Modern bedroom interior in black and white

12 October 2017

To issue a bedroom in black and white color choose creative and imaginative personalityTo issue a bedroom in black and white color choose creative and imaginative lichnostiSpalnya in black and white - is the solution for couples who recognize the creative solutions. She selected self-sufficient and self-confident people, as in the design present a clear contrast and brevity. Use in interior design black and white colors, it has to be calm and privacy: the creation of dusk with the help of black color contributes to the diversion from the daily bustle and pristine white color, gives spiritual pleasure. Thanks to the black-and-white designs, loving people will feel the only ones in the universe.

Black and white bedroom: design rules

Black and white interior perfectly fits in any style. With this difficult not to agree, and successful examples are enough around us in everyday life.

However, a particularly bright it looks in styles:

  • Minimalism;
  • Art Deco;
  • High tech;
  • Modern.

Black-and-white palette perfectly fit into the interior of a bedroom in modern styleBlack-and-white palette perfectly fit into the interior of a bedroom in modern style

Strong-willed nature, loving the simplicity and adhere to the order, not only at home but also in life, will be delighted with the bedroom in black and white. 

Black and white design is fraught with a hint of darkness and light at the same time, he was in tune with the feminine and masculine, hides the mystery and accessibility.

However, such an interior to become a delightfully attractive and memorable, it is necessary to work on the percentages of each of the colors. If both hues will be present in equal amounts in the bedroom, it will be the provoker of negative emotions of the owners, so black and white should be consistent and in harmony with each other.

The predominance of white

White guy and promotes ease. With it, you can visually enlarge the space and make it more voluminous and spacious. Pure white ceiling and floor, would create a sense of flying above the ground. In addition, in a room decorated with a predominance of white, a person can feel less tired, emotionally he is resting and recovering. If you feel the need to rest, so a bedroom for you.

The predominance of black

When using blacks in large numbers, we should remember that they reduce the room several times. Even huge room can become visually less if overdo it with black. Moreover, we should not forget that the predominance of dark colors is a provocateur in the doldrums too pessimistic natures. In order not to spoil the interior, it is necessary to pay attention to the texture used in interior decoration materials, to focus on the light, as well as carefully chosen accessories. Only in this case, the predominance of black will look mysterious and impressive. Rooms with excellent design suitable for people suffering from insomnia.

The use of interior design in neutral shades

Milk, gray, silver, pearl, dark beige - colors that soothe and pacify. The predominance of neutral colors in black and white interior is loved by people who lead active lifestyles, as well as creative professionals.

Make the bedroom a beautiful and cozy, you can use the design of the room in shades of grayMake the bedroom a beautiful and cozy, you can use the design of the room in shades of gray

Using bright colors and interior

Black-and-white style complete with any bright color (blue, red, pink, yellow, green) will enable to feel protected and shielded from the outside world problems. As a rule, such an interior will be appropriate in the teen room. This is due to the fact that the child begins to only enter into adulthood, and emerging issues make it emotionally unstable, nervous and excitable.

But this does not mean that adults are motivated nature, can not use in black and white interior design with bright accents. They are perfectly suited for quiet and melancholic people who want to make a note of joy and effectiveness in their home. Green color will make the room more fresh, light blue - delicate, red - a passionate and sexy, pink - a fantasy.

Design black-and-white bedroom: the rules right balance of proportions and size

Interior bedrooms in black and white shows unusual and exquisite taste of the owners. Used in the design of the bedroom two contrasting colors, will help not only advantageous to convert the free space, but also emphasize the way headsets.

The combination of black and white - a classic that is always in trend.

As mentioned earlier, black color allows visually reduce the room, and white - to increase.

Contents bedroom in black and white can be independently, the main thing - to think carefully about the design spaceContents bedroom in black and white can be independently, the main thing - to think carefully about the design space

If the correct approach to the use of a particular color, you can adjust the size of the bedroom:

  • White walls and black ceiling allow to make the room much more. However, if the ceiling height is less than the standard, you need to be very careful using this technique, as there are risks to make the room a much stockier. The ceiling will visually put pressure on the person.
  • Black walls and white floor and ceiling visually elongated room will make it much higher.
  • Rectangular room can make a square. To this end, the narrow part of the wall is painted in white and wide - in black.
  • If you want a square room to give a rectangular shape, the two opposite walls are painted in white or black.

As you can see, if you know how to use black and white, you can not only play with the shape of the room, but with his height.

Harmony ornamental drawings and bedroom interior in black and white

The contrast of black and white can be enriched with exquisite paintings and ornaments. Keep in mind that when using an ornament, one of the colors should prevail over the other. As I mentioned earlier, with equal proportions of two colors can be achieved only disharmony, and nothing more. Patterns, geometric patterns, strip or cell perfectly fit into any interior design, you just do not go too far with them.

Interesting and unusual in a bedroom fit beautiful wallpapersInteresting and unusual in a bedroom fit beautiful wallpapers

Special atmosphere, can make wallpapers in black-and-white style.

Present at their psychedelic geometric patterns could plunge the emotional nature in a state of trance, and some primitive sense, so they are used as zoning premises. In addition, by using black and white photo wallpaper can be to focus on a specific subject by highlighting it.

Elegant floral pattern make the bedroom feminine and delicate, but the cell and strip, considered masculine motives, they give the room a shade of roughness, boldness and courage. Lately, especially popular ornament was "grid", which gives the room oriental motifs.

Bedrooms in black and white: furniture and bright décor

Furniture and decor - the most important elements that can give a room a charming and romantic look. It can be various interior, decorated with black and white geometric accents. For example, the monochrome black pot on a background of a wall of the same color, it will look a little intimidating, but if you opt for the black vase with white pattern, the room will take a graceful appearance.

Additionally, you can decorate the bedroom with the help of colorful decoration elementsAdditionally, you can decorate the bedroom with the help of colorful decoration elements

When choosing furniture is better to dwell on the two main colors: white or black. Otherwise, the interior of a bedroom color will be ruined, because it can not be called a black-and-white.

Design black and white bedroom is considered to be universal. Enough to change the home furnishings or furniture, and the room will take a completely different look.

Create a bedroom in black and white (video)

If desired, you can create enchantingly delicate interior, using as a decoration gray, blue or green, but red will make the room more bold and passionate. If you are attracted by a black and white interior, be courageous, give your room personality!

Examples of black-and-white bedroom: Design (Interior photos)

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