Making a dressing room and 5 reasons for its creation

12 October 2017

Dressing room with modern technologies can be created in any size roomDressing room with modern technologies can be created in any indoor area of ​​the field of interior design and a new trend - specially equipped rooms for the storage of clothes and footwear. The room - the dream of any housewife. Today, developers in the construction of apartments with improved planning necessarily allocate a place in the wardrobe. Owners of conventional apartments do not worry, because when competent remodeling their homes to allocate a place for your favorite things, you can always. To do this, you must carefully to understand what the dressing room.

Dressing room

Keep your wardrobe in a separate room in our days is considered a necessity. Thanks to the special built-in storage systems, clothes can be distributed by season and size. Also ironing board, so you can quickly prepare the selected outfit can be conveniently placed in the dressing room.

Modern dressing room has advantages:

  • Fashion is in order;
  • Plenty of space to accommodate objects of the wardrobe;
  • The right dress is always in sight, and no need to spend time on his search;
  • You can arrange a dressing room in any corner of the house;
  • It can be distributed into separate parts.

Dressing in a separate room - it is very practical and convenientDressing in a separate room - it is very practical and convenient

Designers distribute dressing rooms on the species, it is open and closed. Also, interior dressing room can be decorated according to their own preference. room decoration depends on its direct purpose.

Storage systems can be installed so as to be convenient and comfortable in any horizontally and vertically. Decorating the walls of the dressing does not require special conditions or skills enough to choose the nice wallpaper or paint the walls in warm colors. The ceiling can be finished with suspended structures. Choose light color, because it is visually enhances the space. If a single room is equipped with a clothes window, it is possible to hang the original curtains or blinds. A dressing room can be male and female or something in between.

Options dressing rooms

First of all, we should consider the types of dressing rooms. Open view dressing room - it's allotted space without installing partitions or doors. The absence of these elements create a sense a continuation of the interior bedrooms.

Open closets have their advantages and benefits:

  • Clothes are always in sight;
  • Arrange such a dressing can be in small spaces;
  • space of the room is still spacious.

However there are disadvantages with advantages.


  • Clothing that is in plain sight, catches the eye of a stranger;
  • To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the need to get out more often.

A large dressing room can hold things all family membersA large dressing room can hold things all family members

Closed dressing implies partitions, screens or sliding doors. There may also be options separately designated areas.

The main advantages of the - is:

  • All things are in one place;
  • Even if in the dressing room is a mess, no one has the possibility to contemplate it;
  • To restore order, to change outfits at any time, without interfering with the rest of the family.

Among the shortcomings can be identified the availability of space for the construction of a separate dressing area, a separate installation of lighting and if you build a dressing room in the bedroom, it significantly reduces the total area.

How to make a dressing room

In order to build a dressing room of your dreams, you need to work this well.

To do this, help planning regulations:

  • Determine dressing place location;
  • Measure the area to calculate the parameters and create thumbnails;
  • Pick up the necessary materials.

Create a drawing is necessary for competent distribution of direct appointment wardrobe space, as well as to calculate the number of necessary materials and accessories. Dedicated space for the room, whose purpose of storage, should be in a remote corner of the house or apartment. It may be a distant wall in the bedroom, meander, a pantry, a place under the stairs.

Dressing room needs a good lightDressing room needs a good light

The simplest and most rational solution would be the construction of a dressing room in the closet. You will need to get rid of unnecessary items stored in the storage room, adjust wall to hold lights and set the storage system.

It is also worth to consider the ventilation system. Proper ventilation of the dressing relieve owners from many problems, such as mold, heavy air and odor. For any dressing room lighting is very important. Reworked pantry without proper lights may appear too dark and not cozy. This may come in handy spotlights, they make the room Bole joyful.

Isolate the dressing room of the total housing space fashionable sliding doors, accordion doors, or doors with built-in mirrors. In order to draw a rational, practical and nice dressing room, the shelves should be carefully used to allocate space.

The depth of the dressing room

The best form for the dressing room is considered to be a rectangle, which is not redundant and projection angles. The smallest depth of the room can be 3 m2. The components of the storage system in such dressing is better to choose the L-shaped. 

dressing depth must be large enough in order to properly calculate the space useddressing depth must be large enough in order to properly calculate the space used

Wardrobe space can be divided into several zones:

  1. The upper zone is located from the floor by about 250 cm. In it are placed a loft and shelves for storing items not claimed.
  2. The middle zone is from 60-160 cm from the floor, this is considered part of the mainstream, it is in this area are located trempel and shelves with the most popular things.

The lower zone is located in the bottom of 70 cm from the floor, designed for storing shoes. To calculate the depth of dressing can thus be: necessary to add flanges depth and width of the door passage. The sum of this example is a necessary depth dressing room.

The materials used for the manufacture of dressing

To make a comfortable and functional dressing room will help correct and high quality materials. Modern production offers its customers the most interesting and original materials and finishes. The most practical material is considered to be a tree.

Modules and systems, made of wood, look natural, durable and beautiful. More budget option considered cupboards and drawers of particleboard and MDF.

DSP has a pleasant texture. Furniture has clear boundaries, which allows you to conveniently arrange thingsDSP has a pleasant texture. Furniture has clear boundaries, which allows you to conveniently arrange things

Material less durable than wood, but with proper care can last a very long time. cabinet doors should be transparent, so you can see the filling to quickly find items. A good solution - the use of Plexiglas or transparent plastic. For holders suitable material is aluminum.

The metal has a good appearance, withstand considerable weight and is not sensitive to mechanical damage. In the selection of the necessary materials should be aware that their production should be high quality. Storage systems can be collected by yourself or buy ready-made.

To purchase ready-made systems need to know exactly the size and parameters of the room. If these options do not fit, you can arrange a dressing room to order. The wizard drawing considering all wishes and requirements, and on the plant produced by the system strictly specify the figures.

Comfortable dressing room 18 square meters. m: photo and modern ideas

If the dressing room is 18 m2, its design can be quite varied. Unfortunately, there is no certain rules everything dressing, but the above examples we can understand how to competently carry out his idea. Many designers offer their examples and pictures, which shows the most daring ideas.

To determine the style of dressing, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced designersTo determine the style of dressing, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced designers

Their samples help competently to think over all the steps that you need to do:

  • You need to consider the location of all zones;
  • Choose a color palette of the walls and furniture;
  • To carry out the finish of the walls and installation of furniture;
  • Selection and installation of lighting;
  • Addition decorative elements.

walk-in closet design can be performed in the style of hi-tech or art deco - all depends on the flight of fancy. Very often in a modern design style added to the classic elements that complement the overall picture of the interior of an apartment or house.

Examples of dressing rooms: photo

Samples of wardrobe rooms decoration can be seen in the order. Very well looked stylish shelves of dark wood, located on a white wall background. Also many examples where all the systems are made of chrome-plated metal, which makes the room a stylish and modern. Often, you can see the correct placement of clothing and accessories, as well as inspire us ideas for your project. Also, very often you can find closets where the original partition separating the bedroom from the wardrobe.

Partitions can be:

  • columns;
  • accordion;
  • With built-in furnishings.

In the dressing room, you can show a little creativity and hang a mirror or an unusual shape in the original frameIn the dressing room, you can show a little creativity and hang a mirror or an unusual shape in the original frame

In addition to the basic idea of ​​a designer, you can consult about the proper placement of lighting. The only thing that is not seen in the photo-examples - a ventilation system, which is very necessary in the premises for storing things. This is particularly important if there are a lot of things made from natural leather materials, suede, etc.

Should not forget about the mirror, without which it is difficult to imagine modern dressing. Mirrors can be built into the door or placed along the most it is not a big wall. 

Disposition of the dressing room (video)

Summing up we can safely say that the dressing room is very useful. The most convenient form of a dressing room - it is a square or rectangle. The most comfortable dressing those who have the most remote corners of the home. Dressing should be compact and multifunctional. You can view photos of well-known designers to create designs. Beautiful decor elements give the room a narrow comfort. In big wardrobe can be integrated radius furniture sets. Furniture should be selected in the dressing room a comfortable and practical. Dressing room can be created in large and small rooms.

Design dressing room (interior photo)

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