Light panels on the ceiling: select, install, use

Light panels on the ceiling: select, install, use

12 October 2017

Light panels - a source of inspiration for the original design of the dwellingLight panels - a source of inspiration for the original design of residential pomescheniyaSvetovye panel in the interior - this is a direct way to create a tendentious modern image of your home or office. In addition, such panels to expand the space of lighting possibilities. LED panels can be in harmony with the different areas of design, so you are sure to find an option that will emphasize the individuality of the room. Do not be afraid to experiment: bright accents on details such as ceiling lights, looks relevant.

LED panel ceiling: the main advantages

Installation of LED panels is gaining popularity. Such a device will spend significantly less power than conventional lamps, and the appearance of light panels differs elegance, beauty and irresistible style wealth.

Among the most important benefits of release:

  • Energy savings. Despite the general high cost of LED panels, saving energoraskhoda sooner or later make up for the cost of purchase and installation of lighting equipment
  • Another important advantage is the durability of such lamps. They do not burn out, do not break, they do not need to change anything.
  • With LED panels, you can choose any room lighting method is to distribute the panels all over the ceiling, only some parts can be illuminated.
  • Installing the panels does not require any special skills. This can make even a novice.
  • The light panel is very powerful. A small panel easily fill light 30 sq. m. space.
  • You can change the power and even the color of the light as desired. Each panel can be operated separately.

LED panel manufactured with quality materials, so they do not require additional care or regular changing of lampsLED panel manufactured with quality materials, so they do not require additional care or regular changing of lamps

Attach the panel is possible as the ceiling, and on the special thread that makes the light more directional.

If you want to arrange the room with the latest in fashion and technology, the light panels fit you best.

How to choose the fixtures for the ceiling of the plastic panels

Ceiling panels made of plastic - this is a very practical and cost-effective solution. The panels for the ceiling can be easily installed, care for them does not require much effort, as well as a pleasant feature of the ceiling is a wide choice of lighting.

 For the ceiling of the plastic panels fit the following types of lamps:

  1. Spotlights. This is a classic for PVC ceiling. The advantage of spotlights is their cost, as well as a variety of options for the location of fixtures.
  2. Classic chandeliers. Using the classic chandelier is also permissible to install a ceiling of plastic panels. Make sure that the PVC panels do not overheat.
  3. LED panel. This option is good for any kind of ceiling, so you can use it with plastic panels.
  4. LED strip. Fortunately underlined gloss PVC panels LED strip on the perimeter of the room or at the level of the junction, if you decide to make a multilevel ceiling of plastic panels. Remember that the LED ribbon lighting solution complements, but does not provide full coverage. So use LED strips in combination with other types of lighting.

Classic chandelier perfect for plastic ceiling and lighting are the main component of any roomClassic chandelier perfect for plastic ceiling and lighting are the main component of any room

For PVC ceiling panels inadmissible overheating. Therefore, use of low voltage halogen lamps in fixtures or chandeliers point. They heat up much less than conventional light bulbs.


Spot lights are becoming more popular among consumers. The reason is that this solution saves both space and money, as single spots can cost much cheaper than chandelier. A possibility to include only the required number of devices to save energy.

Among the spotlights, there are also LED lamps. These models are more expensive than conventional lamps under a halogen lamp, however, they have several advantages typical for LED-panels.

Spotlights adjust the direction of light cast no shadow, economical, have high levels of efficiencySpotlights adjust the direction of light cast no shadow, economical, have high levels of efficiency

However, apart from the advantages spotlights it has a number of drawbacks, which are also important to familiarize yourself:

  • When installing spotlights need to think carefully about how to connect each lighting unit to the cable.
  • 12-watt lamps involve the use of blocks or power transformers.
  • Recessed presuppose the existence of a false ceiling that is not always convenient. For example, if your home low ceilings, the ceiling will steal a few centimeters of space.
  • Suspended ceiling (PVC or any other material) does not suffer overheating. So you need to carefully approach the choice of lamps. If the lamp overheats, the ceiling can be deformed.

Still, if to think in advance all the details, from the spotlight outs you can not meet. Remember the precautions when installing and operating spots for suspended ceiling.

Installation spotlights

If you decide to fix the light in a room by yourself, then read the instructions carefully. In general, the installation of these fixtures is easy. However, if you doubt their abilities, then hire a professional. This procedure is no different high prices.

Scheme mounting spotlightsScheme mounting spotlights

Thus, the spots installation is as follows:

  1. When installing the ceiling wiring is necessary to bring to the site of the future fixtures.
  2. Mark with a pencil the location of future fixtures. Then cut the shape of a hot knife.
  3. Carefully insert the spots. Make sure the spring is not deformed ceiling. Hold them gently and smoothly.
  4. Connect the wires in parallel, in order to avoid the effect of Christmas tree garlands
  5. For connection, use terminals.
  6. Gofrorukava will protect your home from harm in the event of closure.
  7. Choose wires with minimal heating. Stranded conductors made of copper perfectly satisfy this requirement.
  8. Do not spare wires! 15 cm wire is necessary in order not to create unnecessary tension.

If you doubt that they are able to avoid the negative aspects in installing or using spotlights, please refer to the professionals. Services for the installation of fixtures will not be too costly, and the nerves and energy you will save.

Installation and connection of spotlights (video)

Selecting and mounting the light - it is an interesting work, as a result of which you get a bright, beautiful space, easy to relax, work or other activities. Experiment with light, and you'll notice how the room is transformed thanks to new lighting solutions.

Light panels on the ceiling (photo)

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