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Among the modern methods of finishing the ceiling, the most popular - TensionAmong the modern methods of finishing the ceiling, the most popular - natyazhnyePotolok indoors playing conceptually accentual role. As the floor and the walls, ceiling surface fundamentally changes the space by changing the design. But if the flaws and errors on the walls and the floor can be hidden, making furniture or decor, the ceiling surface must be perfect, because every centimeter of it is open to consideration. Modern methods of ceiling decoration is impressive in its diversity, among which the most popular are the ceilings with tension coating.

The main types of single-level stretch ceilings: a general overview

Uniformly stretched fabric between the system of aluminum or plastic profile is a tension coating system. This way of decoration came into vogue in the 60s in Europe, and after the polymer film of the invention to the next level and get more popularity.

One-level ceilings are most in demand due to the simplicity and efficiency of executionOne-level ceilings are most in demand due to the simplicity and efficiency of execution

Based on the structures, ceilings are of the following types:

  1. Type single layer coating;
  2. Multilevel type of coating;
  3. Stepped type tensioning coating.

Among this list of single-level ceilings are most in demand due to the simplicity and efficiency of execution.

Depending on the material used are:

  • Ceilings PVC film;
  •  The ceilings of polyester fabric.

The selected material for covering the tension will affect the result in the integrity of the web. Polyester fabric is made seamless and film - with a seam.

But if you have a small coverage area, you can meet the whole PVC fabric.

To make a choice in favor of single-level coatings should be familiar with all the characteristics and features of this type of ceiling finish.

Advantages of single-level ceilings are:

  1. The ease of installation, which takes just a few hours and does not require prior alignment surface;
  2. The ability to hide defects in the ceiling and various wire;
  3. The cost which is much lower in comparison with other methods of finishing;
  4. The minimum "losses" height of the room, because construction almost no space;
  5. In a wide range;
  6. The water resistance;
  7. In ideal and monolithic surface;
  8. In the long term operation without losing the basic characteristics;
  9. The strength and ease of maintenance due to antistatic coating.

Disadvantages of single-level ceilings are:

  • The brittleness web which can be damaged by any sharp object;
  • The strong influence of low temperatures, and as a result, the impossibility of using the coating in an unheated area;
  • The film sagging due to incorrect installation.

Significant disadvantages say only that the installation cover is best left to professionals, who will give a guarantee on the work performed.

Distinguish such options sibling ceilings:

  1. Glossy embodiment;
  2. matte;
  3. satin;
  4. Cover with photo printing.

About 90% of the entire range of stretch fabrics is presented in the form of PVC production, 10% is given on the proportion of tissue webs. As a result, the choice of high-gloss and matte stretch ceiling is much wider.

Stretch ceilings matte siblings: a stylish coat with no frills

Matte surface - the main difference matte ceiling coverings from other types of suspended ceilings. This type of decoration is presented a small color palette - white bedding and tone. Some manufacturers offer a matte black fabric.

Matt ceiling surface is perfectly mimics lined plasterboard ceilingMatt ceiling surface is perfectly mimics lined plasterboard ceiling

 Matte painting simulates perfectly aligned with Papier Mache, and made in white - whitewash quality, with no accent on attention.

It is convenient to simulate the whitewash, but at the same time have all the advantages of a stretch ceiling.

Haze characteristics of suspended ceilings:

  • The price, which is lower compared to the cost to the glossy canvas;
  • Lack seam on cloths to 5 m in width;
  • Higher strength due to matte texture.

The most common color in the palette of matte - white. Its relevance and universality of the obvious. In contrast to whitewash a ceiling can always wash it does not turn yellow over time and not luschitsya. There is an option to use in an interior matt black ceiling. Single-level black matte canvas stylish look in the administrative offices, cinemas and cafes.

Stretch ceilings two-color sibling: use of practicality and design tips

In addition to the monochromatic color in stretched canvas, there are ways to combine several colors for the ceiling of the composition. By resorting to this method in order to reconcile and harmonize the interior of the premises.

Combining two colors on a tension ceiling, you can emphasize the dining area in the kitchen and set off zone at the plateCombining two colors on a tension ceiling, you can emphasize the dining area in the kitchen and set off zone at the plate

Creating two-color paintings of two ways:

  1. Compound colored paintings on the same level;
  2. Installation of multi-level ceiling with different color on each tier.

The first method is cheaper and easier to implement, but no less functional because through such ceilings can zonirovat room and allocate accents.

With such a ceiling cover can be visually solve a lot of problems. Emphasize the dining area and a kitchen area by the shade plates allocate space above Cinema zone or stress chandelier. One of the two colors on the ceiling can match the color of the wall, thereby increasing the visual space. Such a method is applicable in the bathroom. Bicolor types of ceilings provide an opportunity for all experiments. For example, black - white design of the ceiling will not leave anyone indifferent, and at the correct elaboration of the details will be the most stylish element in the whole house.

One-level ceilings with spotlights

When using conventional lamps and chandeliers in surface tension occur stains, and deformed pattern. The reason for this - failure to comply with the technical rules for the use of the ceiling cloth, which has a temperature limit of 80 degrees. Therefore, together with tension ceilings can be used in a lamp power of 40 watts (60 - tissue). These requirements are fulfilled in a plane with spotlights.

Proper selection of lighting allows easily play with light and to avoid damage to the ceiling surface tensionProper selection of lighting allows easily play with light and to avoid damage to the ceiling surface tension

Tips when choosing fixtures:

  • The luminaire must be selected with a broad rim.
  • Lamp better guide straight down, so as not to scatter light in the ceiling space.
  • Halogen lamps selected with the rotary cap.

For spotlights use different types of bulbs, but not all of them are suitable for suspended ceilings.

Using the lamp possible:

  1. Since a halogen lamp (widely used due to the possibility to create a directional light);
  2. With an incandescent lamp (with limited capacity for stretch fabrics, and are used in wet rooms);
  3. LED lamp (recognized as the best option for suspended ceilings).

Proper selection of lighting allows easily play with light and to avoid damage to the ceiling surface tension.

Sibling suspended ceiling with lighting: wide variation Design

Very stylish and look beautiful ceilings with lighting inside. For this light source is mounted behind the web directly to the main ceiling, if the distance from the ceiling to cover a small or on a special profile.

Interior light becomes optional accessory facilitiesInterior light becomes optional accessory facilities

interior lighting based on the design can be placed:

  • Evenly across the ceiling;
  • Along the perimeter of the walls;
  • Certain composite pattern.

Given the requirements of operating the tensioning surfaces for internal light are used (in order of popularity) LEDs, fluorescent lamps and LED duralights.

Interior light for tensioning ceiling decorate the room becomes optional accessory spaces and acts as secondary auxiliary light.

Suspended ceiling in the bedroom: single-level and multi-color

Functional purpose bedrooms dictates certain conditions for all elements of the interior of the room, including the ceiling.

For bedrooms in the classic interior fit ceiling with a matte coating tensionFor bedrooms in the classic interior fit ceiling with a matte coating tension

Recommendations for the design of the ceiling bedrooms sibling tension coating:

  1. In classical interior ceilings longer appropriate tensioning matt coating than with a glossy;
  2. Bedroom suit spotlights LED;
  3. In the children's bedroom using multicolor coating, while stressing the room area;
  4. Popular in the nursery installed under indoor lighting tensioning coating simulating the star;

For small bedrooms sibling tension of the coating is salvation. Because he does not steal a lot of space for installation and is able to adjust the lighting effects visually room. Combined ceiling, consisting of several colors, you can choose your own design with the help of programs on the Internet or at a photo store in directories.

Single-level ceilings Tension (video)

Tensioner way to design ceiling deserves attention and deservedly leads the ceiling decoration market. Stretch ceilings for many years do not change myself, continue to evolve as the industry and gain popularity Obory. Thanks to them, can be a matter of hours to radically change the style of the room, changing with the only kind of ceiling.

Ceilings sibling tension (photo)

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