Panel ballerina: 5 Steps to Success

Panel ballerina: 5 Steps to Success

12 October 2017

Ballerina mural will look great in the kitchen, in the living room or child's roomBallerina mural will look great in the kitchen, in the living room or nursery komnatePanno dancer may well settle in the nursery, living room or dining room. It all depends on to what colors formed composition, and a promise it lays master. The end result can be a gentle, shocking, brilliant ... but what you want! To complete the painting with his hands is not difficult, so the process works, you can connect even children. If necessary, you can use the advice of experienced rukodelnikov that continually share their own master classes.

Panel dancer with his own hands for beginners

Panel ballerina begins to study the basic concept. You need to select a picture, imagine how it will look and be sure to prepare the necessary materials.


  • Basis - preferably thick cardboard;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • organza;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Decorative ornaments.

Panels can make every woman dancer. It's pretty fascinating creative processPanels can make every woman dancer. It's pretty fascinating creative process

At first glance, it seems that to pick up the general idea is almost elementary. Ballerina can appear in a variety of positions, from which depends the further decoration. It is better to choose light, almost flying images that visually increase the room, make it more frivolous and perky.

Ballerina - miniature character, symbolizing the fragility and vulnerability. These motives must be traceable and panels.

Also, do not make too big a picture. All is good in moderation: a small image has a certain piquancy and attracted the interest of everyone who sees it. From huge paintings often emanates bad taste. Catch the delicate balance of this transition very difficult. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, it is better not to risk it.

Ballerina pattern for panels with their own hands

To create a panel, you must first choose a template. It is possible to produce on their own, which is justified solely for people with excellent artistic skills. Everyone else is desirable to take advantage of the finished workpiece, which is not found in the cellar.

Typically, the wall panels is performed on a solid background, for which pick pastel colors better. The very silhouette of a ballerina to be either black or white. Then the picture looks most impressive.

Before you begin to create a panel ballerina, you need to select a template of a ballerinaBefore you begin to create a panel ballerina, you need to select a template of a ballerina

To achieve a more festive way you can use sequins that adorn the figure of the dancer. Thus, it is possible to obtain: a vivid and memorable original panel, which will never get bored over time.

Not to be mistaken with the proportions and choose the best song, you can use master-classes in which skilled craftsmen give tips for beginners. Doing the work for the first time, it is possible to adopt their suggestions that will avoid common pitfalls. Then, doing the work subsequent times, you can give free rein to your imagination, allows multiple refresh the picture and give it a touch of individuality.

Where to hang the panel: options for the interior

Due to its versatility, with Ballerina panels may be suitable for any room:

  • living room;
  • dining room;
  • kitchen;
  • corridor;
  • Bedrooms.

However, there is a place where it will look more harmonious - a children's room girl. If the aim is to decorate the room - it's time to act.

Ballerina mural will look appropriate in any roomBallerina mural will look appropriate for any room

The most favorite colors and nice looking - it's pink and blue, but sometimes kids come to the delight of a rather unusual combination of green and yellow, red and gray, etc.
Most importantly, the colors were too bright and do not conflict with each other. You can ask the child what colors he likes, or observe yourself for his preferences. The result of this attention exceed all expectations.

Toddlers, in whose room are paintings, several times faster develops imagination, trains memory and attention.

But what if the process of manufacturing a panel to attach a small inhabitant of the room? Surely then admire the masterpiece hanging on the wall, it will be much nicer. Over time, as the child gets older, you can show him a picture, which will now be for him fond memories of past childhood.

How to make a skirt: a master class in steps

Bright accent any ballerina is its unusual skirt, called a pack. And, if in real life production of this element of the wardrobe engaged in professional designers, is in the process of manufacturing a panel has the responsibility falls to the master himself. Of course, young skilled workers to attract undesirable sewing process, but to observe the process, they may well be. However, if the child has already moved into the category of school age to entrust him with this thing, even under adult supervision, it is quite real.

Make a skirt for the ballerina very easily. You can do it with your childMake a skirt for the ballerina very easily. You can do it with your child

Production of skirts in the following sequence:

  • Selection of a suitable fabric (it is best that it was a volume mesh or light satin);
  • fabric must be lightly starched, if necessary;
  • You need to cut a suitable piece of fabric and thread to pull it;
  • The resulting stack must be attached to the waist Ballerina with adhesive;
  • Zadekorirovat seam using beads or crystals.

How to make a three-dimensional mural Ballerina (video)

On average, the production of panels ballerina takes only a few hours. Get the hand, the picture can be prepared for each holiday and delight their friends. Most importantly - do not overdo it, because even a minimalist painting, with excessive zeal, you can spoil.

Panel dancer (photo)

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