Modular panels - the original way to decorate a room

Modular panels – the original way to decorate a room

12 October 2017

Modular panels - trendy design element that can freshen up the interior of any premisesModular panels - trendy design element that can freshen up the interior of any pomescheniyaSeychas often found in modern interiors paintings, divided into several parts. Such a solution is called the modular panels. Such interior decoration looks original and refreshing the look of any room, whether it's a bedroom, office or restaurant. Modular panels also called a special wall covering, which is used for decoration as the walls and ceilings. Due to the absence of clear form, it looks very harmonious and attracts glances.

Modular panels in the interior

Modern designers are actively using modular panels in their work. This decorative element has become an indispensable decoration of the premises. Unobtrusive colors modular panels will take place even in the most humble room. And if necessary, by means of such a panel can make a great accent color.

Striped interior modular panels often play the role of color accentsStriped interior modular panels often play the role of color accents

The modular panels can be a great gift that will bring aesthetic pleasure to the owner.

Pictures of flowers are perfect for children's rooms. But in the form of modular panels and they will fit into the other rooms, as flowers bring into our lives positive emotions, and the division of the picture into several parts will allow it to look perfectly in any interior. With the right mix, such pictures can easily become the key decoration of the room and accentuate the overall style of the interior.

Features of this design solution

The division into several pieces can create the illusion of movement and dynamics, visually expand the space. However, this approach does not always work, and is only suitable for certain interior styles.

Modular panels have not only a purely decorative function. Very often it is also used to visually enlarge the space, which is especially important in small rooms

Well-chosen for the interior design of modular panels visually expand the spaceWell-chosen for the interior design of modular panels visually expand the space

Today, production of modular panels is very common. At the request of the customer can be made exclusive panels with unique images, including photos or drawings of the customer.

Tips in choosing the modular panels

Any, even the most beautiful decoration can spoil the overall impression. This happens most frequently due to incorrect approach to the selection.

To avoid such a situation may be subject to the following rules:

  • Pay attention to the overall color scheme of the room. It is very important to choose the right modular panels in terms of color. In this case also, decide on the purpose for which you want to place the panels. If for you it is important to make an accent color - choose a bright color scheme for the panel. If you just want to diversify the interior, not dragging while too much attention on the picture, it is necessary to give preference to calm muted colors.
  • Select the correct size of parts of the modular panels. Too much or too little composition will look ridiculous and does not fit into the interior.
  • Observe the visual balance in choosing a site for the web. The most successful place for a panel is free wall. At the same time should not be placed too high now, or too low.
  • Guard picture from exposure to sunlight, as over time the picture may lose its original appearance.

More organic whole modular picture look at the free wall, protected from direct sunlightMore organic whole modular picture look at the free wall, protected from direct sunlight

How to make the modular panels with their own hands

Modular panels - this is not the cheapest way to decorate the room. But do not despair, because a similar decoration can be done by hand.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • Buy a special wooden stretchers desired shape. They can also make your own.
  • With the help of special equipment to print the selected image. It is important to choose the right size when printing, as when pulling, you must have allowances to be bent.
  • Next, you need to cut the printed image to the desired segments.
  • The final step - stretching the image on the stretcher. Upon request, the sub-frame can also be covered with a special protective varnish.

If you have the skill of embroidery, is also possible embroidered modular panels. Naturally, it will take much more time and effort, but the result is beautiful.

Modular panels with their own hands (video)

Modular panels Applico: An excellent choice for any room

As mentioned earlier, the modular panels - it is not only segmented picture. Modular panels also called kind of coverage, by which decorated the walls and ceiling.

One of the brightest and most popular manufacturers of these panels is a manufacturer Applico. This company was the first to produce the coating and unusual murals by making a breakthrough in the market.

Of course, there are a number of other different manufacturers. Some even are our compatriots. 

Modular panels Applico are very popular among connoisseursModular panels Applico are very popular among connoisseurs

Manufacturers from what proved to be the best

  • Russia.
  • Germany.
  • Ukraine.

Of course, if you want to get high-quality, original panels, it is better to buy the products of domestic production.

The role of the module in the interior pano

The basis interlining panel is on top of which is deposited one of the textural layers (velor, platinum or section). Lovely prints supplemented unusual coating. The panel consists of several parts, each of which is joined to another by the wave-like seam. You can also order a single canvas, if necessary.

Modular panels in the interior (video)

Modular panels are an excellent decorative element. They can vary the interior and bring a special flair, chaining themselves to the views in it. A variety of prints and the ability to print their own images allow to dream and create extraordinary interiors. Although it is not the lowest cost, skilled craftsmen can be turned out and create their own panels. In this case, people who are ready to spend some money on the panel can make your home truly royal!

 Modular panels (photo)

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