Interesting and unusual cross-stitch: scheme people and 35 photos

Interesting and unusual cross-stitch: scheme people and 35 photos

12 October 2017

Embroider cross people schemes - employment laborious but fascinatingEmbroider cross people schemes - consuming activity, but uvlekatelnoeVyshivka cross people schemes - a laborious process that requires some knowledge. Embroider portraits or entire silhouette is not so simple. If the scheme is ready, and it stamped by drawing the difficulties should not be. In the absence of such tips have to carry the whole scheme of their own on the web. For an experienced person is not difficult, the beginner need help.

Cross Stitch people: where to start

All the tricks and secrets of embroidery is gradually revealed. It is impossible to know at once all the basics, without practice, the theoretical understanding of the process can not lead to a good result. Technical implementation of cross-stitch refers to the countable type.

Traditionally, the following materials are used to create unique compositions:

  • Canvas;
  • thread;
  • the hoop;
  • Special needle;
  • Organizer.

Canvas - a special fabric made in the particular technique. Proper addition of the longitudinal and transverse filaments creates equal squares of identical shape. Specialized canvas embroidery greatly simplifies the process. Working with such a fabric is not difficult. The size of the cells or squares on the canvas may be different. Professionals recommend to start with a large cloth, it will turn out sewing skill.

Before you start sewing, it is recommended to fix the edges. This will prevent them from fraying. For this region are processed on a sewing machine or simply taped over tape.

Embroidery cross people can be found on the Internet a large number of varied and interesting schemesEmbroidery cross people can be found on the Internet a large number of varied and interesting schemes

An important point is the choice of thread. They differ not only in composition and color, but also the thickness. Novice needle women is recommended to use a special scheme or shades compatibility table.

An important point: the thickness of the work line is fully consistent with the density of the base fabric.

You must pick up the needle and it should fit the fabric and thread thickness. Learn how you can work with any needles, there's nothing complicated. Embroider the cross is not possible without special hoop. Theoretically, it is real, but during the operation may have many difficulties. Hoops are designed for fabric tension, which creates a certain comfort.

All of the above elements are standard. For beginners needlewomen is the best solution. As you gain skills, build circuits and pick up the thread can own.

embroidery cross schemes, monochrome, people: the main types of stitches

People can be embroider using different techniques. The most popular is a variety of monochrome. It is based on standard work cross.

However, you can use different types of cross-stitches:

  • Danish;
  • English.

When embroidering people the most popular types of cross stitches are English and Danish. Each needlewoman selects the most suitable joint for yourselfWhen embroidering people the most popular types of cross stitches are English and Danish. Each needlewoman selects the most suitable joint for yourself

Danish X - is embroidery during which a number of stitches is performed from the lower left corner to the upper right. As a result, each cell is filled with the floor cross. Then, a reverse operation, allowing us to obtain smooth crosses. In this case, the embroidery is carried out only in horizontal rows, in either direction.

Monochrome can also be performed in English cross. This technique is a little complicated. First we need to bring the thread on the front of the work and lay the first stitch, cross the floor. Then the needle is inserted into the top right corner and held vertically, then outputted to the left. This technique allows you to get a complete finished cross.

Both methods are widely popular. They are not universal, each needlewoman follows a specific algorithm of action. Download examples of techniques can be on the Internet, you can find and free schemes to work.

Embroidery lesson: fixing thread

If the procedure is carried out at the beginning of the work, it is recommended to use a mounting loop. This is not a complicated technique, double strand (slazhivaetsya half) is inserted to carry it out in a needle. On the front side of the needle tip is picked up and the working thread is stretched, creating a so-called loop. To fix the needle is held several times a vertical stitching and trimmed short.

Fasten thread must learn every beginner, start cross stitchingFasten thread must learn every beginner, start cross stitching

This technique is useful for both small and large paintings. Thread neatly mounted on the wrong side, and does not create any inconvenience.

Embroidery lessons should begin:

  • With the rules of unobtrusive fastening thread;
  • Uniform and full tension;
  • Techniques perform welds.

If needlewoman knows all the nuances, it can easily embroider faces, pairs of animals, plants and any other pictures. The main thing is to learn the basic techniques. Embroidery - is the best kind of man-made art. Thanks to it, you can achieve spiritual harmony and get a lot of pleasure.

cross embroidery lessons: the scheme of people (video)

Modern technologies allow to study all forms of art from the photo, video, and master classes. Which greatly simplifies the learning process and makes it fast and enjoyable.

Examples of schemes for cross stitch: people (photo)

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