How to strengthen the battens at the ceiling with his hands

How to strengthen the battens at the ceiling with his hands

12 October 2017

Molded board is one of the easiest ways to decorate the wall or ceilingMolded board is one of the easiest ways to draw walls or potolokVagonka - quite a popular way to decorate the wall and ceiling. The main reasons for this widespread lining is easy to install, a presentable appearance, and also longevity. Decorating the room clapboard of quality material will serve you much longer than the other options. Of course, not to be disappointed in his bunk, it is necessary to take into account some important nuances of the installation.

Installation of the wooden lining up at the ceiling with his hands

Wooden wall paneling - one of the most practical and beautiful options headliner. Note that the tree is perfect for homes, but do not choose the wooden battens in places with high humidity. Moisture deforms natural materials.

wood trim are durable, it is always relevant and cozywood trim are durable, it is always relevant and cozy

With wood trim you will notice how the room is filled with natural flavors, and air circulation takes place freely and without loss of heat in the room.

Installation of the wooden lining occurs in several stages:

  • Take a minimum ceiling cleaning. On the need to make the heat and sound insulation with special plates. Pay particular attention to the protection of the future of the lining mold and rust.
  • Make a frame for the future lining. The material timber fits the bill perfectly. But if the humidity in the room is possible, then use a metal frame. However, traditionally the tree is attached to the base of the same material.
  • Before putting on the bunk frame, leave the material in the room on the day or two. The tree should adjust to temperature and humidity.
  • When the strap ready for cutting, measure the distance between the walls and subtract 4 mm on each side. Such clearance is necessary to paneling would expand in the case of temperature feedback. The same suture leave between the first rail and parallel to the wall.
  • For fastening to the guides using nails, screws or klyaymery. Choose the method of attachment to the taste and experience. Fasteners perpendicular to the rails is carried out.
  • The first bracket attach the following, inserting slot in the lock attached boards. To assure full contact of the boards should be careful to nail the bar with a rubber mallet. Be as careful not to damage the board. For greater certainty, use thin wooden pegs. Insert pegs in the groove fastened planks and tap it. Repeat the procedure a few Metakhim, and can count on an excellent result.
  • The final step will be the installation of the plinth, which will hide the left joints, as well as complete image of the ceiling. Make sure to fit the plinth and the texture and color to the main tree.

How to fix the plastic linings on the ceiling

Plastic panels are fastened to the ceiling in the same way as the wood paneling. However, unlike wood, PVC-material has a number of features.

The main advantage is the ease of follow-up care, as well as ease of installationThe main advantage is the ease of follow-up care, as well as ease of installation

The plastic lining has the following properties:

  1. Low cost. In comparison with the high-end wood plate PVC incredibly economical.
  2. Colors and painting. Outside The lining of PVC may be quite different. You can choose the plate that looks like a tree, and you can find plain panels that fit under the color in the interior.
  3. Moisture resistance. Panels made of plastic can be installed, and the bathroom and the kitchen, and in any other place. Humidity does not affect the material.
  4. the possibility of deformation under the influence of extreme heat, and fading under sunlight.
  5. Fragility. Be careful when operating the plastic: the slightest impact can lead to cracks and other deformations. Restore ceiling can only replace damaged parts.

Feature of mounting the plastic lining is that often use a plastic frame on the perimeter of the ceiling for it, which is inserted in the PVC panels.

Traditionally, in a residential area (living room, bedroom, children) to install the plastic linings bad. Indeed, the cost of such material is reflected in the appearance. For rooms where you will be important to emphasize comfort and taste in the choice of interior elements, it is better not to use PVC panels.

Lining: differences and advantages

Lining resembles conventional linings made of wood. However, a number of properties are distinguished colleague from the Russian European boards for cladding buildings.

Due woody fragrance, Lining creates an indescribable atmosphere in the roomDue woody fragrance, Lining creates an indescribable atmosphere in the room

What is the difference from the normal lining Lining:

  • Lining features a large caliber. Lining boards wider and more massive. Lining laid for this reason that it is easier and faster.
  • Thorns and grooves Lining is much greater than that of the domestic construction materials. Therefore, the first fastening much more reliable and stronger.
  • Lining has special recesses through which the water vapor removal. It also facilitates the operation as protection against unwanted moisture, fungus and other problems.
  • Tree. Lining wood quality is much higher than that of the conventional material for plating. Wood Lining for special processing in the production of the surface is perfectly smooth, dry and beautiful.

These properties are of course considerable expenses. However, at the output you will get high-class material, which is exactly you will not fail and will last for many, many years.

Depending on the application, you can choose the material and for coatings. For example, conifer has a lower cost, but such a material is affected by moisture that is unacceptable when plating the changing room.

Fixing chandeliers on the ceiling of the lining

Wooden ceiling, you can use different kinds of lighting. It may be, as a point lighting such as LED panels, and classic chandeliers. Secure the chandelier on the ceiling of the lining is easy.

To avoid a fire, should be laid in a special corrugated wireTo avoid a fire, should be laid in a special corrugated wire

General recommendations for the installation of chandeliers, ceiling lining is as follows:

  1. It should be noted the high flammability of the ceiling of the wooden lining. For this reason, you need to lay wire in a special non-combustible corrugation behind the ceiling.
  2. Chandelier Hook mount or twist the screws for mounting the bracket preferably battens, and in the ceiling frame. This significantly increase the reliability of the design.
  3. To avoid damaging the wire during subsequent works, draw a plan diagram of the location of the corrugations of the lining of the ceiling and walls.

In case of failure of fixture lamps to the beam, do not risk it. For such a ceiling are ideal and spotlights.

Generally massive heavy chandelier - it is a dangerous decision for the ceiling of the lining. If your lamp has a weight of more than 7 kg, you should mount it directly to the elements of the house frame.

Finishing the ceiling paneling (video)

Quality headlining clapboard - thing for you and your family will thank yourself for years. Use expert advice, and your ceiling will please you every day. It is important to note that such a ceiling looks true to the different type of interior, in different styles and directions. Especially important will appear this ceiling in eco-style of Provence and pastoral.

How to fix the ceiling battens (photo)

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