Modern flooring in the kitchen: a combination of practicality and beauty

12 October 2017

Floor covering in the kitchen should be durable, natural or artificial material, wear-resistant, withstand maximum loadFlooring in the kitchen must be sound, natural or artificial material, wear-resistant, withstand maximum nagruzkiKuhnya - a place in the apartment, which is most exposed to many negative factors: humidity, water splashes and grease, scratches on the furniture, stains of different origin and al. particularly when this floor suffers. But at the same time the kitchen - this is one of the favorite places where the whole family gets together for breakfast or dinner. Therefore, it is important not only the practicality of finishing materials of the space, but also a beautiful design. When choosing a floor in the kitchen, you need to choose the right color, the right material, the use of composite floors, as well as not to forget the baseboards.

In our time, the floors in the kitchen are used not only as a practical surface, but also are part of the design space. Depending on the tastes of owners of the apartment, the kitchen floor, you can make the background to isolate other parts of the interior, such as furniture, accessories, or mark it as a major design element.

Textures and materials

Tile - an environmentally friendly type of flooring. It does not release harmful substances, abrasion resistant, durableTile - an environmentally friendly type of flooring. It does not release harmful substances, abrasion resistant, durable

When you make a kitchen you can use a variety of materials, consider the most common ones:

  • Linoleum - one of the most popular floor coverings. In our time, this material produced a wide variety of colors and patterns. It can mimic wood, tile, stone.
  • Tile or tiles - the most versatile material for covering the kitchen floor. When you are planning any kind of design you can find the right color, size or structure of the tile.
  • Tree - perfect for the kitchen floor in a classic style. This material is less than practical because afraid of water and stains, but looks very rich and noble.
  • Laminate - cheaper and more practical than wood, well-suited for the "warm floor". The design can be used instead of the wooden floor, as well simulates different types of wood.
  • cork - ideal lovers of all natural and ecological.

What should be the color of floors in the kitchen

Color in the kitchen floor should be chosen not only based on the tastes of the owners, but also taking into account some other factors: room size, sunlight falling, color walls and furniture. Depending on the color of the floor space can become visually more spacious, higher or lower, below.

Due to a number of indisputable advantages, linoleum is ideal as a floor covering for the kitchenDue to a number of indisputable advantages, linoleum is ideal as a floor covering for the kitchen

Consider the most common colors:

  1. Kitchen with dark floor. In small kitchens, it is not desirable to use such colors, which seemed to compress the space. Although if it is very much like to, it is necessary to combine this floor with light walls, ceiling and furniture. It looks wonderful spacious kitchen with dark floors. The combination of ease of bright walls and furniture and reliability dark floor brings a certain sense of confidence and comfort. The special charm and elegance of a kitchen where the floor wenge colors. Wenge - the color of the tree that grows in southern Africa, reminiscent of dark chocolate. Dark shades fit in the kitchen floor, where windows are located towards the south, where long fall sunlight.
  2. Kitchen with light colored flooring. These colors are well suited for small spaces, as well as the kitchen with windows facing north, where there is insufficient daylight. Especially popular is the kitchen with white floor recently.
  3. Kitchen with gray floor. When interior design, often used his light tone. Gray visually enhances the space, so it is often used in the kitchens of small size. In contrast to the white and lighter colors, it is not so much seen a speck of dust and dirt, so it is more practical.
  4. Combined color. It is interesting to look at the kitchen floor, which combines several colors simultaneously. People who are ready to experiment, you can make the floor in the kitchen black and white, or chess with a combination of two colors.

Combined floor in kitchen

Recently, very popular are combined flooring in the kitchen. This is a very interesting design solution for the need to allocate the kitchen of certain functional areas or the design of the kitchen studio. Section rooms on the part not only plays an aesthetic role, but also has important practical significance.

To cover the floor of the working area are used more solid materials are not afraid of moisture, high temperatures, and well clear of pollution and for the rest of the space - the material you want to use in the interior of the kitchen, but they have low practicality for such premises.

The design of the kitchen floor uses an interesting combination of options:

  • Cork - tree;
  • Cork - laminate;
  • Tile or tile - tree;
  • Tile or tile - laminate.

Skirting the kitchen on the floor: completing integrity

Skirting will not only give the room a finished look, but also hides the technical gap between the flooring and the wallSkirting will not only give the room a finished look, but also hides the technical gap between the flooring and the wall

So, already has a modern decent floor, but the design of the kitchen will not be complete without skirting.

Even the most refined and beautiful interior will not look at the presence of unaesthetic cracks between the wall and the floor. In addition, the moldings and performs practical role - enhances thermal insulation and sound insulation of the room.

How to choose material

Skirting the kitchen on the floor, you can choose from any of the materials:

  • wooden - less practical, because they are afraid of moisture and dirt, they are recommended to be installed in a non-kitchen area, color and texture should match the flooring material;
  • laminated, more practical as compared with wood, it is easily cleaned from dirt, but also fear of moisture;
  • polyurethane - is very well suited to modern floors in the kitchen, they are plastic, are used to frame objects with uneven lines, suited to any design, because they can be painted in different colors, resistant to moisture, high temperatures and contamination;
  • plastic - are also well suited to the kitchen as well transfer moisture and easily cleaned of dirt, disadvantage is their fragility, but this is offset by the low cost and easy installation.

floor design in the kitchen (video)

As a result, we can conclude that the modern flooring in the kitchen should serve as a reliable and durable basis and at the same time be an important part of the interior. When choosing a contemporary floor in the kitchen, keep in mind all the factors listed in this article, and comfortable and at the same time elegant, the kitchen will be your pride.

Modern flooring in the kitchen (photo)

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