Lighting in the bedroom with tension ceilings: photo and design options

Lighting in the bedroom with tension ceilings: photo and design options

12 October 2017

The right choice of lighting a bedroom with a stretch ceiling is the main factor in the comfort roomThe right choice of lighting a bedroom with a stretch ceiling is a major factor of comfort pomescheniyaSpalnya - room, where the person is at rest, so the correct light in this room plays a really important role. Subdued light helps to relax, beautiful fixtures will add a room comfort, and if installed in the bedroom ceilings, the correct light will visually enlarge the room. On what types of ceilings are and what coverage is best to choose for each of them - is described in this article.

Options for the bedroom ceiling

Stretch ceilings are increasing in modern apartments, they allow you to achieve the greatest level surface. The construction of suspended ceilings reliability and durability, and a variety of colors and textures allows you to please even the pickiest customer.

Professionals are three types of blades:

  • Glossy;
  • matte;
  • satin.

Glossy ceilings are most often used in small bedroomsGlossy ceilings are most often used in small bedrooms

Depending on the total interior room ceiling type selected.

Ceilings differ from each other only external properties, they are safe and reliable.

Glossy ceilings are smooth fabric with a mirror effect. This type of ceiling perfectly reflect light, so even a small light source can be reflected on the ceiling and visually enlarge the room. Glossy ceilings are ideal for small bedrooms with low ceilings. A wide palette of colors allows you to choose the best option for any interior ceiling. Glossy ceiling adds lightness to the bedroom, and additional inserts and lights will make the room visually more spacious.

Matte ceilings have a rough surface, on the contrary, they absorb and muffle the light coming from the lamps. A ceiling - ideal for bedrooms, it will create comfort and softness to the room. Matt ceiling will fit into any interior color of the ceiling can be absolutely anything, which certainly is a big advantage.

Matt suspended ceiling fit into the interior premises of any purpose, including bedroomsMatt suspended ceiling fit into the interior premises of any purpose, including bedrooms

Matt ceiling is perfect for a child's room or bedroom. Beige and gray tones give the room style and light shades will add tenderness. Another plus is matt ceiling - the price. Of the three types, this is the most affordable option.

Satin ceilings combine the advantages of glossy and matte paintings.

They are a perfectly smooth surface, but they look more expensive than conventional matt ceiling. Sateen fabric barely reflects light, but does not create the effect of a mirror like gloss. This option is perfect for bedroom with dark wallpaper, it does not attract too much attention, perfectly fit in the classic design of the bedroom and into the modern. Satin ceiling may vary depending on the ambient light in the afternoon it smooth and matte, and in the evening from light bulbs acquires the features of a glossy ceiling.

What are the options for lighting and illumination

For each species, the ceiling should be to choose the right lighting. Often, in the bedrooms are set directly from the illumination of the ceiling, it is often done in multi-level structures of tension. Mural becoming increasingly popular with each passing year, so draw the ceiling as a continuation of the wall and include a backlight is a good solution.

Spot lights, located on the ceiling and walls are organic decoration of the bedroomSpot lights, located on the ceiling and walls are organic decoration of the bedroom

You can decorate the bedroom and spotlights, which can be located on the walls and ceiling.

Do not forget about the options of suspended ceilings with lighting, such as "starry sky". At night, the ceiling is literally glows that resembles the cosmos with many stars. This unusual ceiling create an unusual atmosphere in the bedroom and at the same time add enough light.

Chandeliers, sconces, lamps - also perfectly suitable as a light source, especially if the bedroom set of glossy ceilings.

Lighting in the bedroom with tension ceilings

There are many different options for lighting a bedroom.

Here are a few tips for choosing the lighting for the bedroom:

  1. The multilayer stretch and ceilings often placed spotlights or illumination of the LED strips.
  2. In the children's bedroom or in a room with colorful walls, you can use different colored lights.
  3. sconces are often installed for the convenience of the bedrooms above the beds. In this case, not necessarily the presence of the chandelier in the room, lights over the bed perfectly illuminate the room with soft light.

Good idea lighting lamps are also various shades with up thus light is scattered on the stretch ceiling, visually increasing bedroom.

The use of chandeliers with lampshade, upward, visually expands the space bedroomThe use of chandeliers with lampshade, upward, visually expands the space bedroom

Small lamps attached to the ceiling, capable of reflecting light, creating a soft, unobtrusive lighting, but can emphasize the flaws of the ceiling, the same is with matte flat chandeliers.

Sunny and soft lighting can be obtained using conventional incandescent lamps.

The bedrooms can be found several different lamps, for instance on the walls and ceiling. You can manage them by remote control, there are also options for fixtures and highlights that respond to movement. That is, when you go into the room lights turn on automatically.

The original suspended ceiling in the bedroom with light

Correctly chosen lighting further enhances the room gives the impression of high ceilings.

Side lights darken the suspended ceiling in the bedroom lighterSide lights darken the suspended ceiling in the bedroom lighter

Some nuances:

  1. A narrow strip of light to visually raise the ceiling, the lighting option is well suited for small bedrooms.
  2. If the bathroom has a glossy ceiling, thanks to its translucency, you can create a sophisticated lighting design, and then hide their ceiling. Thus, through the web of the ceiling will leak enough light that is evenly distributed throughout the room.
  3. Zakarniznaya hidden lights can read, watch TV or use a computer, creating a subdued light.
  4. For dark ceilings ideal lateral illumination, it allows you to make the ceiling lighter.

Lighting options for the bedroom a lot, should choose the backlight depending on the type and color of fabric, then you can dramatically change the interior of the room and visually enlarge the space.

Lighting bedroom with ceilings (video)

To summarize, it should be noted that prior to installation of the ceiling, consider the lighting of the room, it is possible that the wiring necessary to carry out directly on the ceiling, make holes for the fixtures. Someone will fall like lighting with motion sensors, and somebody decides to use the good old incandescent bulbs. Each bedroom and the interior fit your lighting options, and what it will be - you decide.

Lighting in the bedroom with ceilings (photo)

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