Interesting ideas repair bedrooms: 35 images in small apartments

12 October 2017

If the bedroom is small, the bed is better positioned in the center and on the sides to put the necessary furniture to the room looked organicallyIf the bedroom is small, the bed is better positioned in the center and on the sides to put the necessary furniture to the room looked organically Carefully examine the ideas repair bedrooms in small apartments is necessary before starting work. First, we should choose the style of the upcoming changes. Modern, classic, bold or improbable experiments regarding shapes and colors futurism requires consideration of a plurality of parts. To the end result pleased the residents required to acquire thematic publications. They published photos, allowing to make a preliminary opinion.

Repair in a small bedroom: choice of stylistic directions

The necessity of abandoning the dark tones in the room interior design due to the desire to visually expand the boundaries. At the same mistake will be made solely on them. Avoid the feeling of a hospital ward, where the whiteness of almost dazzled the eyes, help a few bright accents. To do this, it is advisable to use a floor covering of warm wood tones. Another option is to opt for pastel shades: beige, sand.

General stylistic direction supplement made from natural materials, furniture, and a reasonable amount of textiles. Careful attention should be paid to the color scheme wallpaper. From the dark and close to the colors it is better to give up - they are visually reduce the space. The right to be in small apartments to bet on light colors.

Repair in a small bedroom is better to perform in a classic style, while using light shadesRepair in a small bedroom is better to perform in a classic style, while using light shades

In addition, the designers put forward a number of other suggestions:

  • Using the horizontal pattern on the wallpaper visually expand space;
  • The color of the ceiling should be as close to white, which adds several visual centimeters;
  • Fans can experiment one of the walls to make a radiant white, leaving the other pastel shades;
  • Adding to the bright white walls contrasting elements have a positive effect on the perception of space;
  • Arrange visual accents in small rooms will help saturated pastel colors.

For those who are planning to put on the floor or laminate flooring, will be useful to know one trick. Installation is carried out on a diagonal, which improves the visual perception of space.

Small bedroom ideas for repair: Incoming group

Work with the space in the room begins with the input of the composition. The smaller it is located next to an excessive amount of things more freely "breathe" inhabitants. The first thing you should pay attention - the distance from the entrance lobby to the wall opposite. It is recommended to leave it open. This positive effect on the feeling of space.

Such furniture is excellent saves space and looks very stylishSuch furniture is excellent saves space and looks very stylish

In the next step, attention is drawn to the headboard. On the one hand, its design must meet the general stylistic decision room. On the other hand, it should not be too bright. In this case, the head will be one of the first visual accents in the room.

Designers allocate a number of other useful advice:

  • The use of small abstract paintings created from a photo, allow the focus in the room at the expanded space;
  • The room-studio entrance group it is advisable to separate the screen.

Repair in a small bedroom, a photo-options: attention to detail

Even the small details of how to make a small room visually spacious room. Effective option in all respects are mirror. Enough to buy one large and several small mirrors. Reflect light create a feeling of freedom. In terms of accommodation, you need to hang them opposite the window. Supplement them can double mirror panels corner cabinets.

The play of light and shadow have a positive effect on the emotional state residents.

An excellent option is the location of the bed near the entrance to the window you can fit your desktopAn excellent option is the location of the bed near the entrance to the window you can fit your desktop

Do not be amiss to point out a few suggestions on how to expand space visually:

  • Place a mirror near the bed is not recommended;
  • Slight turn blue in the interior will add liveliness;
  • Used with the pastel beige tones or shades of red have a positive impact on the perception of space.

Before you make a real change in the room it is advisable to see ready-made options. As the study of design solutions should be aware of one. Should not blindly copy the desired option. In most cases we are talking about the need for minor improvements.

How to make a repair in a small bedroom: tips for beginners

As all the ideas of the future transformations are considered, we can safely move on to the practical implementation. The first step is to create a second tier. From a functional point of view, in a room he will contribute to the optimization of the space available. The color scheme is organized in pastel colors. Expand a little space allows the window sill.

If the interior of a standard bedroom it is used, the maximum for the colors, the skillful design approach he will make a cute couch. An important condition for the implementation of such ideas are deep-set windows.

In a small bedroom fits a picture of medium size with 3D effectIn a small bedroom fits a picture of medium size with 3D effect

The following options are used as other tips for an upcoming renovation:

  • Lack of space will help to hide the bright cushions;
  • Combination of several functional areas allows you to make a cozy atmosphere, while leaving space for work and leisure;
  • The use of small furniture - the key to successful repair. Instead of standard cabinets is recommended to opt for a higher consoles;
  • can be recommended to make their own hands a few crafts for fans of ecological design trends. They are placed on the wall;
  • Curtains and textiles used without pattern;
  • It is desirable to maximally eliminate voids between pieces of furniture;
  • It is necessary to avoid overloading malovostrebovannymi Premises.

Interior small bedroom: design ideas and tips (video)

Organization of space in a small apartment is comparable with a walk through a minefield. Every misstep destroys scarce space. Designers recommend to pre-think over every step. Wallpaper color, texture and appearance of furniture, mirrors, and the presence of small decorative items - all this forms the basis of correct registration of a small room.

Options for small repairs bedrooms (photos)

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