Make out the door in the hall: a photo and 4 mater manufacturing

Make out the door in the hall: a photo and 4 mater manufacturing

12 October 2017

Choice of doors to the hallway is very diverseChoice of doors to the hallway very mnogoobrazenKak usually hallway in the apartment - a small room of rectangular shape, it can rarely be greatly extended. Sometimes the room is obtained as a residual, after layout of the apartment. Thus, non-standard space greatly complicates repairs. The apartments project out so that the doors of the living rooms or the corridor out into the hall and serve as a separator between the rooms. It turns out that the door does not open in the room, and in the space of the hall. As an independent lot, entrance may be considered only in a private home. In such houses is usually in the project is put not a small hallway at the entrance, as it is very convenient and practical. In this room it is possible to set a ladder to the second floor.

What you need to know before you plan to install the door into the corridor

To understand what to look for when choosing an interior door to the hallway and the hallway, let us first understand what kinds of hallways there.


  1. Entrance hall, which leaves the room. Formed when all the rooms are located in the hall. As a rule, this room has a rectangular shape. Sometimes it turns into a narrow elongated room.
  2. Hall, at the same time performs the corridor function. This space is obtained when opening the doors of all the rooms is carried out in the hall. The room is usually a rather large, but every door opens into the inside of it, creating discomfort while using.
  3. Entrance hall with clearly separated by a corridor. This hall is produced when the door to the hallway out the bath, toilet and kitchen, followed by a corridor, and have it come out door living rooms.

Entrance hall - a single independent room, and no matter how many doors did not go, choose their design in the same style, so as not to get the situation of communal apartments, where every farmer prepares his door as he wants.

Use spotlights. Chandelier is possible as an element of decor, but in the great hall. Plus preferences spotlights will save energy. Since the room has no windows, the sunlight into the hall and the hall will not do. To avoid this situation, choose the interior doors with glass inserts, and in some cases, if the opportunity is there, it is entirely made of glass.

Depending on the size and number of door openings, look for open system. Systems can be sliding, classical folding, accordion. Open doors, especially if they are single-wing, take up a lot of space. Choose more open system, both in the coupé, this technology, when the blade and ride between the 2-track mechanisms, saves enough space. But this technology does not allow you to lean against the wall close to furniture or appliances.

Before installing the door into the hallway, consider opening systemBefore installing the door into the hallway, consider opening system

Hide the sliding door in a special compartment, made, for example, plasterboard. Since your door does not put anyone, will not be seen, that looks good aesthetically. The color palette to adjust to the external factors of the room. Light colors preferably, they will create a feeling of comfort, and visually increase the space.
Sometimes you should use some tricks. For example, if your hallway and corridor established a large number of doors, then from some doorways can be dispensed with and replaced by arches. Restoration received after the installation of arches make the room visually larger and brighter.

Not metal doors in the color of wenge perform not only the function of the insulator of one space from another, but also can be a great decoration item. Before starting the repair, before the doors will be installed blades, it is necessary to make metering of all doorways. Make sure that the door leaf is a standard size.

Hallway with white doors

White is considered the most convenient option for the home. He is a universal fit any decor. As the market of interior doors is replete with a variety of options to choose the right door for you will not be difficult.

Pros white door in the hallway:

  1. Easy to match with any room design. By combining, for example, bleached oak window frames and doors of the same color, you can remove the sensation of narrow passages around, complete interior and give it integrity. White doorway is equally well look like the entrance to the hall on the first floor and the interior in the nursery and the living room and the kitchen top. Even fire doors originally painted in bright colors. The second door in white give the cramped space of lightness.
  2. Some believe white is quite impractical, but it is not, such as dust on the white surface less noticeable.

White door in the hallway perfectly fit into any decorWhite door in the hallway perfectly fit into any decor

In the narrow and wide versions outside the box when to remove or adjust the load-bearing walls is not possible, an excellent alternative is order a door specialist. So you get to fully express their individuality and possibly buy ideally suited for you web. Increased high doorways will help increase the visual height of the ceilings.

How could combine dark corridor doors in different styles of interior

In addition to being a neutral color will approach the door to any design, you still have to decorate the doors of opportunity to create the perfection of the interior. White is perfectly suited to the interior in bright dairy, glossy beige tones.

In this case, additional focus will not be required:

  1. The door leaf will go well, if it is in the same colors as the walls.
  2. Also, the white color will contrast perfectly dark shades.
  3. White and blue color will appear in the Mediterranean interior.
  4. Interior doors of such colors are advantageous to look at the sea theme.

In the hallway a door dark color blends light-colored furnitureIn the hallway a door dark color blends light-colored furniture

If the door decor use white color and even add a glass finish, the room will be visually light, bright, improves sleep in the bedroom, for example. Such a decision would be a great outlet for small-sized apartments.

Dark door in an interior corridor

Dark door, particularly the input of iron, used in the interior of the apartments is very common. Sometimes there are problems in the color combination of dark door leaf and the rest of the interior design. The best style to fit to the dark door is modern. Door leaf is selected by the floor color. Good to use the same door structure as the floor.

The color combination of the door and the floor is very important in the design of the wrong combination will affect the room comfort. It is also guided by the color of furniture. Picking up the color of the furniture, you can smooth out the contrast of the door and the floor. The task of smoothing contrasts perfectly cope baseboard or trim in the same color characteristics.

Excellent design solution for large hallways and corridors will be a dark door and light flooring.

Possible combinations of embodiments:

  1. The transition from one color to another. This transition should be soft. This door design, furniture, baseboards, trims, and others. Executed in the minimum color difference.
  2. Full color fusion. The contrast in this design can not be. In this case, the design of the door leaf and the rest of the decor are neither in the tone.
  3. Smooth contrast. Use neutral colors to blend the interior hallway and corridor was harmonious.

Dark door in an interior corridor look rich and luxuriousDark door in an interior corridor look rich and luxurious

What to rely when choosing a dark doorway:

  1. The color of the walls. For the walls should use dark decor in a small amount, for example, various contrasting inserts.
  2. Trims are usually chosen, focusing on the baseboard or door. Chance of contrast, light and dark trim door leaf.
  3. Color floor solution may be different. The laminate may be light-colored or dark coating is oriented under dark oak or nut.
  4. Pick up the structure of the furniture to the structure of the door leaf.

Linked to the general characteristics of the room is dark door leaf is possible by the addition of small parts of the same structure as that of the web. For example, the use of picture frames.

Interior corridor with black doors and a dark floor

The color combination of dark door and dark floor in the hallway and the hallway, not uncommon in the design of our apartments.

It is necessary to pay attention to some subtlety:

  1. You should choose the combination, where the floor is a bit darker than the door leaf.
  2. With this choice of colors, where the floor is dark shades, lighter door floor and the ceiling light, a smooth transition is obtained.
  3. But the use of monochromatic design would lead to the fact that small room and hallway corridor will be visually less.

Furnished our interior corridor dark door and the floor, pay special attention to lightingFurnished our interior corridor dark door and the floor, pay special attention to lighting

If the room has sufficient access to sunlight and fairly high ceilings, such a combination does not hurt. Consider the room lighting is necessary.

For scenery, if space allows, you can use pictures and panels. They can hang on the walls free. But here it is important not to overdo it. For the decorative elements is best to choose shades lighter.

Corridors with doors input light tones

Black door leaf in the interior looks elegant, modern and stylish. Just as the white linen, black is combined with all colors, which makes it quite practical choice.

To create the effect:

  1. Bright finish flooring and black doors to visually expand the space.
  2. A harmonious combination of light with black walls doors.
  3. Hesitate combine with black cloth celestial color, deep blue, deep green and purple.
  4. Brightness give a combination of orange and red.
  5. A link black fabric design will allow pieces of furniture, baseboards and trim to match.

Entrance doors bright colors perfectly combined with darker shades of the walls and furnitureEntrance doors bright colors perfectly combined with darker shades of the walls and furniture

By following these simple tricks, you can create an original design.

Choose a compact open system, if your small-sized hall. Do not lose the space, if you install a system in which the door leaf is hidden inside the wall. Plus the fact that the design of such doors can be made in any style. Well, such a system will emphasize minimalism and space savings striking.

Choosing the front door to the hallway and the hallway

Modern manufacturers of interior doors give the consumer a fairly wide range of door designs.

Kinds of doors, depending on the material during manufacture:

  1. Fiberboard. The main advantage of this type of doors - low. Low weight of the blade makes it possible to deliver door to apartment design independently and set its own hands. The frame structure is made of wood and coated fiberboard. This type is very popular among consumers, so range is very well represented in the stores. Among the few drawbacks of such doors is the basic fragility, as fiberboard are not characterized by a great margin of safety, and this door is very bad resists moisture. This door in the bathroom or some other room with high humidity will last not long.
  2. MDF doors. Low cost, the same drawbacks as the previous species.
  3. Wood. The strength of this kind of doors will depend on the strength of the rock from which they are made. interior doors installed in rooms with a unique design made of valuable wood. Such wood paintings are very expensive.

There are several variants of the material of which can be carried out the door in the hallwayThere are several variants of the material of which can be carried out the door in the hallway

Glass, steel, plastic interior doors are not in great demand. Such materials are specific to the door inside the apartment building. A detailed examination of them is inappropriate.

Forms of the front door in an interior corridor

Matter how strong will the box, depends on how long you will last the door.

Doors may be made of MDF, raw wood or laminate webDoors may be made of MDF, raw wood or laminate web


  1. MDF - looks good, but not durable. Possible deflection of the weight of the door leaf, and even by their own weight boxes, respectively, to hang on a box the heavy door of the timber will not be possible.
  2. Untreated wood painting, unlike MDF, considered to be more durable material, and pricing is at the level of the budget fiberboard. It consists of the dried profile bar. When choosing a material, please note that additional decoration box.
  3. Laminated web. Pay attention to the quality of paper used when laminating to prevent future cracks and scratches on the door leaf.

The interior of the hall (video)

Making the door opening must be made of a durable reliable material. The box not only serves a decorative function, but also serves as a support for the installation of the door leaf.

Detail: the door to the entrance hall (photo examples)

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