Installing drywall partitions in the room: 6 Steps

Installing drywall partitions in the room: 6 Steps

12 October 2017

Beautifully zoned space can be using drywall partitionsBeautifully zoned space can be using drywall peregorodkiZonirovanie is an integral part of modern interior design. Create it in several ways: using a variety of finishing materials, furniture or a partition. The latter option is gaining popularity in recent years. Drywall - an excellent material to create partitions in any room. Today let's talk about how to make a partition of plasterboard with their hands.

How to make a partition of plasterboard with their hands in the room

Create a partition of plasterboard with their hands can be in almost any room. Repair in this case is divided into several stages, the most important of which are the frame and wall mounting. You should also take care of the insulation and wiring and cables.

First of all you must decide on the material for the profile:

  • Wood;
  • Metal profile.

Install plasterboard wall you can with your hands, most importantly - in the correct order to perform assembly and finishing workInstall plasterboard wall you can with your hands, most importantly - in the correct order to perform assembly and finishing work

Metal profile in this respect, better, it is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, has the special holes for wiring. Start work you need to rack mounting, it is the most important and most difficult stage in the creation of drywall.

Proceed as follows:

  • Make sure the ceiling and floor are perfectly aligned, if necessary - perform work on leveling the surface;
  • Then, create a layout: Apply to the ceiling and floor of two identical lines, draw a stripe on the ceiling, which is perpendicular to the wall and repeat it on the floor;
  • Then, along the lines set of metal profiles or bars made of wood, use self-tapping screws, drill and screwdrivers;
  • Fasteners secure a distance of 35 cm from each other;
  • Install the uprights mounted litas should be based on three vertical profile;
  • Two are located on the edges of the sheet, one in the middle of two adjacent drywall sheet should lie on one profile.

Start installation vertical uprights of any wall, where the trim profile attached with screws. Aside from it 55 cm to the opposite wall - it will rack mounting space to the profiles on the ceiling and the floor.

Plasterboard partitions in the room: pictures

Partitions allow not only to zone the room, they can be used as tables, bar counters, niches. Do not think that plasterboard partitions can only be perfect rectangular shape. There curly partitions with special shelves, niches, which perfectly complement the interior.

Original partition plasterboard can additionally be used as a stylish rackOriginal partition plasterboard can additionally be used as a stylish rack

How are various partitions in the interior:

  • Figured a partition for the kitchen can serve as a bar counter;
  • Dividing wall with niches - a godsend for the kitchen in a modern style, functional drawers allow to accommodate and hide kitchen utensils;
  • Low partition for the kitchen - the perfect solution for studio apartments, will save space, it can be used as a table or the bar;
  • Figured plaster beam for the hall performs zoning function is appropriate in areas such as a kitchen-living room;
  • Partition stretching from the balcony, performs the function of the table;
  • The bathroom partition will separate the bath from the toilet, which is especially important in the bathroom closet, where the shower and toilet in one room;
  • A rectangular baffle most often installed in small rooms to separate the living room from the bedroom, it turns out a kind of wall between them.

The options are many partitions, they can be built shelves, niches, which will further brighten the room and hide some things.

The use of drywall in a studio apartment: photo

The studio apartment could not be sharply there is a zoning issue. Most often made of plasterboard partition separates the room into two equal halves, for example, separates the living room from the kitchen.

Beautiful resonator in a studio apartment can easily become drywall unusual shapeBeautiful resonator in a studio apartment can easily become drywall unusual shape

Especially popular room partitions Studio, to separate two or three zones from each other:

  • Depending on the size of the room, create two or three partitions to separate the zones from each other;
  • The partition separates the bedroom from the living room;
  • Most of the room is better to do on the part of the window;
  • To save space, create a partition with shelves or niches to hide in them any thing.

Block the room can be like figure and an ordinary wall without any decoration. If space permits, then pay attention to the partition with the built-in electric fireplace.

There are even partitions with doors, this solution will be especially important for families with children to separate the playing or sleeping area for children. This is a good option for the hall, for example, in the loft, where zoning is one of the most important elements. Creative people use in a studio apartment partition to create a working area where you can store all the necessary things to work.

Practical partition in the hall of plasterboard: the benefits

Most often, the partition of the drywall used in the hall, to highlight the kitchen area and living room, dining room, or to create a working area.

The advantage of drywall is that it is characterized by ecological and health safetyThe advantage of drywall is that it is characterized by ecological and health safety

the following benefits namely drywall therefore can be distinguished:

  • Low weight;
  • The availability of the material;
  • A variety of forms;
  • Easy installation;
  • Environmental cleanliness and safety;
  • Durability.

Because of its availability, you can buy many different sheets of drywall, which allows you to create a variety of shapes and curves. But remember that the drywall is rather fragile, so do not hang up and do not place heavy objects on the partition.

The partition can be arched, have a door, boxes or niches for storage of goods, so each apartment it is possible to create the best version of the septum.

The plasterboard wall often installed lamps and shelves for books. A large amount of light is particularly needed in a small apartment to visually enlarge the space. The height of the walls can be different - from the floor to the ceiling or below, install it so that it takes only part of the premises. Small partition can be set as an accent in the spacious living room, they can be very beautiful, include patterns, inlays.

Do yourself: partition of the drywall in the room (video)

In conclusion we can say that the plasterboard walls - a versatile and stylish way of zoning in any apartment. Material availability and ease of installation make plasterboard most practical and stylish. Variety of shapes to create a unique atmosphere even in a studio apartment.

Design walls of plasterboard (interior photos)

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