Modern plasterboard ceilings for bedroom (35 photos ideas)

12 October 2017

Plasterboard ceilings are in great demand and are accessible to everyonePlasterboard ceiling in great demand and available for use kazhdogoGipsokartonnye structure no less demand than ceilings. Largely due to the fact that they can do with their hands. Simple or curly, with beautiful lighting, they contribute to the design of the room. And even in a small Khrushchev can make a very nice room, including and due to the ceilings.

The design of the ceiling plasterboard in the bedroom: the color scheme

Form design is of prime importance, but it is impossible to underestimate the importance of color. He is considered in the design of the bedrooms are not only decorative factor, but also psychological - affects the climate of the room.

By choosing the color of the ceiling should be treated very seriously, as it plays an important role in the final resultBy choosing the color of the ceiling should be treated very seriously, as it plays an important role in the final result

Today, gradually moving away from making that good design - this restraint, calm tones, smooth lines. And for suspended ceilings white or beige - is not the only right decision.

Recommendations on the choice of color

  • Blue and blue - the colors-relaxants, perfectly relieves muscle tension;
  • Yellow - activates the brain cells and the activity of hormones;
  • Green - relieves fatigue and soothes the most met with flowers in nature, which is as good perceives the human brain;
  • Red - not only energizes and activates, but also can cause aggression;
  • Orange and purple - are good only as accents, and to dominate them, let's not.

One of the most popular colors 2015-2016 - Marsala, he too fragmentary may be present on the ceiling.

Matt white is boring on the single-tier structure, but the multi-level ceilings with lighting, such as matte white will look very convincing.

Plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom (video)

Duplex plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom: the golden mean

But once it is necessary to make a reservation - it's a happy medium for rooms with normal height. Low room will seem incredibly small, even if you steal more than 10 cm on such a structure. The volume of the bedroom due to the two-level structure is reduced, and the weight of the ceiling is considerable.

But! Visually ceiling construction may conversely create the additional volume - visual effects, particularly in conjunction with backlighting. For them, constructed a special niche. It turns out that this design is visually raise the ceiling.

Two-level ceilings will look in your bedroom is very impressiveTwo-level ceilings will look in your bedroom is very impressive

On different parts of the ceiling can be of different heights. Due to her will be zoning area may focus attention on the individual interior details - dressing table or bed. Since drywall flexible, virtually any design concept it can bring.

Multilevel ceiling in the bedroom

And it is fun for very high rooms, where there is a place "roam". The design and installation are, of course, difficult, but how much beauty and elegance in this design!

Most standard example of a multi-level ceiling in the bedroom - on the perimeter of the first level with a beautiful built-in lighting, in the center of the main part - recessed circle with his own light.

Multilevel ceilings look very elegant and beautiful, but for the creation of such a ceiling is best to contact the expertsMultilevel ceilings look very elegant and beautiful, but for the creation of such a ceiling is best to contact the experts

gardening consultancy

The following tips will help designers in the design of multi-level ceilings:

  • Avoid bright colors, for a multi-tiered design is better light colors and muted - because its brightness is in the form of;
  • Hand Painted - fashion for ceilings not only in the nursery, but also in the bedroom, the benefit is now a lot of stencils and other professional materials;
  • For large multi-level ceiling of the room - a good idea, but a small room, you run the risk of not very profitable to present, avoid piling up illusions.

However, personally make a multilevel ceiling is unlikely to succeed, you need to make the project very precisely.

Multilevel ceilings made of plasterboard (video)

The ceiling of plasterboard and the tension in the bedroom: it is better

It is difficult to compare these two categories - still, a matter of taste. But if you challenge yourself to do it the ceiling, it is possible to build a single-tiered drywall constructions. And so it was not an ordinary, nondescript, you can decorate it with stickers or vinyl paint using stencils.

If we trust the professionals, you can order the suspended ceiling with photo printing - that's really really a sea of ​​ideas to implement.

As for the operation, then a stretch ceiling is slightly higher - 15 years warranty. And in the event of flooding, the suspended ceiling is robust, but not survive the flood gypsum.

Benefits plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom

When compared to the same stretch ceilings, the construction of the drywall has clear advantages. Start with the fact that the material is natural, "sandwich" made of gypsum cardboard and eco-friendly, and to a PVC film, there are still some questions.

In addition, the brand ceiling:

  • It has good sound insulation, which is especially important for the bedroom;
  • Available, is inexpensive;
  • Easy to finish;
  • Because it is possible to create stage, niches, shelves etc .;
  • This breathable material.

Well, if we talk about the cons, the gypsum ceiling is heavy, and the possibility of flooding, they are unstable.

Plasterboard ceilings are widely popular, as are made with natural materials and have affordable pricePlasterboard ceilings are widely popular, as are made with natural materials and have affordable price

Gypsum ceiling starry sky in the bedroom

Bedroom is one of the best decorative solutions - mesmerizing, soothes, it adjusts to the desired wave. For ceilings used immediately film depicting a starry sky, it is necessary to decorate the surface of plasterboard construction. Typically, color film or paste, or airbrush drawing method is applied.

One of the most effective ways to build a fiber optic starry sky. Fiber-optic light guide strands are connected to a light generator. Light engine - a small device, it works silently in his integrated filters to change the illumination color and its intensity.

Installation of the ceiling of the newcomers have not mastered, it is easier to contact the experts - the result is worth it.

The ceiling of the starry sky (video)

Plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom - a good solution for rooms with high ceilings, where you want originality, freshness and possibly zoning premises. Good solutions to create comfort in your bedroom!

Design ceiling plasterboard bedrooms (photo in the interior)

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