Monolithic concrete stairs materials and the construction stages

Monolithic concrete stairs materials and the construction stages

12 October 2017

Concrete stairs are quite popular due to its durabilityConcrete stairs are quite popular due to its monolithic prochnostiBetonnye ladder may be located inside or outside the building, in the garden or park. These high demands. Stairs must be safe to operate and reliable. Concrete is durable and optimal material to be used for the construction of staircases of various monolithic structure. This architectural structure is, in homes, public buildings, factories and enterprises. Their scope is vast.

Monolithic stairs: reinforced concrete structure

Solid concrete staircase is being built at a certain stage of construction of the building itself. Properly reinforced ladder have a long service life. They do not require maintenance.

Design of concrete stairs going according to certain rules, which must not conflict with state standards and SNIP.

The construction of concrete stairs used fittingsThe construction of concrete stairs used fittings

Reinforced concrete structures staircases must be:

  • safe;
  • durable;
  • Be suitable for operation.

Reinforced concrete monolithic stairs are fixtures in its structure. The reinforcement occurs at step ladder manufacture. For this process use the valve section with a diameter of 1 cm. First exposed shuttering, reinforcement ladders then occurs. Fitting cut height and width of the march. It then binds to the grid. grid square may have a size of 15-20 cm, followed by the second grid. The distance between them should be 10-12 cm. Secured to the reinforced concrete structure bearing wall of the building or to the additional column. The wall or pillar is a support member for the platform.

Reinforced concrete structure can be simple or complex shape and execution. It depends on the drawing, design and construction of which is being built.

Monolithic concrete stairs with his hands: the necessary materials

Fabricate monolithic stairs of concrete can be yourself. If you have experience working with concrete, then there is not a large-scale nature of the difficulties. Design, manufacture and install stairs can be on their own in several stages.

concrete staircase Manufacturing takes place in several stagesconcrete staircase Manufacturing takes place in several stages

With the help of modern technology, you can create a ladder from concrete of any design. The form may be different: the simplest and most frequently used, or an original and challenging. Concrete can be shaped elements of any complexity.

As construction material liquid concrete acts. The inner structure has a core made of a reinforcing strengthening.

To build a monolithic concrete stairs, you will need:

  • River sand;
  • rubble;
  • Pure water;
  • Cement;
  • Slaked lime.

Lime acts as a plasticizer. It is needed in the mixture, so that the concrete does not crumble at the edges of the stairs.

The armature acts as a support material. For this purpose, metal bars.

For the formation of the march need formwork. It is produced on the spot, which will be carried out installation work. Formwork made of plywood and wood panels.

That the solution is evenly distributed, you should use the vibration machine.

Terms and trowel need for leveling the surface of steps and stairs platforms.

We are building garden stairs made of reinforced concrete with their hands: milestones

Garden stairs of reinforced concrete erected both inside the home and outside. The ladder can serve as an element for moving between the floors. Or it can be installed at the entrance to the house - as a ladder for the porch.

Concrete stairs fit well in the interior gardenConcrete stairs fit well in the interior garden

Stairs made of concrete installed in the garden can be not only a functional element but also decorative. You can make your own garden ladder, which will have an original design.

To begin, you should design a staircase. To do this, you need to make all necessary measurements. Then make a sketch of the design ladder. After drawing the future to develop the design, using the required dimensions. Calculate materials and buy them at the hardware store.

Make a multi-level garden without stairs impossible. Concrete stairs landscape becomes a functional design and a special decoration of the garden.

You can decorate it with artificial materials. staircase casing may be different, depending on the design and construction point of use. Decorative finish can consist of ceramic tile, stone, brick, mosaic of solid glass.

For the manufacture of ladders used special technology.

Construction of the stairs takes place in several steps:

  • Made frame;
  • Backfilled voids formwork gravel or pebbles;
  • Poured concrete steps;
  • Made exterior trim (if necessary).

The frame is made of wooden beams. They are collected in a single structure. For this purpose, additional fasteners.

Production of monolithic concrete stairs of: step by step guide

Production of monolithic stairs - a demanding job. Often these ladders erected in different buildings: in multi-storey houses, cottages, factory and industrial buildings. Stairs should be durable and comfortable.

The first stage in the construction of concrete stairs - production of formworkThe first stage in the construction of concrete stairs - production of formwork

At first do a timbering. For this purpose, a framework that consists of fittings, plywood and wood panels.

Reinforced concrete staircase has in its structure a framework of metal bars. Reinforcement is made on the entire area of ​​the future framework of the stairs. A lower level is set to the platform.

Once the frame is made of the future staircase, you should proceed to substantive work:

  • Strengthen formwork spacers;
  • Pour the concrete pad and steps;
  • Align ladder surface;
  • Leave to dry structure;
  • Remove formwork;
  • Assemble fences and railings.

After pouring concrete formwork construction is left to dry. Only three days later, remove the formwork.

Manufacturing and finishing concrete staircase takes time. Suitable for use ladder can be a few weeks or months. Only after finishing, the ladder can be considered finished and begin to use it.

The final step is to finish. Finish monolithic stairs are made of different materials such as wood, carpet, tile, stone, MDF. Wood and metal are used for manufacturing various enclosures and railings. Metal barriers may be fabricated by forging and have the original appearance. Thus, you will highlight in the interior of their block of flats or cottages.

Concrete stairs: manufacturing process (video)

Monolithic concrete stairs found wide range of applications. For manufacturing the stairs with his hands you need a minimum of materials, tools and expertise. If you observe the construction technology of this design, the staircase will serve you for years to come. It will be not only a functional object in the house, but also be able to decorate the interior of a multistory building. Stairs can act as a porch. They are installed not only indoors, but also in parks and gardens.

Beautiful monolithic concrete stairs (photo examples)

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