Original and practical door for walk-in wardrobe

Original and practical door for walk-in wardrobe

12 October 2017

When choosing a door for the dressing room, you should consider the practicality and own preferencesWhen choosing a door for the dressing room, you should consider the practicality and predpochteniyaGarderobnaya own is not just a room - it stores plenty of useful things. to her door - just salvation. They can not only hide the contents, but also add flavor to the design of the room itself. The doors are different in design, materials, and exterior trim. You can make a door for walk-in wardrobe to order by a ready-made solution or on his own sketches. Build a common space of the room is beautiful, practical and convenient for themselves. There are a variety of door designs, for them, we'll talk.

Modern door wardrobe system

You have a dressing room and want to separate the hall or bedroom due to the door properly. To do this, you need to know which door there. Their systems are very diverse: the design, construction, mounting, materials used in the manufacture. It is necessary to choose the right door on the design, to avoid awkward situations in the future when it is opened and closed.

There are several types of door designs:

  • Folding;
  • SLR;
  • built-in;
  • Harmonic;
  • swing;
  • Radius.

Modern door wardrobe system different types and materials from which they are madeModern door wardrobe system different types and materials from which they are made

Any door can be as complete and make dressing comfortable and spoil it. To avoid this, you need to consider everything: size, structure, exterior trim.

Acquire the door stands in specialized stores. But it is better to make them to order or for yourself. In this case it will be picked up by winning and convenient option.

Convenient folding door for walk-in wardrobe

Folding doors of books or accordion type are easy to use. They come to the corner walk-in wardrobe. They may be used instead of two conventional hinged flaps. The total area of ​​this door has a size smaller than the swing or sliding doors. It has a low weight, so they are easy to open and close.

Important to know: the installation and use of such doors does not spoil the flooring.

Installation is carried out by rails, which are mounted at the top of the cabinet or on the ceiling. This method of installation is very practical and economical. Swing doors when opening takes up more space than folding. They can be installed in a small area of ​​the room. But they have their own pros and cons, like every accessory parts for the dressing room.

Folding doors are very well suited for corner wardrobe roomsFolding doors are very well suited for corner wardrobe rooms

Disadvantages of folding doors:

  • Require a long assembly time;
  • Costly mounting;
  • Unstable ( "walking" web);
  • You need the extra space at the opening of the structure.

If you have the room ceiling, it would take more time for the installation of a folding door. In this case, you need expensive fasteners. The apartment has no ceiling, then will not have these problems during the installation process.

Multifunctional door mirror in dressing room

There are different designs of mirror doors, which are set for the dressing room. They can be sliding or hinged. Mirror surface can be of different sizes, made across the area of ​​the door, one leaf or two, mounted on the door as a "window". Mirrored doors vary in their overall design and decor.

They have many advantages:

  • Visually expand space;
  • They are used as reflectors;
  • Made of durable glass;

Glass door to the dressing room made of solid glass, and yet it can help to visually enlarge the spaceGlass door to the dressing room made of solid glass, and yet it can help to visually enlarge the space

On the mirror surface can be applied to the image using the UV - printing. Such doors can be washed and cleaned. Printing does not fade, not spoiled and looks original. For external mirror finish using another film or filler stained glass fusing.

Choose a mirror finish you need to correct. It must match the overall design of the room. Apply the image can be different ways of their own developed sketch.

The mirror can be decorated on the edge or corner floral ornament, abstract things, or geometric shapes. It all depends on your imagination or a designer, if you buy a ready-to-install doors.

Accordion folding doors to wardrobe

Doors with design in an "accordion", are a good alternative to hinged doors. The underlying louvre system. They have a number of advantages over other types of structures. they are used in small spaces, to save space at the time of opening and closing, opening like an accordion.

Design consists of several sections or panels. They are connected to each other loops. When folded, this door does not take up much space, it is convenient and practical. Doors may consist of two or more panels. Open it easily, and most importantly fast. To fix the valves used stoppers. This system is unique and original. If desired, you can change the number of panels.

Accordion folding doors to wardrobe used in small spaces oftenAccordion folding doors to wardrobe used in small spaces often

In the dressing room and fit the usual all known door design - the book. It is used also for the cabinet. Or rack. Such variations are looked good.

The materials used for the manufacture of doors in an "accordion":

  • Tree;
  • PVC;
  • particleboard;
  • MDF;

The doors are laminated and veneered. They are able to decorate the room and hide things that lie in the dressing room.

Wood is the most optimal for the production of panels for doors. Properly caring for them, you prolong the life of the product.

Particle boards are cheap, well, look, respectively. Particleboard is also durable material.

What could be the door built-in wardrobe

They may be different. Most use a sliding or hinged construction. Sliding doors do not require extra space when opened. Can be mirrored, wood or PVC. Such doors can be purchased in stores, "IKEA" any manufacturer.

Install the door for walk-in wardrobe can be yourself.

This will require:

  • guides;
  • Puncher or a door;
  • Screws;
  • The panels for the door.

Door walk-in closet can be set independentlyDoor walk-in closet can be set independently

First, fasten the rails to the floor and the wall using additional elements. The plates were then inserted.

Walnut color suitable for any built-in dressing room door. He is neutral. It combines design with any furniture. Color doors will be combined with curtains in the room.

Hinged doors for walk-in wardrobe

Hinged doors are very popular. They are popular and in demand in the market. You can set such a structure instead of an old door with his own hands. Are different from the original performance. As a material used for the manufacture of wood, PVC, chipboard.

They have a lot of positive aspects:

  • They are different in style;
  • Are some of the cheapest doors;
  • The doors are equipped with a simple mechanism;
  • Strong and durable;
  • Large opening angle;
  • Open without a sound.

Hinged doors for walk-in closet has a number of advantagesHinged doors for walk-in closet has a number of advantages

a door structure will never go out of style. There are modern solutions now and in the big assortment.

Therefore, to buy such a door is not difficult. In its structure have handles, which are very convenient and practical when you open the wardrobe. The "Leroy Merlin" is a large selection of such doors made of different materials and with a wide range of original finishes.

Beautiful radius doors for walk-in wardrobe

Yet there is one kind of doors - Radius mechanism. This door can be installed in the bedroom, to divide the space between the resting place and a dressing room. Radius doors have a larger scope. They have gained popularity and are used for cabinets and closets.

Positive aspects of curved doors:

  • They have an unusual shape;
  • Can reduce or increase the space;
  • Divide the space into zones.

With curved doors can be divided space into zones, as well as visually enlarge or reduce the spaceWith curved doors can be divided space into zones, as well as visually enlarge or reduce the space 

These door systems are well suited for the interior in the style of Art Deco or Art Nouveau.

They come in two-door. It is convenient and practical. Two-door wardrobe looks original and fresh, emphasizing the individual style of the room. The construction can be frosted glass inserts.

Set the sliding door to the dressing room (video)

Pick up the door for walk-in wardrobe should carefully and tastefully. At present, the development of production technology doors. Therefore, they differ from each other not only in design, but the design and materials. Door width depends on the mechanism and the very dressing room. Which door it goes to your room, it's up to you and the specialist. To select and install the correct door, it is necessary to rely on the mass of the nuances of the room and the quality of the material from which it is made. 

Design doors to dressing room (photo examples)

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