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Hallway in modern style - this room functional, stylish and elegantHallway in modern style - this room functional, stylish and elegantnoePo modern style, in the corridor is strictly prohibited to install bulky furniture, carpets of the last century, large-sized accessories to large quantities of coarse material curtains and old-style chandeliers and large size. The corridor should be stylish, elegant and refined, but not the room in which senseless urge many interior items that can spoil the whole proper form. Equipping even the corridors should be carefully thought out and, most importantly, in accordance with their preferences. It is not necessary to think that the hall in a minimalist style is not attractive enough and boring, so a minimum of furniture and a maximum of space - this is what you need.

Modern hall: what it is

Interior of the corridor in the house in a modern style should be issued good materials.

They must have such distinctive features as:

  • Durability;
  • Quality;
  • Practicality.

Only in this case, it is possible to create a chic design and it does not reduce the functionality of the room. In order to build a modern entrance hall can be used home furnishings from a wide variety of manufacturers.

To furnish the hall of modern high-quality materials should be usedTo furnish the hall of modern high-quality materials should be used

In particular:

  • Italian;
  • German;
  • The Swiss and the like.

What should be the modern design of the hall: photo

Interior decoration in the corridor in a modern style intended to achieve a particular goal. Namely convenience.

To create such an environment will require:

  • Choosing compact furniture, in particular closets, preferably angled;
  • Give preference to the shelves and drawers for small items;
  • Install footstools small size;
  • Eliminate the use of cheap and low-quality plastic.

The most optimal home furnishings can be called modular furniture, practical as it is sold in a large range and can be made to order. It allows over time to alter the situation in the hallway without investments and repairs.

Modern hall should be easy, so do not be superfluous to use a compact furniture, shelves and drawersModern hall should be easy, so do not be superfluous to use a compact furniture, shelves and drawers

Even in a modern style should not be installed in the hallways open shelves in large quantities, as this causes confusion in the room.

To be more precise, by setting the open shelves, it is necessary to regularly clean and maintain the room in order not to make an impression on guests and tasteless negligent owners. With regards to accessories, it is absolutely not advisable to install them in the hallway, even if allowing quadrature, in large quantities. The choice of furniture should be implemented in terms of functionality, so she was not only beautiful and compact, but also practical.

Typically, designers, selecting the furniture in the hallway are guided by:

  • To visually expand the space of the room;
  • Fill least squares;
  • Internal capacity;
  • The harmonious combination with a common interior.

Modern style - these are elements of high-tech and minimalist, which together make it possible to create a pleasant atmosphere with maximum convenience.

Photo hall in a modern style

Many designers offer beautiful and stylish ideas of how to decorate the lobby in a modern style, no matter what there will be installed furniture, for example, from countries such as Germany and Italy. In the hallway there is a clear purpose - functionality. To be precise, it is in the hall greeted the guests, undress and dress.

Depending on the size of the room, you should choose:

  • Decoration Materials;
  • Furniture;
  • Decor.

Designers never suppress the desire to create an atmosphere for the wishes of the owners of the house, but sometimes gusts of imagination may be too bright, it is not needed for a minimalist style. You do not need too bright and eye-catching accents, as the main objective, as has been said before - is to achieve harmony. Hallways should finish self-colored materials and light colors.

Design stylish hallway must be laid out in detailDesign stylish hallway must be laid out in detail

Due to the fact that it is constantly in the hallway a lot of dust, dirt and moisture need to choose such coatings that:

  • Can be cleaned regularly;
  • Wear-resistant;
  • Not afraid of moisture.

Typically, when frequent contact with the wallpaper that naturally occurs in a hallway, the material begins to deteriorate and consequently deteriorates its proper form. It is worth noting that in this way there are threadbare gray spots.

Exclude such a time it is possible and for this purpose it is desirable to choose finishing materials such as:

  • Wall panels PVC;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Liquid wallpaper;
  • Natural or artificial stone.

Finishes such premises should be practical, that it is not spoiled by contact with water and mud. That the above fabric can be washed, and they will serve not just for years but for decades.

Stylish modern entrance hall - it is competent to make repairs in bright colors and wardrobe. It is worth noting that the range of modern factories is enormous and there is a possibility not only to acquire ready-made models, but also to make them to order.

Realize it's real and thus will purchase a cabinet that:

  • It will be capacious;
  • Can decorate a room;
  • hide the shortcomings premises.

With regards to the floor finishes, it is necessary to divide the space into two. One will be used for obuvaniya and the other for dressing. To be precise, the area obuvaniya need to put a material that does not deteriorate under the influence of high heels. These include masonry and tiled / granite tile.

Naturally when working with materials requires not only skill, but also preliminary preparation of the coating has laid down as flat as possible and it was perfect.

Though compact, though large lobbies in modern style should be drawn not just beautiful and stylish. It is worth noting that the very fashionable look wall lights, installed next to the wardrobe, especially if it is mirrored facades. Thus, the visual effect is created expansion space, as well as additional lighting. The reflection of light rays in the mirrors multiplied and refracted, making the room more pleasant to look at and comfortable.

Design Hallway: photos and modern ideas

One of the famous furniture factories is Ikea, since it is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, stylish and modern furniture. They are keeping pace with the times and strive to offer our customers only the best interior. Preferably in the hallway selected white or light furniture, as it allows you to make the room more lit, then there is not enough.

One should not forget about the idea of ​​creating artificial lighting, which should be more than enough.

At present, very popular items such as the hallways:

  • Switches with light dimmer;
  • Table lamps are mounted on a console table or nightstand;
  • Lights in the style of hi-tech made of org. glass and metal.

Do not forget about lighting in the hallway - it should be enoughDo not forget about lighting in the hallway - it should be enough

In the hallways looks best LED lighting, and point. This is how to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It is not advisable to install a chandelier, as it is better to replace several sconces. It is important to note that the chandelier is not highly relevant, especially in the long and narrow corridors. From it just will not be confused. light mirror looks very stylish and modern.

Competent modern design in an apartment hallway

To hall acquired a complete form, it takes a lot to try and not enough to repair coatings update. Be sure to take into account the range of accessories, but in a limited number, to emphasize the interior of the room, and not to spoil it. Every person tortured is a problem in the evenings as fatigue and lack of spirit. Many return home with absolutely no desire, and with one thought - to rest. Now it is possible to resolve this issue and to come not just in the home but in paradise and a comfortable place.

To a corridor that meets households, it was:

  • Cozy;
  • Beautiful;
  • Comfortable;
  • Pleasant,

you need to take care of the choice of decor. There is not enough stuff, with which you can transform a room beyond recognition. In their selection should be guided by the style of the room, colors and, of course, personal preference.

Equipping a modern design in the hallway, and do not forget about the selection of accessoriesEquipping a modern design in the hallway, and do not forget about the selection of accessories

As decoration, you can use a variety of subjects:

  1. Hanging lamp gives embedded, but when it comes to creating a certain theme in the room, it is possible to select it. On sale is a huge number of lamps, among which we can choose the matte, semi-matt and transparent. Including the base may be made of metal and plastic. Modern style means choosing products with a chrome finish.
  2. Original stand under umbrellas can diversify modern classic interior.
  3. If children are present and allows quadrature, we can establish there a small, compact and double sofa. It will be convenient to wear or kids gather to shop, collecting credit card, money, and all that is necessary in the campaign.
  4. Art objects will never be superfluous, if they are chosen with taste and not too stand out. Items painting and small sculptures will be relevant in the modern hall. If you set them next to the backlight, it is possible to make such a decor accent in the room.
  5. To the interior of the room did not spoil view traces of dirty shoes can put a special liquid-absorbing pad. Products popular enough and have the opportunity to buy an original mini-palace with creative decor.
  6. Absolutely sure version may be mentioned plants. What type to choose depends on the house owners. Greens in the house is never superfluous and also it clears oxygen.
  7. If the room has a small sofa or chair, then it must be a small pillow or blanket.
  8. Very stylish will look even in a modern style cuckoo clock. If they are artificially aged, it will only add originality.
  9. Modern and practical mom were installed in the corridors of the chalk board. It is very convenient for the messages to their loved ones, for example, with a reminder about an event, or just a nice wish to lighten the mood.
  10. I want glamor? Why would not dilute the one-color interior accents pastel paintings.
  11. In modern living must necessarily be the housekeeper.

It will not be superfluous to the console, and it is desirable to choose the angular models. They are more compact and attractive to look at.

Stylish lobby in a modern style (video)

Living arrangement options and a huge number of each of them has its own advantages. Do not forget that the recommendations of fashion magazines - it's just advice and carry out repair and improvement of the corridor need on your wishes and on the technical data of the room.

hall design in modern style (interior photo)

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