Interesting and colorful mural of flowers: 10 ideas

Interesting and colorful mural of flowers: 10 ideas

12 October 2017

Panels will become a bright accent in the interior of your apartmentPanels will become a bright accent in the interior of your apartment with a clever colorful accents can be a picture, a photo or a panel of the colors on the walls. Decorating your own apartment - it is an opportunity to implement creative ideas and express themselves through the unusual decor. Create three-dimensional flower arrangements can be your own or order such creative work with experienced masters-decorators.

The remarkable mural of flowers

Write individuality in the interior of your home, you can use the placement on the stele exclusive floral panels with other materials - twigs, fruit or tapes.

For the manufacture of panels can be used a variety of materials both natural and artificialFor the manufacture of panels can be used a variety of materials both natural and artificial

Such works are necessarily eye-catching thanks to its special characteristics:

  • Bright composition on plain background draws attention;
  • Delicate flowers used in the work, will add tranquility to the interior;
  • Volumetric job looks unusual on a flat wall;
  • All the compositions are performed manually, and therefore unique.

By placing a flower arrangement on the wall can not be afraid that it will produce harmful substances and is dangerous for health, because all the materials used are environmentally friendly.

Depending on the type of room in which to hang the panels, it may be artificial, live or dried flowers, fruits, stones, shells, mother of pearl or to other natural or artificial materials. Collected in one composition, they will create a certain image of the room.

Get ideas for the design panel and the room in general, it is possible in special shops, florist catalogs, magazines on needlework, visit the master class or see examples of the work of designers or amateurs.

How to make a floral panels with their own hands

For wall design can be ordered panels from experienced skilled workers, but it is better to make a song with your own hands, especially since it is not so difficult. Similar floral panels is not only unique, but also his performer will feel proud when guests will appreciate her work.

Production of panels can be ordered from an experienced seamstress or make your ownProduction of panels can be ordered from an experienced seamstress or make your own

Before proceeding to the creativity, you need to decide what kind of flowers and other decorations will be used.

You can make a choice in favor of the following colors:

  • Finished artificial;
  • the living;
  • dried flowers;
  • tape;
  • paper;
  • knitting;
  • Made of natural materials.

It can be not limited to the above list, because some umelitsy make flowers out of any scrap materials: cotton disks, plastic forks, tissue tests, clay and other things.

Particular attention should be paid to the background, since it was he who would combine the composition together. picture background should not be bright or contrasting color of the wall on which to hang the panels, otherwise the picture will not quite spectacular.

Panel of artificial flowers - simply and effectively

The simplest way of creating a flower mural is a compilation of compositions of artificial flowers. To do such work under the force of even a novice, it is only important to determine the general idea of ​​the composition.

Panel of artificial flowers is the most durablePanel of artificial flowers is the most durable

On the panels can be shown:

  • Bouquet of flowers;
  • Uncomplicated image;
  • Flower bush;
  • A tropical forest.

Collecting the composition, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of used items, so they were combined with each other. All the necessary materials should be prepared in advance, so to create a floral panels with their hands necessarily need the artificial flowers, the base (burlap, paper, plywood, cardboard) adhesive (Moment or PVA), frame and glass.

Use glass or not depends on individual preferences. Decorative composition will be longer kept behind glass, but if you give it up, then you can place certain elements of the chapels of the frame. Thus, the picture will turn out interesting and volume, and revitalize the wall.

Original floral panels of flowers

Beautiful decorative panels can be made from fresh flowers. In this case, the work will be more fragile and less durable, but very sensual and tender.

Panels made of natural colors is the original, but it is short-livedPanels made of natural colors is the original, but it is short-lived

To create a mural of flowers, you can use the following ideas:

  1. To the base panel in the frame to attach a small vase with water, which can be put bouquets of your favorite fresh flowers;
  2. Stick on the basis of fern leaves at different angles to get a sense of impenetrable jungle;
  3. Wildflowers attach adhesive tape to the background, so work quickly deteriorate, but the flowers can always be replaced by a fresh, and every day the composition will have a different view, and from the dry you can make a different picture;
  4. Set a special tray to the ground, which in a certain way to grow sprouts indoor plants.

When working with fresh flowers should not forget about the water and the special care, because they are easily damaged and thus spoil the general form of the composition. Look beautiful paintings of flowers, complemented by other decorative elements - beads, sequins, butterflies. Of colors, you can create the whole picture or to limit compact bouquets.

Do yourself: a panel of colors (video)

Make a flower mural is not so difficult, it is only important to be patient, to prepare the necessary materials and show imagination. In addition, used items can easily be found, for example, dried roses from the bouquet presented to unnecessary processes or houseplants, make flowers out of old magazines or use other materials handrails.

Examples of panels of dried flowers with his own hands (photo in the interior)

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