Modern designs of stairs: 4 options

Modern designs of stairs: 4 options

12 October 2017

Modern ladder should be not only secure, but also beautifulModern ladder should be not only safe, but also krasivoyIzyaschnuyu staircase that rises to the second floor living room or another room, can rightly be considered one of the main decorations of the house. Photos show that a well-executed and verified schematically staircase design will transform your home environment will match the style and design. Design - not an easy process, and if there is no skill in this difficult case, it is better to order a design project professionals.

How to design a staircase to the second floor: the types of ladders

If experience and confidence in their own abilities are, you can create a personalized, reliable design with their own hands. How to design a ladder, what are the kinds of designs as a calculation - this is a little more detail.

Stairs can be:

  • Solid Wood;
  • metal;
  • Glass.

Design stairs carefully, it is important to take into account many factors and choose the right kind of design project, decide which design will be located.

The most popular and in demand today are the wooden stairsThe most popular and in demand today are the wooden stairs

The country houses, for convenient lifting floor 2, commonly used ladder following species:

  1. Ladder L-shaped. The most popular option. The base structure - a march 2, located to each other at an angle of 90 degrees and connected to the intermediate platform.
  2. Staircase U-shaped. A little more bulky size, therefore, best suited for large spaces. It includes two passage which are connected surface or the initial steps. This type of design as well as the previous one, is usually satisfied in cottages where intercommunication sufficient height.
  3. Stairway. Very cumbersome, but is most easily constructed.
  4. The helical or spiral staircase. A wonderful solution for small spaces, although the application is still less comfortable than other options, but always looks very magical and easy.

In designing important ladder construction which can be built on the string or rails. In some cases, these techniques can be combined construction. If you want to get good quality and a solid ladder, it is better to give preference to the string, not the beams, they will reliably support the steps from the sides and bottom. Bolz also represent attachment of metal, which is fixed to the vertical surface of the stage.

The choice of design, which leads to the 2nd floor, is usually determined by the project design concept, which planned to create. On the example it should be displayed stairs or ladders different options that fit perfectly in the interiors of different style, decorate the house and ennoble the room.

Another important selection criterion - the selection of construction material, which is suitable for the manufacture of the lifting structure. If you like the current models of the arcuate or helical shape, it is better to do them with a metallic finish, such as glass.

Metal staircase looks interesting and trendy, but lovers of classical direction is better to stay on the wooden structures.

Designing of stairs: Calculation

Before you draw a schematic detail in the figure on the paper, it is necessary to calculate the size correctly. Creating a plan for ladders, it is essential to do everything according to the rules SNIP.

Initially, you need to make measurements of the available space, then calculate:

  • Amount;
  • height;
  • steps wide.

Before installing the ladder in the room, you should first make measurements of the room, and the structure itselfBefore installing the ladder in the room, you should first make measurements of the room, and the structure itself

Also it is necessary to calculate the angle of inclination of the design. Speaking of comfort, the scheme provides for the angle of inclination of about 45 degrees, but these stairs will not take a big enough footage, so, in practice, often used the lift design with the slope of 35-40 degrees. When the calculated height and width of steps, taken into account the width of the human step. Standard - 25-28 centimeters, which corresponds to twice the width of the pitch man. At the end you need to pay attention to the development of fencing and railings, which are important for the creation of security. The parameters in this case correspond to individual requirements. By following the rules and regulations, you can get a solid, well-ladder.

Standard compliance:

  1. The width of the steps 28 cm, height (max) 15-18 cm.
  2. The height 90 cm above the handrail.
  3. Maintaining high loads.

It is important to remember, if the inner elements of the design ladder design will be carried out according to the rules, this important element of the interior will serve you for a long time, giving a feeling of comfort and joy. Executive visualization is also important.

Literacy Project of stairs in the home on the second floor and the building with their hands

Before you build, you have to stock up on skills and knowledge. Otherwise, you need to be a project of the master or, even worse, the restructuring of the entire structure. Selecting the frame depends on the structure features. Also, the choice depends on the design ideas and preferences of owners housing.

Ladder from concrete blocks erected from massive spending reinforcement procedure mounting the carcass reinforcement. Wooden and metal frame mounted easier. Pillars of reinforced vertical supports. Arranging frame spiral staircase, a rack fixed to the floor and the ceiling. During the construction of wooden stairs on the string, are arranged in the tread grooves. Notches are cut or hollowed out special tool. The shape of the grooves depends on the type of steps.

Particular attention is paid to the steps experts recommend, because they need to be safe and comfortable for all family membersParticular attention is paid to the steps experts recommend, because they need to be safe and comfortable for all family members

Steps may include:

  • Inserted into the slots;
  • embedded;
  • Inserted into the through grooves;
  • Hollowed in the string with the risers.

Connect stage string and threaded rods with a diameter of 10-14 mm or bolts. Once the work is done, the string is fixed to the beam landings.

To design was stronger, you need to install an additional board with a cutout, which inserted string of thorns. It is important to ensure that the area and clean floor were located on a single level. For this purpose, an apparatus is provided temporary struts that are later attached to the walls.

Once the walls settle, racks should be removed and put a lining thickness required. Next, set marches, inserted steps, balusters and posts. Then mounted handrails. After assembly, the ladder cover preservative. A project can be created in 3D using special software Sweet Home 3D vs SketchUp pro100 sema. Layout using the program draws is simple, all you can calculate and make adjustments prior to construction.

ladder diagram on the second floor or how to calculate the number of steps

In order to perform the calculation of the number of stages, it is necessary to divide the height of your room at the height of the riser, which is recommended (minimum size of 150 mm).

In order to correctly and quickly make the ladder project, it is best to seek help from professionalsIn order to correctly and quickly make the ladder project, it is best to seek help from professionals

Assume ceiling to 2.7 m (2700 mm), then it turns 2700/150 = 18 stages. To this figure we must add another step, since the floor has its width.

If a ladder set aside 3,000 mm, then steps out 20. To calculate the width of the attack, should be the height divided by the number of stages. Further lumen determined - the distance between the steps and the ceiling surface. The recommended value for this parameter - 1.85-2.1 m.

The recommended width of the march:

  • Normal apartment - 0.85-1.1 m.
  • Apartment - 1.3-1.7 m.
  • Cottage 8x8 - 0.75-0.85 m.

A schematic drawing is made on a sheet of A4 size, which have been individually designed. To work need a tape measure, a metal ruler, drawing paper.

If the correct design, the structure, as the Japanese kirigami is light, airy, but reliable.

Project home with a staircase in the living room

In a small house staircase installed in the living room makes it possible to increase the size of the usable area of ​​the house. The project can be created using all of the same program Sweet Home 3D vs SketchUp pro100 sema. Another good design program - AutoCAD. Ladder, open to the living room, or placed in it, takes up less space. The doorway can be located opposite the stairs. design looks spectacularly placed in the middle.

Beautiful and compact staircase does not take much space in the room, decorating the room at the same timeBeautiful and compact staircase does not take much space in the room, decorating the room at the same time

By the stairs in the living room benefits include:

  1. Save space.
  2. Construction opposite the opening make it possible to easily bring the furniture.
  3. Combining stories in a single space.

Location may be not only where the doorways. It may be the entrance, then the space can be filled with functional interior.

The ladder zoned space, and placed in the middle. However, most architects arrange the stairs opposite the entrance, where the entrance.

To think about the wooden ladders: Portable design

The staircase to the attic or to descend into the mine two-storey house can be remote. This design is the market leader for many years. Convertible model makes it possible without any problems to use attic area and the mine area in the ground, which is normally used for storage conservation and vegetables. The product is attached to the hatch.

Make interior room original and exquisite, you can use the creative wooden staircase with glass railingsMake interior room original and exquisite, you can use the creative wooden staircase with glass railings

It's an architectural highlight in the design of the room, which is:

  • It saves space;
  • Easily transformed;
  • It gives the opportunity to fully enjoy the additional space.

We make stairs project (video)

Ordinary stairs difficult to drag into the house, install, and then carry back. In some cases, this is the reason why things are just too lazy to send in the cellar or the attic. The ideal solution - External ladder-transformer.

Examples of projects of stairs to the second floor (photo)

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