Original panels of plaster on a wall with their hands

Original panels of plaster on a wall with their hands

12 October 2017

Gypsum panels able to revive the interior and highlight its styleGypsum panels able to revive the interior and emphasize its stilKazhdomu want to make your interior original and not similar to others of his species. Purchased items often do not meet the taste preferences of the individual, and they always something missing. However, this problem can be easily corrected by the original panel, made with his own hands.

Gypsum product is very unusual look in every corner of the house. There is an opportunity to think through all the details and choose your unique style. Each element can be made based on their own vision without relying on standards. Consider the basic rules and nuances of manufacturing panels on the wall with his hands.

Gypsum panels with their own hands

Before we proceed directly to the manufacture of the product, you must make the so-called gypsum rods that will surround the selected items.

To create a panel of gypsum enough quality materials and great desireTo create a panel of gypsum enough quality materials and great desire

In order to make their own, will be required:

  • Table or board from DSP.
  • Gypsum.
  • The grid for plasterboard.
  • Wooden pattern on the metal base.

Lubricate the surface of the table or board from DSP Vaseline. It is necessary to determine the size of thrust. Then the next batch of the plaster, it should resemble the consistency of sour cream. After that, a thin stream need to pour the product on the entire length of the rod, which is pre-marked in pencil on a board or table. special mesh is then taken to the drywall and is pressed into the composition. Plaster is poured over it again. With the wooden pattern aligned composition. Then you need to wait until the set gypsum, and pour again. The next step - removed excess composition pattern, and after waiting a little, the thin layer is added again. After each fill have to compulsorily pass from the top pattern. Finally, the last layer of plaster must be very liquid, the consistency reminded yogurt. And, of course, catch-up pattern. The basis for a panel ready.

Decorative panel of gypsum: Stage 2

This is followed by the second step.

For the next step will be required:

  • Sand.
  • Figures.
  • Square shape.
  • Paper.
  • Nitro.
  • Screwdriver.

Panels made of gypsum created in several stagesPanels made of gypsum created in several stages

Once the figures are selected, and it can be anything, depending on the interior. Take an object and place it in a container with sand. It must be placed in a horizontal position and buried only halfway, even a little less.

A very important rule in the manufacture of panels is the complete lack of sand on the surface of the product, so be sure it must be scrubbed with a brush.

Then, using vaseline lubricated figure (the protruding part) and laterally laid parchment and framed square shape. You can purchase or make yourself from a tree.

The materials that will be needed during work

  • Smooth wooden wedges.
  • Scotch.

The bars will not be difficult to wrap tape around the perimeter of the future product. Then filled with plaster figure. Vtaplivaetsya top grid. After this it is necessary to pour more plaster layer and align.

Work with plaster need to carefully take a while to complete solidificationWork with plaster need to carefully take a while to complete solidification

It is important to give a curable composition within 2-4 hours, and only then remove the wooden mold.

Then exfoliate layer on top of the gypsum pieces. In this print, you can make additional patterns, but this is optional. They can be created using an ordinary screwdriver, after making sketches in pencil. After creating an impression of relief is necessary to paint over nitrovarnish. You can use ordinary car dye that dries very quickly.

Then, the surface is smeared with Vaseline and filled with plaster. The composition must be lightly vzbolat hands to oxygenate and smooth spatula. After drying, but it needs at least 5 hours, the plaster should be very carefully separated from the figure.

Panels made of plaster with your hands: the master class

The last step for the production of panels - one of the most creative, but also responsible.

We are preparing the necessary tools:

  • Traction.
  • Cast figures.
  • Pencil.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Skins 150.
  • Dowels.

The process of creating a panel requires time and faultless performanceThe process of creating a panel requires time and faultless performance

To this end, the perimeter of the future product in a wall mount rods that secure the dowels. Mark up a pencil, and the positioning of the knurled knife. Then using the adhesive composition forms attach and fasten again dowels for greater strength.

Before installation, make sure that all the pieces dry out, otherwise they will be showered on the similarity of the plaster.

Holes that have formed as a result of attachment, can be filled. Then, all the pieces must be carefully podshkurit in areas of marriage. Dimples and bumps quickly eliminated with the skins 150.

Select items

Decorative panels can be formed by a variety of shapes. It can be and vintage items, and any others that only will be thrilled.

You can choose absolutely anything you like depending on your preferences, as well as view the options on the photo.

Creating panels of plaster, consider personal preferences, as well as interior designCreating panels of plaster, consider personal preferences, as well as interior design

Panels installed in the living room and the kitchen and bedrooms. Hence it depends on the choice of figures that adorn the product.

It can be:

  • Kitchen interior items: kettle, pot, cups, vases.
  • The illusion of the human silhouette, animals, flowers.
  • Objects Bedrooms: smaller chairs, sofa, bed, etc.

Panels of plaster on the wall (video)

The master class will easily do the original mural and complement the wall elements, make the room more refined. Why be like everyone else, if you can experiment without any cost. Do you want to add to your interior zest using gypsum panels - go for it.

Examples of works of plaster panels (photo)

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