Interesting wallpaper in the living room: the interior photos and tips on decorating

Interesting wallpaper in the living room: the interior photos and tips on decorating

12 October 2017

Living room - a place where you spend your time with the guests and its interior should be greatLiving room - a place where you spend your time with the guests and its interior must be velikolepnymGostinaya - a place in the house where the guests are going to go through the Tea Party, and there is a lot of interesting events. This is one of the places in the house, which is visible to a large number of people, whether visitors or neighbors who have come for the salt. Therefore, the living should look decent, or a hundred. For the living room is characterized by holding home social events. Unlike other places in the house, living room it is the most crowded and visited. Few people want to invite people in a bedroom or office. Sometimes the name is in the kitchen, but more often - in the living room.

Wallpaper in the living room - design: how it should be

Wallpaper design for living is quite a sore point for all who are faced with the problem of choice. Therefore, there are some tips that will facilitate the repair of the living room.

Before you choose the wallpaper in the living room, pay attention to the living room area and the degree of illumination.

Light colors wallpaper in the living room is the most optimal one forLight colors wallpaper in the living room is the most optimal one for

bright living room

If the room has plenty of natural light (large windows), the wallpaper for it to be taken from materials that are resistant to light, nevygorayuschih. Thus, for the living room with large windows, it is not necessary to take the paper and fabric wallpaper. They resist the worst light, especially if they are dark in color. It is best suited for a living room or vinyl non-woven wallpaper, and they should be a mark of resistance to fading. The optimal color for such wallpaper - light beige, cream, light gray, light blue pattern without screaming with relief.

spacious room

In large rooms, you can choose light or dark wallpaper, they are well fit into any interior design. If the living room area is small, should buy wallpaper in white, cream and light blue shades, visually expand the space. For those who want to hide the low ceilings, suitable wallpaper with stripes, vertical better, which will make the ceiling visually higher.


The important role played pattern for wallpaper.

Drawing on the wallpaper plays an important role in creating a bright and spacious interior living roomDrawing on the wallpaper plays an important role in creating a bright and spacious interior living room

There are different types of drawings, which are applied to the wallpaper:

  • Vertical and horizontal patterns;
  • Large pictures;
  • small;
  • Mural or a single large pattern.

It is important to remember that the size of each image has its own function. For example, large designs are only suitable for a large space, vertical patterns can lift the ceiling, and the horizontal - to make the area more widely, little figures look good in a small area, and wallpapers can narrow room.

Design wallpaper in the living room: Tips and Tricks

If you want to make a living likeness elegant hall or boudoir, should buy beautiful textile wallpaper. They can be made of silk or velor. With their help, a living room can be decorated in baroque or rococo. However, textile wall quickly get dirty and wipe the stain is almost impossible.

The most beautiful and practical material for walls - linkrust. Wallpaper of this material is a multilayer and relief, and their surface can be cleaned.

Wallpapers of linkrusta can create any effect, whether it is the effect of an antique gold leaf can be with monograms, simulate any material. Fans of Art Nouveau can advise wallpaper Marburg. They perfectly fit into the interior.

Wallpapers of linkrusta help make the interior of antiqueWallpapers of linkrusta help make the interior of antique

Recently, very popular bamboo wallpaper. They are well suited to the interior in ethnic or oriental style. Bamboo wallpaper can leaky wallet, but they will serve long. These wallpapers do not require much care and attention can make any home comfortable.

In the first place consumers are non-woven wallpaper. They are suitable for painting and not limited to a color or pattern. Liquid wallpaper is also in great demand due to its environmental friendliness and a rich selection of colors.

Lovers of unusual solutions can be advised wallpaper companions. They are of two types, with the same texture, but different in color, they are organically look in the living room. It is very important to buy the wallpaper in the place where they can be tested.

Wallpaper for interior room: if you do not make a choice

All happens when hard to make a choice in favor of some wallpaper, but want to buy several. In this case, a way to help the combination of wallpaper. The most important thing here - to choose the right combination of colors, textures, patterns. By combining wallpaper can be divided space into zones, select a wall and hide the other.

The combination of wallpaper depends on the imagination. They can be of different colors and different patterns, but the wallpaper should be of uniform thickness.

In order not to suffer with a choice of colors, good use of color wheel. It will help you to combine all the colors and make a decision.

The combined correctly wallpaper will make the living room more attractive and exclusiveThe combined correctly wallpaper will make the living room more attractive and exclusive

The rules for combining wallpaper

By combining the wallpaper in the living room should follow a few rules:

  • Wallpaper should not contrast much;
  • Wallpaper with a pattern to be combined with solid;
  • The cloth should be of uniform thickness.

Combine the wallpaper should be cautious, keeping the measure. It is not necessary too to experiment and try to make the room look unusual.

Liquid wallpaper photo living room interiors, as ideas

Liquid wallpaper have a distinct advantage over conventional. Firstly, they perfectly remove rough areas, and secondly, liquid wallpaper does not settle, do not lag behind the walls and stuff. Third, you can change colors and graphics, and easy to clean off the dirt.

Liquid wallpaper can be different, but they do not harm the environment, good soundproof, do not fade. But wet cleaning should be cautious, because the liquid wall is easily washed off with water.

Use liquid wallpaper can be everywhere. They are suitable for any room, including for the living room. With liquid wallpaper, you can experiment with colors, patterns, and are not afraid to make the wrong move.

Wallpaper and curtains: Living, Design

When the wallpaper is already selected, gluing committed, the time comes to select the curtains. This is no less important event, because the curtains in the living room should match the interior.

The simplest option to determine whether the wallpaper fit to the curtains - it is to take in a textile store a piece of wallpaper and applying it to the fabric.

If the room has to be bright, the curtains should be slightly lighter than the wallpaper. To make the room darker wallpaper is necessary to choose a few shades darker. Wallpaper with bright and flowery pattern must coexist with cool shades, plain and without different additions.

If there are several shades of wallpaper, curtains should choose similar color or with a similar pattern.

Pick up the curtains to wallpaper - a rather difficult taskPick up the curtains to wallpaper - a rather difficult task

Remember that just organically look pale beige or white curtains. They are suitable for any interior.

Curtains with a large, eye-catching pattern suited to monophonic wallpaper, which is repeated in a different color shade.

Wallpaper in the living room: the interior in the Khrushchev

In Khrushchev small rooms, so you should use bright colors without large patterns in its design.

For registration you can use the beautiful Italian wallpaper, it is important that they are light-colored. The interior can be made of bright colors through accessories such as vases or paintings.

The use of mirrors in the living room design will enable visually expand the space and make it lighter.

Variants of wallpaper in the living room (video)

living room design - enough time-consuming affair, but should come to him with responsibility as everything will be very simple and straightforward. Here are stored various awards, hobby, all that we want to boast. And it is very important that pride items successfully looked at the background wallpaper, not lost, and there were noticeable.

Wallpaper in the living room (photo)

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