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Make the bedroom a cozy and atmospheric help country styleMake the bedroom a cozy and atmospheric help kantriBabushkin style house in the village, known since childhood smell of herbs and a special flavor - this is something that is so close country style. In fact, this style of ethno-national, so it can vary from country to country. And in order to move away from the urban reality, we can bring a little bit of country in his bedroom.

Bedroom interior in the style of the country

Country style is also called the village, and for good reason - it was typical for the villages of this style of design with a focus on exclusively natural materials.

Interestingly, the country has received a lot of different directions, depending on ethnicity:

  • Italian;
  • German;
  • English;
  • French (aka Provence);
  • American;
  • Breakfast (also known as Chalet).

To furnish a bedroom in country style is better to use only organic, natural materialsTo furnish a bedroom in country style is better to use only organic, natural materials

It is interesting that, despite the common roots of the village, in the interiors of these began to bring details specific to a particular country. So there was a lot of areas, some of which have already become a separate style, such as Provence. To interior bedroom was more comfortable, bring enough to the style of notes of the national culture.

Rustic style involves finishing practicality, natural materials, comfortable furniture, natural shades and lots of light.

Bedroom design in the style of the country

As with any other styles, country has its own distinctive features.

There is usually:

  • Welcomed the presence of the fire;
  • The abundance of textile products;
  • Accessories made with his own hands;
  • Wrought iron furniture;
  • Simple dishes;
  • The presence of unusual storage systems - GEL chests;
  • Maximum natural materials.

Bedroom country fit perfectly, because it will create a unique atmosphere of comfort. Unusually look different covers, table cloths and curtains, which are made in one style, color and with the same pattern.

Special comfort in the bedroom in the style of the country creates an interesting and unusual textilesSpecial comfort in the bedroom in the style of the country creates an interesting and unusual textiles

The most current decor - knitted things with their hands. This can be not only a lace tablecloth, and even decor for sconces. Availability of bed mats also welcome. Rustic motif also allowed. The rude bed, a necessary minimum of finishing materials - interior in the style of the cabin in the woods ready!

If in the bedroom there are wooden elements (beams on the ceiling, furniture), the texture of the wood do not need to hide behind the paint. On the contrary, it is necessary to emphasize and highlight. A little trick - beams on the ceiling can be made of polyurethane, and the texture of wood added using a film with photo printing. The topic will be and floral motifs. Country brings a person closer to nature, back to the origins and roots. Therefore, all that is characteristic of the very nature, will be the place in the country.

Bedroom country: choose the color

This style is characterized by a massive and high-quality furniture, so the wide wooden bed, ideal for the interior. Genesis should be as simple as, for example, irregularities in the ceiling may be only an additional emphasis, not a nuisance. Of course, a fireplace in the bedroom is unlikely to succeed put. But live fire can be and candles. Several large wax candles instead of conventional electrical lighting make the room even more comfortable, even for a time.

The color scheme for the bedroom in country style chosen quiet. Do not forget that this room is designed specifically for recreation. However, the style does not imply the presence and abundance of bright colors.

Quite the opposite:

  • Pastel shades;
  • Natural, natural shades;
  • No bright colors;
  • Neon and chromium deleted;
  • The presence of fine patterns and cells.

To design a bedroom in country-style designers recommend using soft pastel colorsTo design a bedroom in country-style designers recommend using soft pastel colors

As commonly used floor covering flooring. If it is to do a little darker, a little more light furniture will look weightless. Welcome contrast - if for the walls were chosen pastel colors, the furniture should choose more saturated colors. And if the walls are dark, then light furniture is the best place to be.

The furniture itself is also extremely simple - no monograms, engravings and complex drawings. Clean lines, maximum functionality - that's what suits a country style.

Textiles should be plenty. Even too much. Mats, napkins, tablecloths, curtains, even canopy. And the drawing of certain objects should be the same, such as upholstery of chairs and table cloth, napkins and bedspread. Cross encouraged embroidery and various items made in patchwork art.

Curtains should be light, warm shades, as complete protection from sunlight and almost black shades quite characteristic of the country. On the contrary, rural style with a touch of France sets a romantic mood. Paul, too, do not need to be ignored. You can put a carpet with high pile, mat, cow skin. Instead of flooring made of natural stone, country allows the use of ceramic tiles. However, in the bedroom stone floor for anything, and it is better to choose a warm shade flooring.

Unique bedroom in a wooden house in the country style

In a wooden house of country style it will be appropriate to all. Natural wood, so typical of this style, no unnecessary decoration.

But the wall does not necessarily leave the wood, because there are many options for finishing:

  • Decorative plaster;
  • The cloth;
  • Inserts made of stone or brick;
  • Pasting wallpaper with a simple pattern;
  • Combining different types of finishes.

Additionally, you can decorate the bedroom decorative trim and fireplaceAdditionally, you can decorate the bedroom decorative trim and fireplace

Most often made of brick or stone inserts were near the fireplace. The country house it is always to the point, and the interior in the style of the country simply requires to bring a live fire in the room. Ceiling, too, need to pay attention - mostly decorated with his beams. But we must be very careful, because the location of the beams can visually change the perception of the room. In, you can use decorative plaster as an alternative - it looks a textured ceiling is not less than aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Country style is almost completely eliminates the use of glass in the interior. The only exception - it is not too large mirror in a wooden or wicker frame.

It is also worth to give up the built-in furniture. The trend - bedroom set, collected from the same style and color of the objects. Sometimes furniture give the touch of antique specifically sostarivaya it artificially.

The central subject of the bedroom - a bed. Most preferably to choose a model from a large timber. Add color to help a beautiful covered with floral motifs or knitwear.

Making bedroom in country-style (video)

The bedroom in the style of the country will be a great outlet for those who, even in the midst of modern cities tends to unity with nature. This style is most conducive peace and tranquility, as well as a comfortable rest after hard working days.

Bedroom design in the style of the country (photos of the interior)

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