Original corner cabinet for the living room: 6 types

Original corner cabinet for the living room: 6 types

12 October 2017

For storage of memorabilia in the living room there is a special furnitureFor storage of memorabilia in the living room there is a special FurnitureLiving in our apartments - is the busiest room. The functional purpose of the living room is huge. Here we have dinner as a family, we accept friends, arrange holidays. For these reasons, it decided to furnish the room so that there were all the necessary things, and a lot of memorable things for us. In order to store all the things that it becomes necessary for the acquisition of special furniture.

Corner cabinet showcase for the living room: the purpose of the acquisition

Showcase - a cabinet with several side walls of different material, for example transparent. To date, this type of furniture is used along with the purpose of the exhibition rooms as well as apartments in a normal residential interior. Corner showcase will allow you to save space, occupying an empty corner.

Corner display cases to save space in the living roomCorner display cases to save space in the living room

Such furniture:

  1. It is compact.
  2. It gives the impression of luxury decoration of the room.
  3. Showcase suitable for large and small spaces.

Modern furniture manufacturers encouraging consumer a wide range of corner windows in the living room. As a rule, front corner windows made of glass. Thus, things are exhibited behind glass will be available for your eyes and the eyes of the guests.

Behind a glass case you can put the most exquisite things and accessories, which on one hand will be safely removed, and the other will be available for review.

And it turns out that in addition to the storage function of things, at the corner windows is a function of decoration. But as the corner display case - it's still a case, the main function of it is to store and organize things. That part of the windows that are not glazed, may well contain a lot of useful things and to organize the space in the living frugally. The appearance of the furniture can attribute it to any interior style. The choice depends on the individual wishes of the customer.

The role of corner cabinets for living in a modern interior

It is believed that showcase - a bulky cabinet. But today's manufacturers offer a wide range of display windows of various designs. Pick up in a chic showcase for a variety of appropriate individual needs quite easily.

You can easily find a showcase, which will be integrated into the interior, or, if necessary, be mounted on the wall, and just standing on the floor.

A variety of angular windows to select a suitable model for any interiorA variety of angular windows to select a suitable model for any interior

can be used to showcase the zoning premises, if necessary:

  1. Thus, the showcase will serve as the division of the room.
  2. In this design showcases might look like that you put in this thing can be seen from anywhere in the room.
  3. Also, adjusting to all the latest trends, contemporary manufacturers use in the decoration of furniture built-in lighting and different lighting.

Especially important it will be for storage or collection of dishes to enhance the shine and luxury items.

The shape of the windows are:

  1. High.
  2. Wide.
  3. Low (similar to a chest of drawers).
  4. Narrow average height.

Sometimes modern types of slides with open shelves and glass doors, are considered as showcases.

Glass corner cabinet for the living room

Windows are classified by several attributes and characteristics.

One purpose of the corner glass case - storage dishesOne purpose of the corner glass case - storage dishes

As intended for a particular type of storage cabinets things are for:

  1. libraries. If you have accumulated a large number of books, and you really like to read, put your books in a glass case. Beautiful book bindings will decorate the room and give the room an atmosphere of refinement.
  2. Houseware. If you are the owner of a beautiful porcelain service, or you have a lot of cut glass, then placed over the glass, it will not only pleasing to the eye, but also will be protected. In addition, access to a container in an emergency simplified.
  3. personal collection. Corner showcase ergonomic help to organize any of your collection. It is not only good to place it, but also to guarantee the safety of the external factors.
  4. elite alcohol. Placed in a beautiful showcase of alcohol bottles create an impression of the bar.
  5. confectionery products. Will serve as a decoration of the premises, as well as a showcase find refuge in any product, even the fire fragile. Locked showcase, allows to hide sweets from children, thus saving them from temptation.
  6. photos. Photos that you should not be placed on the walls of the room, well I will look on the shelves of your cabinets and create a room atmosphere of warmth and comfort the family nest.

Place of open shelves on the most beautiful clothes and accessories. medium-sized showcases are usually placed in the center of the room against the wall. In these cabinets are stored most striking things. These can be gifts, souvenirs brought back from vacation, your children's crafts, etc. The most important advantage of a corner living room is believed that when placing it occupies little space, and thus such a showcase not overwrite in the general interior.

Comfortable corner sideboard cabinet in the living room

Every woman would agree that at the time of the arrival of the guests, especially not planned any kitchen utensils must be at hand. Acquisition of beautiful and original corner windows in the living room will allow to unload the kitchen at the same time to decorate the living room. It looks great in the living room family service, crystal and porcelain placed over the transparent glass door.

At the same time stored in a furniture fragile dishes more than reliable. In the living room, it is less susceptible to mechanical damage than in the kitchen.

On the dishes stored in the display cases, less dust settlesOn the dishes stored in the display cases, less dust settles

Benefits showcases dish:

  1. Dishes less susceptible to dust.
  2. Remove dust with dishes easily with special means, without removing it from the cabinet.
  3. She spared the changes in temperature.
  4. Get a porcelain tea set from the windows you can at any time.
  5. At the same time he looks for a showcase will be very attractive. Especially if you choose a modern model with a different type backlights and lamps.

Also, if the dishes are not only fragile, but also the way in price, then demonstrate it through a glass door is very easy, because there is no need to risk it and take it out of the windows. The cost of such furniture is quite diverse. And it can not afford to let consumers with different income.

Various materials used in the manufacture. Color and size may vary. Not uncommon white corner cabinet that replicates the texture of wood. Accessories used different character. Accessories can set the tone of style characteristics windows.

Showcase corner from a natural tree (video)

All advantages of the angular windows on the face. If there is any doubt about whether to buy a piece of furniture, then develop them visit a furniture store. In a furniture store may not only evaluate such furniture at its true worth, but also choose a price range suitable product.

Examples for living angular windows (photo interiors)

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