Making topiary of coffee beans

Making topiary of coffee beans

12 October 2017

Fragrant Topiary of coffee beans will not leave anyone indifferent to their appearance in the interior of the roomFragrant Topiary of coffee beans will not leave anyone indifferent to their appearance in the interior komnatyStilny Topiary of coffee beans decorate the living room, an office or a public place. For its production should go to the grocery store and building products. The main thing - first create a rough sketch, as topiary are round, in the form of trees or a heart. Once everything is ready, we can start to work. At the beginner the whole process take no more than 2-3 hours.

Topiary do with his own hands from the coffee beans

Inexperienced fans hand-made style is recommended to start with a spherical shape. Embodiments of the compositions, there are several, but the quickest way to learn the next turn. For manufacturing base composition - crown taken old newspaper, foam or foam. Each of the above material keeps its shape, so when choosing a need to build on their own preferences.

To fit the trunk pencils, sticks or strong wire. The basis of the composition will be suitable for the size of the container: a cup, pot, flowerpot.

Topiary of coffee beans, made with his own hands, will be the perfect gift for celebrationTopiary of coffee beans, made with his own hands, will be the perfect gift for celebration

Further actions will require the following materials:

  • Sharp scissors.
  • Monofilament ribbon and satin.
  • L25-cm plastic tube, whose diameter is 1.2 cm.
  • Ball with a diameter of 8 cm - find it easy to store goods for needlework.
  • Capacity for the composition.
  • Alabaster and tank-mix.
  • 2-sided tape.
  • Glue gun.
  • Coffee beans - is recommended to choose the expensive varieties of coffee to keep longer fragrance composition.

First we need to create a neat ball into the hole to match the diameter of the trunk. Next begins the process of applying the coffee beans on the surface of the ball. It is important that they are necessarily placed a strip down the adjoining dense. Sticker grains of the second layer begins in 15-20 minutes. This time, enough for the adhesive to dry. It is important to remember - the second layer is applied upward binding strips.

To do more than 2 layers should not be, otherwise the composition will become unnaturally big. The second phase of the work associated with the formation of the barrel. With 2-sided adhesive tape is necessary to carefully wrap the trunk of the future. Then, in a flower pot filled with water so that its level is reached exactly to the middle of the container. Measured off the required amount of liquid, it should be poured into a container for mixing plaster.

Topiary in the manufacture of coffee beans with your hands need to work out every detail, so that the end result is to make you happyTopiary in the manufacture of coffee beans with your hands need to work out every detail, so that the end result is to make you happy

It is recommended to continuously and vigorously stirring by mixing water and alabaster, otherwise the solution becomes unusable. Readiness is tested according to the degree of density of consistency. Should be guided on a very thick cream. Once the mixture has reached the desired condition, it quickly poured into the pot and immediately put in the trunk of the future composition.

Master Class Topiary of coffee beans "flying cup"

The above described actions with grains and materials are binding. Direct creation begins at step forming the appearance of the composition. 

The following materials will be needed for its production:

  • Coffee beans.
  • A cup.
  • Saucer, which must be degreased.
  • Foam assembly.
  • copper wire.
  • "Supermoment".
  • Transparent glue "Crystal", used for grains stickers.
  • 1-2 cinnamon sticks.
  • 3-4 anise flower.

To begin to carefully cut 20-25 cm of wire, measured off from one of its ends, 7-8 cm, which is then rolled into a circle. The opposite part of the wire is bent at 4-5 cm. With glue "supermoment" bent portion of the wire is attached to the saucer surface. The minimum time for drying the adhesive - 4 h Recommendation, which retain the composition from degradation -. Substitute strong box under it. She will assume overweight.

The composition in the form of a flying cup of coffee beans surprise and amaze with their uniquenessThe composition in the form of a flying cup of coffee beans surprise and amaze with their uniqueness

Use it is necessary from the start of operation and for 8 hours after its closure. Then to the opposite end of the wire is attached to the compulsory cup fixation on the box. Who his own hands to create a coffee composition, must carefully apply the foam core to the wire in the direction of the cup to the saucer in a small amount. By the next step can proceed after 24 hours.

Convinced that the future of flying cup dried by means of transparent adhesive should be applied to medium-sized grains. At the request of the mounting foam paint and decorate the coffee jet spices.

Make a Topiary "A heart" of coffee beans

Unusual gifts of the second half will be the heart of the coffee. For its production need materials, as in the case of the floating cup. The only difference will be the use of anise stars, string, foam hearts, brown paint. 

The further procedure is as follows:

  • Tape preform heart shaped thick paper.
  • Wrap it with thread.
  • To form the top of the loop of the composition.
  • Paint prepared preform in a brown color.
  • Leave in a warm place for 2 hours to dry.
  • Stick coffee beans, placing them flat side down.
  • The second grain layer was pasted on the top flat side.
  • Fix the star anise.

Topiary Topiary "heart" of the coffee beans brings a trail of love and joy, especially if it is made with their own hands

Stem ends forming composition. If unavailable ideas regarding how to decorate it, will help to determine the photo. From an aesthetic point of view, it is better to make a light trunk and a dark coffee heart.

How to make a topiary of coffee beans with your hands: the secrets of mastery

Freshman encouraged to review the thematic video, telling about the shapes and sizes of coffee crafts. Once the appropriate option is selected, you must create a sketch ideas. No need to detail all of the elements are drawn. The main thing - to convey the project geometry. If you encounter any difficulties, you can visit or see a master class.

Isolated and a number of practical suggestions on how to avoid a lot of mistakes:

  • Compositions with floating cup require extra backup in the form of a dense box.
  • Topiary tree with splashes of coffee is based on solid stick, which is not susceptible to fractures.
  • Used only fragrant coffee beans with a clearly visible strip.
  • Make the composition more elegant means of expression help further: spices, sequins, tinsel and stuff.

Coffee Topiary with his own hands (video)

Create Topiary is not very difficult if you observe a number of simple recommendations. It all starts with a sketch on the basis of which the selected materials and decoration. The applied adhesive dries at least 24 hours, otherwise the individual elements fall off rapidly. After completion of the work necessary to leave crafts for 36 hours for final drying.

Topiary of coffee beans (photo)

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