natural materials of wood, complements the interior space and forms a visual accent. Place can be in a room or office, but before doing so it is worth checking how well they fit into the interior. As a basis for creating compositions using beech, birch, alder, oak and pine. The technology comes from Thailand, where the fashion natural materials.

We are making the wooden panels on the walls with his own hands

The eye is most pleasing handmade products, so designers tend to use them more often. First, you need to measure the wall. After that purchased or manufactured board with the required parameters. Designers are advised to add to the original size of about 5-7 cm, required to make possible adjustments.

Wooden panels with their hands can decorate almost any roomWooden panels with their hands can decorate almost any room

For work you need the following tools:

  • Scotch paint.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Paint brush.
  • Transfer Adhesive.
  • The desired image is printed on a laser printer.

With the help of masking tape on the plywood or solid wood formed over the contours of the future picture. The printed image is carefully smeared on the front side of the transfer adhesive. They also lubricate the wooden base. Find the glue can be in an art supplies shop. Then carefully transferred image on the surface.

Avoid the appearance of wrinkles and small accumulations of air helps a paint roller, which is carefully smoothed cloth. The minimum drying time of adhesive - 70 minutes. Accelerate the process of hair dryer. 

When the glue is dry, it is necessary to use the small brush gently moisten drawing water. Soaked images are shot with a sponge for washing dishes.

If done correctly, the plywood will paint a picture. On top of it a layer of clear lacquer, providing luster and durability. Creating a panel with their own hands will not take more than 3 hours. The main thing is that the choice of design solutions take into account characteristics of the premises.

Wooden panels in the interior: practical advice

The versatility of the panel is the ability to complement the interior of residential or non-residential premises. 

It should be noted that the panels fit into any decor, but you should pay attention to the subtleties ofIt should be noted that the panels fit into any decor, but you should pay attention to the subtleties of

It is necessary to take into account several factors that influence the final choice:

  • size of the room.
  • The degree of illuminance.
  • The predominant colors.
  • The type of material used indoors.

Familiarity with the location begins with a living room, in the interior of which is preferable to use the product of large dimensions. Depending on the geometry of the room, ordered a panel covering ½ of the wall or in its entirety. On request, it is supplemented by artificial lighting.

If we talk about figures, the designers recommend to stop the election of the city skyline. 

In an ordinary apartment looks better soothing landscape, for example, Indonesia and its nature. Travel fans choose restrained colors. Wooden panels includes attractions or urban landscapes, where you want to go.

Diametrically opposite is recommended for premises, which is of paramount importance active lifestyle. The works include images of the tree of night life in the city, abstract forms, reproductions of contemporary artists or dynamic scenes of violence of elements. The luxurious interior decorative panels known images of the old part of the city, stairs, or the Garden of Eden.

In the living room there are limitations in terms of options. The room is medium in size with standard square window panels can be accommodated in a corner of the room. Several centimeters of room to add visual deposited on the panels spiral staircase. In small rooms it is recommended to use double figures. It is important that both patterns are symmetrically arranged.

Kitchen. Here we use the wall panels of the woods, to clean. It is forbidden to place them near the stove, the refrigerator or sink. As the pattern is optimally depict fruits and berries. Bedroom and children's lungs are chosen composition: pets or water surface.

Create from saw cut wood panels

Before you start to see better photos of different options, which will help to define the concept. After that is made layout work. Making it necessary to life-size. This will help determine the size of the saw cut. As the basis for better use of birch or alder.

The process of creating a panel takes effort, but the result will certainly pleaseThe process of creating a panel takes effort, but the result will certainly please

To carry out the work to cause the wizard is not necessary. Enough basic skills to work with the tools. 

We need to adhere to the following procedure:

  • Speel carefully sanding sandpaper.
  • Apply acrylic primer or white paint on the surface of the saw cut foam sponge.
  • drying process lasts up to 65 minutes.
  • After drying, sanding.
  • Pre-printed image you want to cut the contour of saw cut.
  • If it contains many small parts, for example, coins the picture, before the first element to be left from the edge 1-2 cm.
  • Island scenery, such as Cyprus and Indonesia, there is no additional trimming cm.
  • The reverse side of the picture, carefully smear decoupage glue.
  • Put the image on the saw cut.
  • Smooth roller.
  • Prohibited smooth surface pattern hands, because the usual or composite material under pressure and forms a visible band moisture.
  • When the preform dried, a file is deleted from the edges superfluous.

Optionally, small decorative elements applied, for example, create volumetric compositions may be matched using the correct tone fabric pieces. In the eastern interior, you can use additional decorations of branches and leaves.

Mural carvings: minimalist solutions

To create the entire composition is necessary initially to choose the right material. If plywood is better to make simple drawings that surround the diptych is desirable to place on a birch or aspen. Then, it takes into account the level of detail sketch. Simple images of humans or animals can be made carved soft linden.

When you select a panel necessarily need to take into account the dimensions of the room, lighting and interior designWhen you select a panel necessarily need to take into account the dimensions of the room, lighting and interior design

For the other options need to adhere to these guidelines:

  • For baths should be taken with a mandatory birch processing water-resistant varnish.
  • Hallway decorate large composition of boards over which the pattern is applied.
  • For a country house is better to take a linden or pine.
  • bamboo panels fit in the living room.
  • Well-lit room supplement alder.
  • Preparation for children's always gippoalergenna.

Panel ship made of wood with their hands (video)

Panels made of natural material to decorate the interior with proper material selection and design. The kitchen and the balcony is used chipboard or plywood, and a living room and a bedroom - a linden, aspen or alder. If desired, the panels can be done independently. The main thing to observe the dimension of the image and create rules: Transfer the finished pattern or cutting the composition. 

Options panels of wood (photo)

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