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There are many types of design for the living room, so even a small room can be arranged with tasteThere are many types of design for the living room, so even a small room can be arranged with taste here in the evenings the whole family, here welcome guests and celebrate family holidays. That is why every owner wants her living room was cozy and beautiful. There are many types of design for the apartments in general and in particular living rooms, while the majority of a living room interior options designed for a larger room. But it is worth remembering that many families live in the so-called Khrushchev, is small in size and non-standard layout.

The design of the living room in Khrushchev

Interior room in houses of this type will depend on the size of the room, and on its type. The living room can be small in its area, and may be significant in size, but its entire length to be narrow. Experts recommend to develop design a living on the basis of each individual case. All ideas and examples of ready-made designs contain extensive photos. Here are real examples of existing lounges. From the living room to furnish their new or daring to make a difference in the existing knitting room, not immediately decide what colors will be subtle interior.

Experts help choose wisely interior for living roomExperts help choose wisely interior for living room

Attention should be paid to:

  1. Set wallpaper. It is recommended to use wallpaper in bright colors.
  2. Lighting. As with the selection of wallpaper, the choice of lighting aims to make the room visually larger than it actually is.
  3. Shelves and cabinets. In order to save as much precious space is better to make shelves and cupboards built into the walls.
  4. Window decoration: curtains, Tulle.
  5. Furniture. It also has its own nuances that must be considered when selecting the room environment.
  6. Interior accessories: mirrors, paintings, flower pots and so on.

As soon as all conditions of good of the interior of a small room, you can proceed to the design and realization in his life.

Design a small living room in Khrushchev: photos, selection of wallpaper and lighting

First of all, starting to design the interior of the living room, you must seriously consider the choice of colors. In the case of incorrectly chosen color can be visually reduce the size of the room so small. Dark and saturated bright colors and should be avoided due to the fact that similar colors of the interior are able to give non-residential premises look. Consequently, the living loses all its comfort.

By the coloring of the room should be approached responsibly, to visually reduce the roomBy the coloring of the room should be approached responsibly, to visually reduce the room

It is best suited for light scale design in pastel colors. In a small apartment can be used as a warm and cool colors, for example, different tones of gray, blue, blue and green.

Successful is a combination of a small "warm" accents. It can be furniture, accessories, mix different colors of wallpaper and other wall coverings. in the field of design experts recommend using the white color at interior design. He will give the living room a kind of light and visually expand the boundaries of the room.


Another feature of the Living Room is a small light. High-quality and well-chosen lighting, as well as the colors of the interior are able to visually enlarge the room area as a square or rectangular plan. Also plays an important role in natural light. For windows we recommend the use of light fabrics or light tulle.

Lighting in a small living room should be a lotLighting in a small living room should be a lot

Additional lighting is required for smaller rooms. It plays a rule: the smaller the room, the smaller should be the main lighting fixture. Otherwise, the desired result will not be achieved. In addition, experts advise to use additional light sources.

For example:

  • Floor lamps;
  • Wall sconces;
  • Additional ceiling spotlights.

A good solution would be the use of so-called stained, or hiding, light. It can give the room a certain weightlessness. Plus stained lighting is that it can be both a ceiling and a floor.

The design of a narrow living room Khrushchev: room design trick

There are a number of tricks used by many interior designers, interior designing narrow living room, typical of Khrushchev's homes.

To narrow rooms excellent option will be high-gloss surfacesTo narrow rooms excellent option will be high-gloss surfaces


  1. If you use mirror or glossy surface, the floor area may increase due to reflections.
  2. A good solution would be to design the emphasis on one wall of the hall. This can be achieved through a combination of coating colors, or with the help of bright parts on the right wall. In this case, the focus will be on one wall whereby the visual boundaries of the room disappear.
  3. If necessary, in the presence of a seating section, it is possible to use a countertop made of transparent glass.
  4. Also suitable for small glass partitions and doors.

Cozy atmosphere: Furniture hall hruschevke

Living Khrushchev as well as any other sizes imply the presence of living room furniture. Due to its small square room of this type requires special furniture. First of all, it is necessary to abandon any bulky furniture ranging from large walls and finishing sofas, no matter how beautiful they are. Preference is given to the best functional sofa and armchairs, equipped with concealed drawers for storing linen and other things.

If the living room is supposed existence of any cabinets or shelves, it is best that they are built into the wall, then the functionality of the room rises, and most area of ​​the room is almost unchanged.

Small living room should not make a lot of furniture, to save a useful areaSmall living room should not make a lot of furniture, to save a useful area

In that case, if you can not make built-in wardrobes, cabinet furniture, you can use of lightweight materials. The main condition is to have a free space, so-called voids which are open shelves. If the furniture door suggests, it is necessary to give preference to the glass door. All this will also serve to facilitate the kinds of both the furniture and the room in general.

Upholstered furniture more appropriate to place in the corners or along the walls, so will be more free space, and the room will not seem cluttered, which the owners are afraid of Khrushchev. Successful acquisition will transformed any furniture that is represented on the market on a large scale. For example, a good choice will purchase folding table or table-transformer capable of using simple manipulations, decrease and increase in size.

As mentioned earlier, if necessary, the presence in the room table, coffee table lists you or a full table for family gatherings, it is best to use tables with glass tops. They are organically fit into any decor and will not carry a specific gravity in the interior of the living room, such as a beautiful but bulky wooden table.

 How to choose the interior room in Khrushchev (video)


The main thing is to remember that developing a new interior for the small living room in Khrushchev, is that first of all a living room should be comfortable and pleasing household.

Interior room in Khrushchev (photo)

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