Modern folding stairs to the attic: 5 types

Modern folding stairs to the attic: 5 types

12 October 2017

Foldaway ladder allows you to quickly and safely climb up to the atticFoldaway ladder allows you to quickly and safely climb up to the attic Most of the houses and some of the apartments provide for a second floor and an attic, so it is very important to think about and build a ladder to be the most simple and at the same time fully satisfy all needs. This will help to determine the features of a design, and identify all the design details. A preliminary compilation of circuit design helps identify all its pros and cons, so that if necessary, it was possible to finish the project.

Folding ladder to the attic

It's important to consider the size of the width and the steps that can be very easy to go up and down. Given all of the basic requirements, and knowing all the nuances and requirements, you can make a ladder and the hatch completely any shape with your hands, even with the electric drive.

Construction of stairs in the house requires:

  • Skills with the drawings;
  • A good command of the tool;
  • Ability to make sketches.

Many prefer to do the stairs in the house of wood, since it is a reliable, durable and eco-friendly material that will last for a long time and has a low weight. There are all different types of metal and wooden stairs from Fakro (Lwk, Plus, Panto), which will perfectly fit into the interior equip the house, photos and video that proves that the design fits perfectly into the overall design, even the size of 70h80. In the presence of a desired tool can be made completely folding ladder of any shape.

There is a wide variety of folding ladders: metal, wood, aluminumThere is a wide variety of folding ladders: metal, wood, aluminum

Namely types such as:

  • Straight;
  • decorative;
  • corner;
  • round;
  • Spiral.

A wooden spiral staircase looks just fine, however, it is quite difficult to implement, so this design in homes is very rare. Construction of spiral stairs requires particular attention, since the installation of conduct, and fix all the components necessary to very carefully. The simplest is a staircase structure which consists of one or several stages with marches.

Very interesting is the combination ladder, which combines elements of several different in its design type. This type of staircase is distinguished by its elegant design and unique style, however, it is quite complex in execution, so it will be able to build only an experienced designer.

Important! Spiral staircases are considered to be quite complicated designs, and have limited functionality as difficult to raise an overall furniture on them.

Original attic folding ladder

Recently, a large demand for the beginning of the use of angled stairs in the house, which can be performed with a platform or with zabezhnymi steps. To create the real work of art, you need to prepare drawings, and conduct planning, as it will allow to create a design that will withstand heavy loads.

You can highlight the main advantages of such a structure, in particular such as:

  • Versatility location capabilities;
  • Reasonable price;
  • The successful design solution;
  • Ease of operation.

Among the advantages of folding ladders should be noted compact sizeAmong the advantages of folding ladders should be noted compact size

Corner stairs type looks quite interesting, and the structure it is possible to arrange even a narrow corridor, since it does not take up too much space.

Corner stairs can be made of various materials, but the most interesting variant can be made from natural wood, which then can be coated with paint or varnish. In this case, the stairs get a nice, smooth and durable.

How about to a folding ladder to the attic with his own hands

The house is quite possible to equip any ladder, depending on the available free space and your own wishes.

In particular, it is possible to make such variants stairs as:

  • Direct odnomarshevye stairs;
  • rotary;
  • U-shaped half-pace;
  • L-shaped half-pace;
  • Screw.

Quite interesting is considered to be U-shaped design, however, it presupposes a considerable space, as it takes a lot of space.

For the installation of a folding ladder should fix it on the ceiling frameFor the installation of a folding ladder should fix it on the ceiling frame

No matter what kind of ladder, it is in any event quite complex engineering design, so all you need to calculate precisely, to be able to ensure complete safety during use.

Security is provided by components, namely:

  • Bolz;
  • stringers;
  • Bowstring.

In traditional classical interiors often predominate Saddle stairs, bowstrings or classical spiral stairs construction. Very stylish and original design look, combining a number of different materials, such as wood, metal, glass. Similar designs fit perfectly into the style of minimalism or loft.

DIY: folding ladder to the attic, drawings and parameters

Before you perform the installation of the stairs in the house, it is necessary to make a preliminary calculation of the basic elements of design. Perform all required calculations can be quite different ways.

In particular:

  • On formulas;
  • Using Autocad computer program;
  • Simple calculations.

In the drawings, you can learn in detail about the features of the design for a folding attic stairsIn the drawings, you can learn in detail about the features of the design for a folding attic stairs

It is also possible to carry out the required calculations on the compass, as this will help get the most accurate data. The width of the steps depends on whether the width of doorways, and if the staircase goes from door to door, it is necessary to focus on the size of the opening, leading to the second floor. Calculations must begin with measurement of the height between floors, as well as parameters of the ladder opening, then it is necessary to draw a ladder diagram being built. It is necessary to bear in mind that doorway in the calculations is also very important. You can make a ladder on their own design, and the finished models can download and adapt them to fit your needs. In researching the stairs, constructed perspective that helps to identify a feature of its construction.

Important! The most convenient are considered gentle sweeping staircases, however, they take up a lot of space.

High-quality folding ladder to the attic with his own hands

Modern vertical ladder in the house may look quite interesting, especially if it is leaning against the wall. In addition, such an arrangement is characterized in that it is quite functional and reliable. For the construction of interior staircases, are traditionally used a variety of materials

In particular, as follows:

  • Tree;
  • Metal;
  • A rock.

The cheapest costs a folding ladder made of woodThe cheapest costs a folding ladder made of wood

Furthermore, there may be a combination of these materials, and thanks to the active development of the construction, there are more and more new and modern materials used for the construction of the stairs in the house. The most popular material is considered a tree, since it is extremely affordable and easy to process material, therefore it can create the most incredible design.

Due to the beautiful texture and stylish view, wood fits perfectly into any interior completely at home.

Natural and artificial stone is used only for the lining, and the rest of the structure is made of concrete blocks or cast in specially prepared formwork. Versatile, strong and durable metal ladder. However, in its construction, it is necessary to calculate and prepare drawing CMD. The metal can serve as material for the supporting structure, and a separate interior element. Stairs made of wrought iron, look light and airy, however, with their erection all the requirements of GOST must be observed.

How to make a folding ladder to the attic

Modern corner staircase looks pretty interesting and takes quite a bit of space, as it can be positioned in the middle of the room or along the wall. To the ladder was sturdy and reliable, it can be made of wood in combination with a metal base.

Before the start of a folding ladder to the attic buildings worth seeing video tutorialsBefore the start of a folding ladder to the attic buildings worth seeing video tutorials

To manufacture such a ladder, it is necessary to prepare certain tools, in particular, as follows:

  • Saw;
  • Sander;
  • jigsaw;
  • Fraser and many other tools.

Initially, you need to prepare a metal structure staircase, and then her secure steps. To ensure greater security, you need to install poles and handrails. 

Quite interesting is the circular spiral staircase that easily fits in perfectly with any interior. In this case, the steps are fixed around a specially prepared foundation.

Folding ladder to the attic with his own hands (video)

Modern straight stairs to the attic in the house look pretty interesting and stylish, most importantly, competently approach to the arrangement of constructed structures.

Details: staircase to the attic folding (photo examples)

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