Install suspended ceiling: first wallpaper or ceiling

Install suspended ceiling: first wallpaper or ceiling

12 October 2017

Since the repair, you must make a plan that will help to determine the sequence of actions in a single room Since the repair, you must make a plan that will help to determine the sequence of actions in a single pomescheniiNatyazhnoy ceiling: first wallpaper or ceiling, will not be damaged if fabric during wallpapering or better to do the opposite and first draw walls? Many people who decide to make repairs on their hands, face the problem of choosing what to do first. Generally, professionals allow both options, but in a particular situation, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons and begin repairs. For more information about what is best to do first - in this article.

Solve: Wallpapering ceilings

If you start to glue wallpaper to the tension of the ceiling and on the contrary, the fact that some of this may worsen the result of finishing in general. It is therefore important to know what to do first: draw up wallpaper or install the suspended ceiling.

If you do something wrong and not in the order that can disrupt the entire repair. should be particularly attentive to the work, if the planned use of expensive finishing materials.

How is Wallpapering a stretch ceiling

Before mounting materials on the surface of the walls should be leveled with plaster.

Plastering work surface is necessary to eliminate the irregularities and cracks to wallpaper without much effort in the later stagesPlastering work surface is necessary to eliminate the irregularities and cracks to wallpaper without much effort in the later stages

However, if there are already suspended ceilings, the way to level walls will not work:

  • It is impossible to plaster falling on the film stretch ceiling.
  • It is impossible to plaster the walls up to the end, it is likely to touch the ceiling with plaster, that spoil the finish.

Answering the question: "what is first to glue the first: the ceiling or wallpaper" - wallpaper forward. In this case, the wallpaper is applied only after the preparation of the walls. It is impossible to align the wall after mounting the ceiling and plasterboard, after the profile to install drywall sheets need to frame a different profile, which is not possible with a soft stretch ceiling film.

For fixing the ceiling moldings also required leveled surface of the walls, Wallpapering has not yet been made. Stretch ceiling is necessary after the wallpaper, and so as not to stain the primer baguette, it is necessary to stick masking tape.

Depending on the type of wallpaper or wallpaper glued dry glue smeared on the wall or as lubricated adhesive. When the glue is applied to the wall, and he falls to the ceiling, which is unacceptable. It also glued tape. Surplus wallpaper should be carefully cut with a knife.

What at first: the suspended ceiling or wallpaper

Of course, first of all correct wallpaper paste, and then install the ceiling. Otherwise, the suspended ceiling set the curve, wallpaper paste will be difficult, the overall picture is spoiled. However, it sometimes occurs that the ceiling has already been selected, and the wall is planned construction of the drywall sheets. In this case, the ceiling should be carefully taped shut and lock the wallpaper.

Professionals do not recommend setting ceilings on the empty walls, they need to pull on the wall with the already pasted wallpaper.

As wallpaper glue to properly stretch ceiling

It is necessary to highlight a few points related to the installation of wallpaper ceilings.

Having all the necessary tools for the job, you should first install the tension fabric, and then start wallpaperingHaving all the necessary tools for the job, you should first install the tension fabric, and then start wallpapering


  1. The first fix is ​​always a baguette ceiling, while it uses punch. Bricks while drilling leaves a large amount of dust is red, so the bricks can be glued wallpaper only after gluing the ceiling.
  2. Next, heat the PVC webs to stretch to 100 degrees. You can also select any other tissue webs. If the wallpaper glue, and then perform the installation of the ceiling, the wallpaper after heating the premises may be damaged. Better to choose a fabric ceiling, it reduces the chances of damage to the walls with wallpaper.
  3. Stretched canvas prints must be secured with a spatula, you can also set the fillet, it hides the gaps between the walls and baguette. But it can not stick to the wallpaper, otherwise the coating will be uneven and ugly.
  4. In order not to spoil the finished ceiling during wallpapering and stain from the surface during the primer must first secure a baguette, and then pokleit wallpaper to the profile level, secure stretched canvas. Then the walls and the wallpaper will be clean.
  5. During the work with expensive wallpaper (for example, textiles), it is necessary to save material. In this case, the customer himself decides what to do first: to put on the walls of wallpaper or install the suspended ceiling. It must be remembered that the ceiling in any case will last several years longer than even the most expensive wallpaper.

The main difficulty in the process of repair is the fear of damage or wallpaper or ceiling. It is best to consult with professionals to make the right decisions, to establish that first.

As wallpaper glue when Stretch Ceilings: expert advice

First of all need to be primed and leveled the wall, or a baguette Scriven, and the ceiling will be stretched askew. If the ceiling is already stretched, it must be carefully protected and paste over the wall wallpaper carefully, as little as possible touching the canvas.

Let us approach the question from the other side and present the arguments in favor of the original installation of the ceiling, and then - Wallpaper:

  1. Even if you are using a gas gun to heat the structure, it is not directed at the walls, and a professional will carefully monitor the safety cover.
  2. When drilling holes for fastening moldings produced a lot of dust, which can damage the finish of the walls. However, wallpaper can be vacuumed, and some types of wallpaper even wash.
  3. Often, even the ceiling manufacturers say they need to set baguettes only fully executed and the leveled surface of the walls.
  4. Do not be afraid to paint the walls and wallpaper after installation of suspended structure, masking tape will not touch the ceiling. Also the distance between the ceiling and walls may be perekleit using a ceiling skirtings.

Special film fixed masking tape, will protect against contamination stretched canvas with paint or glueSpecial film fixed masking tape, will protect against contamination stretched canvas with paint or glue

You can summarize and say that the master is not afraid to decorate the wallpaper after the ceiling, but it should be a few think twice before doing it, and carefully protect the false ceiling.

How to apply wallpaper under the suspended ceiling alone

When wallpapering with their hands masking tape to be used in the field of painting and decorating. If the glue is still dripped onto the ceiling you need as quickly as you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

If you plan to paint the walls, it is best to pull the ceiling after staining, but to build in a baguette better for him immediately after the alignment of the walls.

When stretched canvas glued wallpaper need as carefully as possible, without touching the canvas with a knife when cutting wallpaper. Be sure to protect the ceiling masking tape, and then works with the wallpaper gently to remove it.

Secrets stickers wallpaper near the ceilings (video)

In conclusion, everyone should decide for himself what to do first. Often, the repair is carried out with existing ceilings, then you need as carefully as possible to deal with the tension blade and use masking tape. It should be remembered that the baguette is mounted on a prepared flat and plastered wall. In any case, the work require extreme accuracy and concentration, and then the ceiling and the wallpaper will please you for a long time.


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