Making the ceiling with his hands: step by step guide

Making the ceiling with his hands: step by step guide

12 October 2017

Rack ceiling can easily install their own handsRack ceiling, you can easily set your rukamiEsli ceilings can only be installed with the help of professionals, the batten or plasterboard ceiling can be set independently, significantly save your budget.

What makes false ceilings: the subtleties of craftsmanship

Suspended ceilings in our time is the most common method of finishing ceiling surfaces. It is inexpensive and available to perform with his own hands, ceilings keep their good appearance, they can be installed in different rooms and bathrooms, most importantly choose an optimal surface for the ceiling of the room. Suspended ceilings are similar to one another suspension structure that is fixed over the entire ceiling area to keep the facing materials.

Suspended ceilings give the room an unusual and sophisticated lookSuspended ceilings give the room an unusual and sophisticated look

But covering materials differ from each other pictures manufacture, installation and appearance method.

Types of suspended ceilings

  • Pinion;
  • tile;
  • panel;
  • Cassette and lattice;
  • Stretch;
  • Plasterboard.

Gypsum ceiling is also considered false, because the installation of cladding materials is carried out on the carcass structure. But unlike other species, plasterboard ceiling needs decorating putty and paint after installation.

Plasterboard needs further treatment surfacing materialsPlasterboard needs further treatment surfacing materials

The main feature in the installation of suspended ceilings is that they are all attached to the frame, which is mounted to the unfinished ceiling is different only the skeleton structure.

For strip, tile, panel, cluster, lattice and plasterboard ceiling, suspended ceiling frame is set around the perimeter of the load-bearing profiles, after that, frame profiles are evenly distributed across the surface of the ceiling. Suspension design for stretch ceiling is a bit different, it is mounted only on the perimeter of the surface of the ceiling and attached to it the edge of the tension of the web.

Making the ceiling with his hands

The suspended ceiling can be designed and set their own hands if you know the rules and principles of the frame assembly and coating materials. Suspended ceiling represents a metal structure, which is attached to the ceiling and walls, and serves as the basis for the lining material, holding it.

Before embarking on a self-decoration of the ceiling, you need to make some preparations.

Preparatory stage

  • Determine the type of coating materials, with their necessary quantity;
  • Calculate the area of ​​the ceiling surface and the amount of material required for a carcass;
  • Prepare a rough ceiling, pre-clearing it from Nabeul, paint, wallpaper and other decorative materials that can keep up with the times;
  • Provide themselves with all the necessary work tools and materials.

If the ceiling collapses and there are big cracks, it should poshtukaturitIf the ceiling collapses and there are big cracks, it should poshtukaturit

When the ceiling surface area is measured, it is necessary to calculate the amount of materials for the frame and for finishing. Expect better material with a small margin, than to lack of the desired material. Ceiling surfaces are often uneven, so the length should be measured along the longest edge, after fixing the frame, the extra length of the profile can be cut.

Next, you need to prepare the surface of the ceiling to install the frame. The ceiling is necessary to clean by removing the old coating. This will facilitate the design of the frame assembly and prevent the collapse of the old coating.

After preparatory work, armed with all the necessary tools and materials, you can start finishing the ceiling.

With Metal profiles for suspended ceiling frame should be very careful to handle. They need to be transported carefully, to prevent the formation of bends, bumps and other damages. Damaged sections should be replaced whole, otherwise uneven structure will make the installation of cladding materials will be difficult, so the ceiling will not sustain the weight of finishing materials.

How to make a false ceiling of plasterboard (video)

Instructions how to make a false ceiling

Step by step installation instruction ceiling will help to make your own hands false ceiling, without the help of professionals. The first step in the creation of a false ceiling, this markup ceiling level according to the state of the old ceiling, the walls and the height of the room. Marking the ceiling is carried out using a spirit level, chalk or pencil and tape measure. With the level of the highest point of the walls is necessary to conduct the fine line in the horizontal direction. Then, using a tape measure and chalk is necessary to identify the lowest point, and the walls outline the level of the new ceiling of the horizontal line, it will be a reference point for setting the framework.

After marking, you can proceed to the frame assembly, for this need:

  • Self-tapping screws, dowels or anchors;
  • screwdriver;
  • Drill.

 Along the perimeter of the upper horizontal line, to be held on the walls, the guides are mounted with dowels, the dowels or screws. Then, counting is done to set the carrier profiles. From the edge of the guide profile, with a tape measure and chalk equidistant planned future position of the supporting rails, and then attached to the surface of the dowels. Height adjustable frame hangers that are attached to the base ceiling.

The frame is attached to the base using screws or dowelsThe frame is attached to the base using screws or dowels

During installation the frame should take into account the area of ​​lighting, you can withdraw the wire, install the cartridge for a lamp. After installing the frame, check its height according to the label and the level of the walls using a spirit level. If there are bumps and ridges, the distance is reduced by using hangers, adjusting them.

After installation profiles verified by the strength of its fastening to the ceiling surface and the tow profiles between them. If the structure is mounted correctly, the irregularities are detected and the frame, tested for strength, you are ready to finish facing materials. To fasten the frame plates, panels, rails, drywall and other building materials, make a decorative finish.

How is the decoration of the ceiling

As installation frame and decorative exterior trim of the ceiling, you can do it yourself. On the ceiling tile and panel joints can be seen, which is to hide their use garniture tape or rail. At joints superimposed and fixed tape in vertical and horizontal direction, forming a stylish finish ceiling surface. Additional costs and work requires finishing plasterboard ceiling.

Necessary materials:

  • Primer;
  • Putty;
  • Latex paint.

When finishing ceiling joints between plasterboard sheets can seal the tape or a special adhesive tapeWhen finishing ceiling joints between plasterboard sheets can seal the tape or a special adhesive tape

Shpatlyuem joints of gypsum boards, it is necessary to putty hole with a cap by screws, the surface is perfectly flat.

Plasterboard surface hide primer, putty line the joints, comparing them with the rest of the surface. Prepared for painting surface can be painted.

How to make a false ceiling with his hands (video)

Plasterboard on the ceiling look great in any color, you can safely experiment, repaint. Suspended ceilings are long-term in the office and easy to install, installing the suspended ceiling at home or in the office, it is possible for a dozen years to forget about repairs.


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