How to remove the wallpaper from drywall: 4 Easy Ways

How to remove the wallpaper from drywall: 4 Easy Ways

12 October 2017

Remove old wallpaper from drywall is easy, and it is quite possible to do it yourselfRemove old wallpaper from drywall is easy and it can be made samostoyatelnoStarye wallpaper bored and want something more modern? No problems! With conventional concrete walls, they are usually removed effortlessly. But what to do with plasterboard, because it is very delicate to handle material which can easily be damaged by simply applying excessive force. If the risks and macerate together with the top layer of fabric wallpaper absolutely no desire to try other ways, the benefit of which there are many.

How to remove old wallpaper from drywall: 4 Easy Ways

To remove old wallpaper from the walls of drywall, you should not use methods such as scraping with a knife or tear away from the wall with the use of physical force in the first case there is a chance to penetrate the drywall blade, and the second - to tear off a piece of wallpaper, along with part of the design. For delicate removal of wallpaper from drywall will not work and the water, because, when wet, the wallpaper will come off the wall, but the drywall and then deforms or gives way.

The most popular method is to remove the wallpaper from drywall using wallpaper paste or primerThe most popular method is to remove the wallpaper from drywall using wallpaper paste or primer

As an exception, you can try a method of treating wallpaper water from the sprinkler. Fine water spray may soften the wallpaper adhesive, but it operates except on thin paper wallpaper.

Alternative methods for removing the annoying wallpaper is still there: craftsmen offer use one of them to withdraw from the wall tapestries of any kind.

Simple ways to remove wallpaper from drywall:

  1. Cheap wallpaper adhesive or primer. Apply any of these funds at the wallpaper brush, wait just a couple of minutes, pry gently with a spatula - and sodden strip slowly recede away from the wall. The main thing is not to overdo it, and do not pick up a spatula gypsum cardboard surface of the web.
  2. In DIY stores have special solutions for removing wallpaper from drywall. You can safely experiment with their use.
  3. Professionals often use a special steam generator for the detachment of old tapestries. It is worth such a device a lot, but at home it can replace the function of the iron steamer. Pull it on the extension cord to the desired section of the wall, turn and hold the steamer in the joints, gradually moving to the center of the band. Poddevat sharp spatula departed pieces of wallpaper and gently pull to remove them.
  4. Handyman suggest using wallpaper remover hair, put up for maximum power and hot air.

All these methods are good in their own way and have the right to exist, as in individual cases can give a good result. If you want to use a professional approach to the dismantling of wallpaper decor, and remove the cover correctly, it is necessary to start to figure out what type of wallpaper are old, because of this method of disposal depends.

How to remove the wallpaper from drywall: an individual approach for each type of

A variety of types of wallpaper coatings dictates a different approach to its removal. Wallpaper can be non-woven and paper, fabric and vinyl. And what is good for removing wallpaper from paper, will not affect the coating of vinyl.

Remove the wallpaper from drywall should take special care not to damage the surface of the plasterboardRemove the wallpaper from drywall should take special care not to damage the surface of the plasterboard

Remove wallpaper of different types:

  • Paper wallpaper - the most delicate. They are easily removed upon exposure steamer or proutyuzhivanii;
  • Vinyl wallpaper or removed in one piece or firmly glued to the surface. Soak and steam pour over them useless. It is worth to use chemical weapons and try to claw them mechanically schetkoy- "wallpapering a tiger."
  • Non-woven and other types of washable wallpaper have a layered structure. They are easier to remove from the walls of plasterboard: it suffices to hook the upper layer and on the surface of the GCR will only thin plenochka which will prevent further decor walls.

Not surprisingly, each type of material requires an individual approach for quick removal.

If a paper wallpaper on drywall putty is applied, you can try to soak them with water, but in small numbers and no longer than half an hour.

If intelligently approach the issue of removing wallpaper from drywall constructions, it is possible to dismantle the old finishes without much effort and loss, while maintaining the integrity of the walls and the relative order in the room.

Remove liquid wallpaper: Four-way remote

Liquid wallpaper stand slightly apart from the rest of wallpaper. They are not only applied in a special way and are made quite differently than other finishing materials, but also can be dismantled in different ways.

Classic liquid wallpaper on the basis of silk, cotton, or cellulose are afraid of water. They can be easily removed in the usual wetting.

Liquid wallpaper is easy to remove, because they simply soak in waterLiquid wallpaper is easy to remove, because they simply soak in water

Depending on the type of liquid wallpaper, their removal can produce both mechanical and chemical methods. If a part of these wallpapers have particles of viscose, they can then be re-used, and hard wallpaper with minerals in the composition of the particles, it is necessary to take roughly a special appliance.

Methods dismantling liquid wallpaper:

  1. Maceration followed by re-use;
  2. The impact of building a hairdryer;
  3. Crowning sander;
  4. Manual removal scraper and a trowel after the application of the acrylic primer solution.

In liquid wallpaper have another remarkable property: if necessary, they can not be removed, but simply repaint to the desired color, retaining the original texture and avoiding labor costs of dismantling wallpaper.

How to remove the tiles with plasterboard: Different options for dismantling

Drywall - a material brittle, and remove his tile without damaging the base almost impossible. Despite the fact that the other surfaces of the ceramics are trying to remove, in whole, in the case of gypsum board will have to sacrifice something to one, and the more likely it is he will plasterboard, tiles losing in strength at times.

If you need to remove the tiles with plasterboard, then you can take it off on one or just a drywall surfaceIf you need to remove the tiles with plasterboard, then you can take it off on one or just a drywall surface

If you need to just make a technological hole in the wall of plasterboard lined with ceramic tiles, you can try a paint knife to gouge out the gaps between the tiles grout and old glue on the perimeter of the site to be removed, and then the same knife to try to cut through the drywall and cut a hole the desired value . Disadvantages of the process: it is possible to get to the metal profile and compromise the integrity of the entire structure or touch wiring.

Other ways to dismantle the tiles with plasterboard:

  • If, before laying tile on drywall plaster was applied, you can try to remove one tile podkovyrivaya their sharp chisel;
  • To cut on the tile grinder, if you can not without reason, then, together with plasterboard.

Even if you manage to remove the tiles with plasterboard, without damaging it substantially, there is a problem removing adhesive residue from the surface: this is done grinder with special nozzles. The process of removing the adhesive - very laborious and lengthy.

Technology: how to remove wallpaper from drywall (video)

Despite its apparent simplicity, drywall require gentle handling to himself in all that concerns the dismantling of finishing materials from the surface. For each of the cases when it is necessary to remove the wallpaper or tile with a drywall constructions have to be approached separately, coming up with ways of dismantling the individual boring decor.


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