How to sheathe plasterboard ceiling with his hands: video tutorials

How to sheathe plasterboard ceiling with his hands: video tutorials

12 October 2017

Gypsum boards are conventional, water-resistant, fire-resistant and fire-resistant moisture-Gypsum boards are conventional, water-resistant, fire-resistant and moisture-ognestoykimiSegodnya drywall finishing material is a popular. Soundproofing and environmental friendliness, simplicity and ease of installation are the components of demand among buyers. It is these qualities are often guided by consumers in the purchase of gypsum boards.

Simple head lining plasterboard

Before proceeding to the headliner with plasterboard, it is necessary to take into account all the characteristics of the room in which you will make the ceiling of GCR. Otherwise, you will not long enjoy the results of their work. To create the perfect ceiling for many years in the bathroom or in the kitchen - give preference to moisture-resistant GFC and metal profiles for the frame.

The ceiling of GCR different functionality and adds glamor to the overall interior design.

Drywall - a material that will allow to realize any ideaDrywall - a material that will allow to realize any idea

Podshivnoy plasterboard for a long time is not a requirement of fashion or useless element in the design of rooms.

He has a number of advantages:

  • Alignment of the ceiling surface;
  • Possibility to hide the wiring in the design and communication;
  • Plasterboard provides soundproofing and warms the room;
  • You can create a perfectly flat surface of the ceiling and the basis for the installation of lighting fixtures;
  • The ability to mount ceiling structures of any complexity, using various decorative elements and colors;
  • Hem ceiling can be yourself.

Advantages of the plasterboard ceiling structure is evident.

Excellent opportunity of transformation apartments - ceiling finishes and plasterboard wallExcellent opportunity of transformation apartments - ceiling finishes and plasterboard wall

Ideal headlining plasterboard: expert advice

Carrying out repairs in a room, are increasingly used in wall and ceiling drywall. This finishing material hides the unevenness of the base slabs and other flaws builders.

Headlining is comfortable and easy, allows a huge number of options to create designs. Plasterboard help yourself to realize any design idea into reality.

When filing the ceiling protect the eyes and the throat of the dust goggles and a respirator.

Work will go much faster, but the result will be more effective and durable, if you listen to the masters of practical advice about how to sheathe the base ceiling GCR own hands.

Simple rules, and to remember them simply:

  • Stock up on all the necessary tools;
  • Before you start working, zaveste doorways film. This subsequently reduces the time spent on cleaning;
  • Clean the ceiling of the old finish;
  • Suspension design will save you time, because there is no need to pre-align the ceiling;
  • When the layout of the ceiling level of use;
  • Distance from the base support section of the ceiling depends on how and where it is planned to install fixtures;
  • The marking should be performed so that the joints were GCR on the profile;
  • Hangers should be installed in a staggered manner;
  • Before you sew the ceiling drywall, you need to check the quality of the frame joints, gaskets, electrical wiring;
  • GCRs are attached to the frame with screws;
  • After plating and prime zashpaklyuyte seams;
  • Do not hesitate to once again view the instructional video on any stage.

As you can see, creating a ceiling requires no special skills. Headliner can be made as one, and with the assistance of helpers. If you are just starting to work with plasterboard, refrain from creating complex multi-level structures. To start the wizard is recommended to make a simple single-level ceiling.

Believe me, thanks to your efforts, he will be beautiful and exclusive.

How to sheathe plasterboard ceiling with his hands: detailed instructions

Perfectly smooth ceiling is a matter of pride the owners. For the most part it was he who often sets the overall look of the room and maintains the interior design made in any style. Often it depends on the condition of the overall look of the room.

The great advantage of gypsum board is its environmental friendliness and fire safetyThe great advantage of gypsum board is its environmental friendliness and fire safety

In order to hide the base of the plasterboard ceiling, you can invite the master, or install it yourself.

GCR filing ceiling - the process exciting and creative!

If you carefully weigh the pros and cons of independent work on the creation of the ceiling, to objectively evaluate their capabilities and the complexity of the planned construction, it becomes obvious answer to the question: to seek professional help or make a ceiling yourself.

So you've decided to make a ceiling yourself. Draw a diagram of the ceiling, mark the place of fastening fixtures and draw up a list of necessary. Plans can save when purchasing materials.

Tools and materials

You will need:

  • drywall;
  • Guides and support profiles;
  • suspensions;
  • Self-tapping screws and connectors;
  • Level;
  • Roulette;
  • puncher;
  • screwdriver;
  • Plane;
  • Building a knife.

Now that all the materials and tools at your fingertips, you can start the installation of the ceiling. Be patient and start the installation.

Fire Installation of ceiling gypsum board is important to choose a quality toolFire Installation of ceiling gypsum board is important to choose a quality tool

Mounting design

It is possible that you need an assistant for better results.

Getting to the creation of:

  1. Cleaning the surface of the old finish;
  2. We determine the height of the ceiling, taking into account what will be embedded and hidden behind the GCR;
  3. With levels and tolerated the pencil drawing on the ceiling, marking the site of attachment profile and lamps;
  4. Make a mark on the set basic profiles around the perimeter of the room;
  5. Establish suspensions for bearing profiles across the room from the ceiling;
  6. Should set intermediate profiles at a distance of two feet from each other;
  7. Before starting to sew frame, check the location of the intermediate sections and the junction strength;
  8. Begin to fix the sheets in a staggered manner from the smooth corner of the room with screws;
  9. After completion of the sheathing frame accurately cut the excess with a knife or blade;
  10. Zashpaklyuyte and prime seams.

Decorating the walls and ceiling plasterboard - a great opportunity to make any room unique and unrepeatableDecorating the walls and ceiling plasterboard - a great opportunity to make any room unique and unrepeatable

The process of working on the creation of a ceiling of GCR is complex, but quite feasible without the involvement of artists. Remember, to get the desired result, quite a responsible approach not only to the basic work, but also in the preparatory. And then the ceiling of your room will delight not only you but also your grandchildren.

How to hem ceiling plasterboard one: practical advice

Drywall - an inexpensive material, which allows you to create a perfectly flat surface. He hides the flaws of the ceiling, it helps to hide cables and other communications.

Due to the simplicity and ease of installation of the ceiling of plasterboard most people take up the work themselves, without the help of the wizard. In order to install their own hands a beautiful and original ceiling of one, it is better to choose a single-level structure. Materials and tools, algorithm of actions - all the same as if you were doing the ceiling with the assistant.

Depending on the degree of responsibility, accuracy and patience depends the result of your work. When performing such repair work the first time, masters recommend carefully and not once see the video tutorials, before embarking on the ceiling installation.

Just believe in what you can do it perfectly!


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