Magic gray sofa in an interior room: photos of different styles and combinations 7

Magic gray sofa in an interior room: photos of different styles and combinations 7

12 October 2017

Beautiful gray sofa will perfectly fit the interior of any livingBeautiful gray sofa will fit perfectly into any interior gostinoySery color - the perfect backdrop for creativity, the basis for the application of saturated colors, the link between strokes in the beautiful interior of the living room. Sofa in gray is able to create the necessary atmosphere for the reception - does not distract the attention on himself, weakens and not get bored. Gray sofa in the living room - a win-win situation for any owner, friend and helper in any interior.

Living room with gray sofa: versions

Inviting friends to the living room with a properly chosen gray sofa, you can be sure they will be in it comfortable and cozy. If the design of the living room is done in a modern style, it is better to buy a sofa and light-colored smooth texture. Add warmth and comfort to help knitted blanket, combined with natural materials. Create a cheerful mood will use bright accessories.

To create a more relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a large sofa, a strict form will add sophistication any environment.

For classical interiors best option is to choose a sofa upholstered saturated hue. Gray sofa perfectly complement the black-and-white execution room, softening the sharp contrast and giving extra chic. To add a refinement, you can use pearl or golden pillows of glossy fabrics combined with black.

Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the room will help you blend in gray with brown shadesCreate a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the room will help you blend in gray with brown shades

In everyday life, gray sofa - practical and reliable assistant, light hides dirt and dust away from prying eyes, is able to change depending on the mood.

Features a combination of gray with other colors:

  • Gray and pink - creates a sensuous image in the case of delicate tones, calms the bright flashy colors;
  • Gray and red - fills the atmosphere of joy and fun, if it's a light gray color and a bright red addition, when using dark tones of red atmosphere will become deeper and more dramatic;
  • Gray and yellow - light shades of gray in harmony with the calm muted yellow, dark - with bright;
  • Gray and green - using warm green tones can achieve the effect of total relaxation and relaxation, cold give little pride and indifference;
  • Gray and blue - these colors and interior looks elegant, brings intelligent male image, turquoise will add sophistication;
  • Gray and purple - as well as in combination with pink, add romance (lilac, mauve), charm and passion will add darker shades of these colors;
  • Gray and Brown - a calm mix, without contrast transition even with opposite colors.

Creating an interior room, it is important to play not only with color, but also with the form, also using interesting lighting solutions. Then we will make it bright.

For lovers of bright colors: Red sofa in the interior of the living room, photo

Red sofa - a choice of bold, decisive, goal-oriented people.

Add bright colors of the guest room, you can use the stylish red sofaAdd bright colors of the guest room, you can use the stylish red sofa

Design options red sofas in the room can be as follows:

  • Leather upholstery - the solidity of a cocky overtones, suitable for unusual and creative people;
  • Synthetics and cotton - the most common variant, capable of a bit tame and simplify red;
  • Corduroy or velvet - luxury and glamor.

With the combination of a red sofa with white and dark tones of the most living room brightness and expressiveness is enhanced.

The luxurious living room sofa complement the gold elements in red, noble materials. Well chosen shape - a classic.

Magic purple sofa in the interior of the living room: photos

Soothing purple color - suitable romantic nature with unlimited imagination. To achieve the effect of the combination of all the noble piece of furniture should be used mainly dark saturated colors that will play on the contrast with several elements of the living room: light curtains, floor coverings.

Making a guest room in a purple color is perfect for unusual and creative individualsMaking a guest room in a purple color is perfect for unusual and creative individuals

In order to successfully pick the color, it is worth considering the following recommendations:

  • In combination with white color purple sofa can fill living cold and warm atmosphere, it depends on the choice of shades;
  • Using green along with purple, you can add freshness and comfort;
  • Shades of pink in the interior with purple sofa give additional romance and charm;
  • It goes well with dark blue.

In the living room, made in a minimalist style or high-tech, purple sofa will look great in combination with light shades of beige, peach.

Laconic white couch in a living room interior: photo

White sofa - modern, stylish and strictly. He is perfectly fit into any interior design and color scheme, if choose the right shade of white and the shape of the sofa. But it should be noted that it does not become the protagonist of the living room and will be a good background for the selection of other important elements of the decor.

When choosing a sofa for the living room, you must pay attention to its quality and functionalityWhen choosing a sofa for the living room, you must pay attention to its quality and functionality

For the living room - this is an excellent choice, as the white color has to communicate, gives lightness and airiness of the interior.

The only problem when choosing such furniture - special and careful care in the operation. If the positive aspects of outreach efforts to care, it is not necessary to think about the purchase.

Here are some tips that you can use when choosing a white couch:

  • Leather sofa - the most practical option, moisture-proof, able to largely withstand the mechanical impact and pollution, durable;
  • When purchasing a sofa from available materials, should take care of removable covers;
  • To care is best to use a cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer.

Brown sofa in a living room interior: photo and choice

For the living room sofa brown - a good practical solution. A noble, soft color, initially likable - a great assistant in the design of home decor. soft shades of brown sofa suitable for rooms with a variety of colors.

Stylish interior of a modern guest room fit leather sofa brownStylish interior of a modern guest room fit leather sofa brown

When choosing the colors used in the interior of the living room, it is better to use the following combinations:

  • Plum, burgundy, pale beige shade - with the best combination of light brown and soft furnishings;
  • Natural browns complement the natural materials: wood, house plants;
  • Indoor light colors will help you look dark

As is the case with a gray sofa, on a brown background it is very convenient to enter the interior of bright accessories. Beautiful contrast provide pistachio, orange color.

Beautiful gray sofa in an interior room (video)

In any environment, the most important thing - balance. If you use a massive furniture, the rest of the environment should be light, airy and elegant. Doing bright accents, it's important - to stop in time. To create a harmonious interior, you can use special tables color combinations. When making a living should not forget about the other rooms, even in your home there is harmony in everything.

Examples of gray couch in the living room (photo in the interior)

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