How to strengthen the plastic panels on the ceiling

How to strengthen the plastic panels on the ceiling

12 October 2017

For attaching plastic panels required quality profile and self-tapping screwsFor attaching plastic panels required quality profile and samorezyStenovye and ceiling panels of polyvinyl chloride are widely used due to its low cost and high performance. In order to properly secure the panel on the plastic panels crate, you need to follow some rules and use only high-quality ceiling profiles and screws.

How to strengthen the PVC panels to the ceiling

Before you install the plastic panel on the ceiling, you need to mount the batten and start profile. It is made of wood or profiles made of aluminum. After you check the evenness of crates you can proceed to the installation of PVC panels.

Remember that the evenness of the plastic panel should be carefully checked before starting the installation, and make sure that the ribs and grooves are not deformed. Otherwise you run the risk of poor-quality bar set, which will lead to deformation of the whole structure.

Undulating plastic panels may eventually lead to deformation of the entire structureUndulating plastic panels may eventually lead to deformation of the entire structure

Sheathing takes place in several stages:

  1. Cut the plastic panel with a hacksaw. Do not forget to cut the holes for the fixtures.
  2. Secure the first panel in the starting profile. It must be secured with screws.
  3. Install the remaining panels similarly.
  4. The last panel must be secured with extreme caution. Remember that the last panel size should be slightly smaller than required, as the material tends to expand under the influence of temperature. If it does not, you can hide the gaps using putty or a special ceiling moldings. the last panel fasteners carried out by means of screws.

How to fix the panel PVC ceiling without starting Profile

If desired, the web can be fixed on the ceiling without use of a special starting profile. It is believed that this method of installation is much easier. To carry out the installation you only need to fix pieces of wood or metal profiles in the ceiling.

For fastening wooden beams or metal profiles is best used for metal screwsFor fastening wooden beams or metal profiles is best used for metal screws

The technology Ceiling installation PVC panels:

  • Cut the PVC panels, and do them in the holes under the lights.
  • Press the first panel as closely as possible to the wall. Using screws secure it.
  • Set subsequent segments similarly.
  • As the installation, take care to between adjacent blades do not form large gaps. If you notice that the deformed groove or rib, to better understand the whole structure and replace the defective panel.
  • Then, insert the finishing profile and install the last panel. In order to make it convenient to install the last segment using a wide spatula.

If you decide not to use the starting profile, then it is best to use self-tapping screws for metal, which have a wide hat. These products provide the most secure fit. If you do not have at hand such self-tapping screws, that can be fastened plastic panels using press washers 10-15 millimeters.

How to fix the last panel in the ceiling

Attaching the plastic panel in the last crate - the most crucial process that requires you to almost a jeweler's precision. If you incorrectly install the last segment, you have to dismantle the entire structure completely, so treat this process with the utmost seriousness.

To fix the latest plastic panel, you just need to insert it into the grooveTo fix the latest plastic panel, you just need to insert it into the groove

the last panel mount technology on the frame:

  1. Check if there is a large gap between the panels. If they have, it is better to make out the design.
  2. Install what size should be the last panel. For accurate measurements it is possible to use laser tape measure.
  3. It must be subtracted from the received 5-6 mm length and width, and cut the appropriate panel.
  4. Insert the segment in the groove and secure it with screws. In order to make it easier to insert the panel, use a putty knife. He will easily send the segment edge exactly in the groove.
  5. If you notice that between the ceiling and the wall to form a large gap zashpaklyuyte it. Then you should install decorative ceiling molding.

you can not use screws for the final fastening of the panel, if desired. You can simply insert it into the groove of the previous panel, or in the groove of the guide profile. Due to the low specific weight of the material, the panel is firmly attached.

The need to strengthen the ceiling PVC

Selection fastening materials will depend largely on the material of which the crate is made. If it is made of metal, the most commonly used metal screws. Dimensions of the fastening element are selected based on the frame characteristics.

The figure shows the most common tools that are often used for the installation of plastic panelsThe figure shows the most common tools that are often used for the installation of plastic panels

Also for fixing the PVC panels are used:

  • Staples. These products are used only if the crate was made of wood. It should be noted that inappropriate use staples if you plan to install thick PVC panel.
  • Dowels. These products are used in case the crate is being built a short distance from the base surface. When using dowels you need to make the holes for them.
  • Liquid Nails. This material is used infrequently. Liquid nails used if you, for whatever reasons, can not build a crate.

Use liquid nails is necessary only in extreme cases, since this material is considered to be less reliable than self-tapping screws or dowels. Furthermore, when using liquid plastic nails ceiling will not folding.

Installation of PVC panels on ceiling (video)

Panels made of PVC - practical and inexpensive material that has a huge number of advantages. If you want to install the ceiling panels of his own, then you need to build a robust frame and select the appropriate fasteners. Moreover, not forget that mounting technique will depend on the availability of the starting profile. 


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