Panels made of shells: 3 nautical ideas

Panels made of shells: 3 nautical ideas

12 October 2017

Shells - very good material for the panels, because of their unusual shape and appearance will make a unique compositionShells - very good material for the panels, because of their unusual shape and form of the composition will unikalnoyKrasivoe panels made of shells complement the interior of a living room, bedroom or hallway. For its production need to glue some shells and some decorative materials. The main thing - to choose the right colors, otherwise the composition will literally be evident. Designers are advised not to limit the flight of imagination. The composition is complemented by images of marine life or boat.

Where to look for materials for the panels of shell: Tips for beginners

Every year, the citizens sent to the coastal regions to take a break from the constant bustle of the everyday. You need not take the trouble to gather the necessary shells. The latter form is chosen based on aesthetic preference. The uniqueness of the composition will give unusual form of shells. It should be remembered about one aspect: if it is a holiday in another country, it is necessary to clarify the legal nuance, whether out of the country a large number of shells allowed? Ask such a question should be at the entrance to the state.

Diverse range of shells because of their unusual shape and a different kindDiverse range of shells because of their unusual shape and a different kind

In addition, no harm will be to do the following:

  • Mark tight container for transportation of shells;
  • Find deformed under the influence of waves, large and small pebbles;
  • Collect a few sprigs of exotic trees.

Find materials to perform the composition is easy to store goods for needlework or market. The main thing - the pre-sketch on paper, it is planned to implement.

How to make the panels of the shells with your hands: the secrets and tricks

To start making a rough sketch of what should turn out in the end. Designers recommend not limited solely to shells. Panels complement the seeds of cereals and legumes.

In order to make the composition will need a large piece of cardboard, which is cut into two equal parts. Pencil on one part of the drawn contour of the future creation. In the next step you will need glue "Moment" or hot melt adhesive, a brush and decorative materials, depending on your preference.

A small sketch made before starting work, allow to have a clear idea of ​​the results of their workA small sketch made before starting work, allow to have a clear idea of ​​the results of their work

Working with them is as follows:

  • On cardboard sheet laid small stones, according to the previously traced contours;
  • The resulting layer of pebbles poured thin layer of adhesive;
  • After drying the adhesive becomes transparent, thereby giving special charm composition;
  • The maximum level of adhesive strength gains for 24 hours, and only then can be mounted shells;
  • When choosing the method of application of seashells not necessarily adhere to the rules of symmetry;
  • Moderate creative chaos will give a composition ease and appeal.

After traces of touching the canvas glue-gun dried, the resulting voids need to fill up the stones with a very small fraction. Designers do not recommend to abuse the specified item. Shells should not be completely hidden under a layer of filler. The process of manufacturing surface treatment varnish. It will give durability and a special charm.

Do ship panels made of shells with their own hands

Unusual in its form, the composition will appeal to those whose hearts have long been overwhelmed with love for the vast sea. Production of the panel does not take more than 2 days, taking into account the required time to dry the adhesive. You need to find one big shell, which will be the basis. Decorative elements are selected based on the color gamut space, which will establish the composition.

Panel Panel "Ship of shells" will be a great gift to man who loves the sea

For beginners, there is one piece of advice - be defined in advance with the shape of the vessel. On this depends the selection of appropriate materials. If the ship is scheduled to make a multi-level, we need a few small size shells.

Instructions step by step

  • Glue from 2-3 rapanov base structure, bonding process takes place on the front part with subsequent revolution;
  • Cut 2-3 sticks, whose length is the same;
  • Vertically glue sticks to the shell, keeping an equal distance therebetween;
  • Within 4-5 hours to dry the adhesive;
  • Mounted on a piece of dense material shell, wherein the inner side looking up;
  • You can use twine to decorate and enhance the structure;
  • Mounted on the set of vertical rods shell-sail;
  • Recommended large-sized shell-set sail in the middle and 2 other smaller sail used shells;
  • The mast of the resulting ship is decorated with flag.

Paintings, panels made of shells with their hands: Designer Tips

Who his own hands to make the original panel, we must be mindful of the need to respect the balance. Attracting the eye pattern does not contain a large number of elements. That is why it is important to consider in advance all. For example, in the living room looks great composition of pastel colors, and for the children - warm. If the head is no ideas, you can see a variety of photos of finished works.

Picture-panels of the shell is very easy to make your own hands, even a novice, the main thing - to prepare the necessary materials and a lot of patiencePicture-panels of the shell is very easy to make your own hands, even a novice, the main thing - to prepare the necessary materials and a lot of patience

In making the compositions necessary to consider the degree of illumination areas and prevailing in the interior color.

Among other recommendations, identifies the following:

  • Do not abuse the glue, otherwise the composition will unaesthetic;
  • Used items must be harmoniously combined;
  • To create a seemingly attractive picture frame required, characterized by 2-3 shades of the base color of the work;
  • The base used as a reliable tight paperboard or chipboard;
  • You can not put the final composition in direct sunlight;
  • It is always possible to visit the workshops where experienced craftsmen will answer all questions.

Panels made of shells with their hands (video)

Creating a panel of shells - an exciting experience for those who want to please loved ones an unusual gift. If desired, the finished composition is used as an interior decoration. The size and shape of forgery limited only flight of the imagination, but it is not recommended to do too great option. Its main drawback - low resistance. Do not forget about the necessary decoration of the finished structure.

Panels made of shells (photo)

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