How to sheathe the walls and ceiling plastic panels with their own hands

How to sheathe the walls and ceiling plastic panels with their own hands

12 October 2017

The main advantage of the plastic panels is the ease of installationThe main advantage is the ease of plastic panels montazhaKakoy material used for covering the ceiling and walls? The best choice is PVC panel. This material is inexpensive and very practical. Also, the plastic looks beautiful and blends in with almost any design. If desired, tile PVC can even be used for decoration of bathrooms. Sheathe ceiling plastic panels will be able to even a novice. Installation takes no more than 3-4 hours. The sequence of installation of panels on the ceiling and walls are similar.

How to start a headlining plastic panels

Filing of PVC ceiling panels starts with surface preparation. The smoothness of the ceiling and walls will depend on the strength of the entire structure. If the ceiling is uneven, then it is necessary to apply several coats of primer and putty. Also remember to remove the deep cracks.

Many people neglect the pre-marking, however, it is a big mistake. Experts recommend that before installing the battens necessary to put on the ceiling and walls of special tags that will help you easier to navigate. Do not forget to pull the line between opposite corners of the room.

Smooth walls - the key to the right of the ceiling cladding plastic panelsSmooth walls - the key to the right of the ceiling cladding plastic panels

After marking the need to build the frame. You can use wooden or aluminum profiles for manufacturing crates. It is better to use parts made of aluminum, since they do not need to process an antiseptic, and they have a lower specific weight.

frame installation technology on the ceiling:

  1. Install the U-shaped hangers belt type.
  2. Screw the UD-profile. To fix profiles need to use anchors with a diameter of 5-6 mm.
  3. Attach the CD-profile. Do not forget to turn in his "ears".
  4. After installing the frame dilute electric cable. It is advisable to fix it with a metal corrugated tube.

Set podshivnoy type panel ceiling

After you set the framework, can be installed boarded panel type. A few days prior to installation should be left to the panel in the room where you intend to install them. This procedure is necessary for the material to adapt to the environment, and a little widened or narrowed.

PVC trim the panels should be using the jigsaw or hacksaw for metal. Remember that the cutting direction and the axis of the plastic panel should be perpendicular to each other.

Prior to installation of plastic panels, it is necessary to carry out a procedure to adapt the material to the environmentPrior to installation of plastic panels, it is necessary to carry out a procedure to adapt the material to the environment

frame paneling is made in the following sequence:

  • Do the holes in the panels under the spotlights.
  • Attach to the wall area. Remember that between the skirting and the profile must remain a small gap. To fix the bracket using dowels and screws.
  • Then, to hem the first sheet. Mounted on it by introducing the spike into the gap between the guide profile and a skirting board.
  • Then you need to more tightly secure the first panel with self-tapping screws.
  • The remaining panels are installed in the same manner.
  • Once you have finished sheathing the ceiling panels, it is necessary to set the spotlights.

How to choose high-quality PVC panels

Panels made of PVC differ not only in color but also in quality. When choosing a building material must first monitor the quality of their coloring. The paint should be applied uniformly around the perimeter of the panel. If you notice the slightest difference in the colors, the material is likely to poor quality.

Uniform color and matching the tone of the plates - a guarantee of qualityUniform color and matching the tone of the plates - a guarantee of quality

You also need to pay attention to:

  1. The quality of the joint groove. In order to check the hardware, connect the two panels together. If there is a gap, then the low-quality material between them.
  2. An outer wall. It must have a greater thickness and strength.
  3. The presence of stiffeners.
  4. Bending. The panel should be easy to bend, but not crack.

In order to make sure as material, you need to gently press the panel. If the product has been made of poor quality material, the shallow dent in the panel appear. Remember that high-quality panels should not be dents from mild depression.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic ceilings

Before you sew paneled ceiling with your hands, you have to take into account all the features of this material. PVC panels have a large number of advantages, however, are not without drawbacks.

PVC panel is easily deformed under the influence of external factorsPVC panel is easily deformed under the influence of external factors

Pros plastic ceilings:

  • Low cost. PVC panels are cheaper than ceramic tile or drywall.
  • Easy installation. To sew up the surface of the plastic, you do not need special equipment. With the installation of even a novice can handle.
  • Reliability. Plastic panels are not susceptible to mold and mildew.
  • Moisture resistance. Panels made of PVC can be installed even in the bathroom, since they do not deform when exposed to moisture.
  • A wide range of colors and textures.
  • Practicality. Plastic panel need not cover the antiseptic or process costly detergents. The panels need to be regularly cleaned simply with a damp cloth.

The most obvious disadvantage of plastic panels is their instability to temperature changes. Material deforms under high or low temperature, so it can not be used for finishing unheated spaces.

Another disadvantage of PVC panels are:

  1. Low strength.
  2. Combustibility. PVC panels are easy to ignite. Furthermore, when ignited material he releases harmful toxins.
  3. Plastic is not environmentally friendly material.

Installation of plastic panels on the roof (video)

Plastic - a unique material that can be used both for finishing the ceiling, and in the decoration of the walls. Sheathe the ceiling in an apartment or private home with plastic quite easy, provided that you make the correct markup and set a solid crate. Before you use PVC panels weigh all the "pros" and "cons", since this material is not always the best one.


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